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Life at Boeing awesome.

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Welcome to Boeing!
So I made it to St. Louis! Finally. Had my pre-employment meeting yesterday, which was super simple and only took about 30 minutes. Met some other interns last night which was nice. Have orientation and my first day of work on Friday, so here's to hoping it...

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Lots of Work
Got tons of work going on right now. So much stuff. Almost too much to handle. If I do well on this test tomorrow, it'll get things back on track. So here's to hoping I do well. Just gotta make it to St. Louis.

Hey +Google Glass​! We haven't talked in awhile (dang CS classes!), but congrats on graduating! Can't wait to see what you folks bring next. 

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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all!

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Long Time..
Been a long time since I've blogged. Currently filling out paperwork to work at Boeing this summer. Getting excited!

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Got an Internship!
Woohoo! I got a job offer! :D Well, not an offer officially, but I got accepted to the program, and should be receiving an official offer in a few days. Ok, actually I should be receiving papers to fill out, and then I'll receive the official offer. I'm so ...

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It's a Saturday in Clemson!

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Post Launch
Annnnd we've launched! Actually, we launched 3 days ago. But I've been incredibly busy trying to get the Pine live that I have had no time to blog about it. We had a pretty solid first day, but the days are slowly getting worse. I hope we're already bottomi...

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I've been working on this, along with two others, for the past year. Please take a loot at it and let us know what you think! The Coconut Pine is the best salt and pepper shaker you'll ever come across.
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