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My Nexus 4 finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It bothers me just as much as it bothers you that I do not have a ROM compiled to flash onto it yet. Now that my semester at UCF is over I have a small break to explain why my Android updates have been nonexistent and try to catch up on everything.

Looking back to about a year ago I was in a completely different stage of life. I had no need for a job and was living in student housing near campus. My only responsibilites were to do well in my classes. Because of this, I was left with plenty of spare time, hence the updates to the ROM every two days. Although I was 22, I still felt like a kid because life was simple and to be honest I was quite introverted compared to the person I am today.

Today I find myself with a job that I love and am great at. I was awarded for being in the top 2% in the entire company here at T-Mobile last quarter and will strive to continue to do so. I also signed a year-long lease to rent a home near campus where I act as "landlord" to four other tennants. Acting as landlord means the entire funds for rent, electricity, water, cable/internet and furniture are my responsibility. They pay me a flat rate every month for their portion. On top of that I just purchased a Scion FRS. As you can probably already assume, these responsibilites make work one of my top priorities. If I slack even a little bit, everything will crumble and it will affect not only me but also my roommates.

Moving further along my priority list you will find that my health, education, and social life are again more important to me than Android. I try to go to the gym atleast four times a week to stay in shape. I am still a student at UCF and will continue to be until I graduate. And on the weekends you can guarantee I will be out with my friends enjoying their company after a stressful work week. There is so much more to life than what is on a computer screen, I only wish someone would have told me earlier.

So where does this leave Android for me? It leaves it for when I have time for it. I have mentioned many times before that I build my ROMs for myself, not for how many downloads I can get or how many users I can have. If people do happen to enjoy the ROM it is just an added bonus. Now that I do have a small break I will be working on getting my ROM up to date. I already started yesterday by backing up my pc and wiping it to freshly install Ubuntu (it has been having lagging issues to the point it is unusable). I just ask that you please be patient and realize that I do have many other things going on in my life other than just building ROMs.

Many of you may have noticed that the download links stopped working on my site about a week ago. Unfortunately all of the files were lost due to circumstances not in my control, hopefully with time I can get things back up and running.

Thank you for your understanding,
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Ian Lake
As much as I like Bugless Beast, it sounds like you have a lot of good stuff going for you. Best of luck!
Gotta enjoy being 22...I miss those days 
Life is life, live it.

Still running your 4.1.2 build and will till Verizon or you make a new build. Don't have time to screw with partial work. Just need phone that works, not million bells and whistles.

