Unfortunately we have bad news with regards to Xperia Weather.

A business decision has been taken by management and as part of that, the investments for new development on Xperia Weather has been cut.

The application will continue in its current form in a maintenance phase for as long as deemed necessary.
This beta community will continue, but we ask for your understanding that we will not be able to act upon feature requests and suggestions from you all.

There is currently one more beta version planned to be released, which dramatically change how things operate under-the-hood. This will hopefully yield a better experience for all users.
Apart from that, beta releases will be focused on bug fixes only going forward.

Unfortunately, this recent decision means that the promised “big change” will not come to pass. This goes against the desires of the development team, but has not been possible to overrule.
We currently anticipate that support for Android Q next year will be in the scope of the maintenance phase.

Best regards,

Xperia Weather Team
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