Yours is still the best, can take as much time of and still be number one.
Ah, I thought it was the new girlfriend!  :0)   Seriously, do not let anyone make you feel bad about it, you are providing a free service, and a damn good one.  Enjoy your newly complex life!!  
Peter - We appreciate that you post these ROMS at all, on your own time and $$. It is us who benefit and it just so happens that they are excellent as well, allowing us to keep an up to date stock experience. Thanks for all the effort. Looking forward to 4.2.1 and beyond on the GN as soon as you have time. Hope we can keep the GN alive at least through Android 5.
Waiting patiently for 4.2 Bugless Beast.
Thank you for this post / info! 
Pete, don't even worry about it. You've contributed more to the Android community than anyone could ask for. Do your thing and enjoy your life. Thank you for all of the great roms you've graciously provided for us!
Good on ya Pete. Real life with real people > virtual life with virtual people. In my opinion. Your work on Android has been awesome. But there is a season and time for every endeavor under the sun. 
Awesome! I saw you at the mall like 1-2 months ago with my girlfriend lol
Respect, dude. There's definitely more to life than sitting in front of a keyboard. Live it up.
I love bugless beast and I'll wait patiently for you to get an update out. If you can't do this any more we'll be sad, but we understand. Have fun and don't listen to the haters!
Thanks Pete for ALL you do! Besides just the work on BB but putting up with all the people who use your ROM. I for one have nothing but respect your personal life and all you do. So again, thanks for all your amazing work and I wish you the very best in all your goals and ambitions.
You don't owe the android community anything. Go enjoy life. You owe that to yourself. 
I completely understand. Ignore the people who post stupid comment as if you owe them something.
Well deserved. Now you should take that great motivation you have and make money from BB. Possibly get on with Google and show them a thing or two. Much luck to you.
Well said Pete, but you don't owe anyone any explanation! Do your thing, when you do it, and those of us with a clue will accept it for the awesome buglessness that is.
Your ROMs have always been top notch and aged very well ( bug less is still on my OG Droid). If real life doesn't allow you to update every other day or every other week we all understand, that you still have to make a living fur yourself as does everyone else. 
Loved your rom...left then came back again. Worth the wait. 
Great post Pete. I miss the ROM updates but completely understand.
Go Pete! Prioritizing what's important always comes first. Having awesome ROMS is just a plus. As much as I love your ROM, I'd rather see what you have in store for your FRS.... Just sayin'. :)
You Dont have to explain shit to me Pete... but I do appreciate you taking the time to let us know . Thanks again Pete.
Always enjoying your rom... But enjoying your life is far more important...
Keep up the good work Peter! BB 4 life!
You don't owe any of us anything Pete. The update is appreciated however. Those things you listed take priority over android by a longshot. You have a good head on your shoulders. Rare at your age. Keep up the great work in all you do.
I probably still have a lot of the files if you want to recover them. Keep up the good work and I know exactly how you feel. I make all these grandiose plans to do something awesome on the weekends or play with something new and half the time it sits in the box for a week. I wouldn't trade my "life" for anything and you never should either.
Hey dude. You're doing the right thing. Work on what's priority for you. Your coding proves how good you are..the ROMs are stable even after months of no (real) get what I mean. I look forward to seeing your name somewhere else in a positive light. Good luck sir! 
Thanks Pete for all you do! I appreciate the work you do but life always comes first! 
Pete, I'm 34 and still feel like a kid sometimes. Best wishes to you in your endeavours. 
Your previous work speaks for itself. Your quality is fantastic! Still running #BuglessBeast! Thanks for it all!!
take your time bb can wait, your life cannot.
Live it up boy !! Much respect!!
Thanks for your effort and contribution Peter, we all need to step it up anyway and build our own roms. Good luck with school and don't sweat anyone bugging you about doing something that you do for free
Good on ya, Pete.  Go crazy and party in Oviedo or Chuluota once or twice....   ;-)
Pete, live life. Bb is great, but we understand. 
Your doin' what life is, livin'!
As an example not so long ago some other bamf dudes left the frenzy pace of dev'in' to live and let live, not android as dev's, just the crazyness. As I have aged too, I've stayed with the proper dev community that helped bring me into the fold. Everyone out grows the flash addiction and droid army. But we still love android, "just our lives more."
"Keep livin' +Peter Alfonso !" It's all Good!
You take care of your business Pete. We will always be here, where else we gonna go? I know that I have been very thankful for all that you ja e done for the development community. Bugless Beast was the first ROM that I flashed on my OG Droid and from that moment I have been hooked. Not only on flashing ROMs, but on helping people with their android devices (and other ones), rooted or not. Thank you for everything that you have given us, it has been appreciated!
Thanks for all your work. 
Peter, thank you for the work you have done and congratulations for rounding out your life. Sounds like you're winning!
Thanks for a great run on my og droid and galaxy nexus.
no worries +Peter Alfonso 10/31 has been running great and I still have faith you'll get me 4.2.1 before Verizon! :D It's kinda been ridiculous in the forums with people crying about not having a update yet and those of us backing you up just get flamed for being "apologists" for you. Others have just been getting their crack fix in other roms and that's fine too. Anyways on a non ROM/Android side, good for you! I'm glad you are doing something you enjoy and you are doing good at it! Not many people have the benefit of a job these days let alone one they enjoy and moving forward in life is always a nice feeling and important. Anyways, thanks for the awesome work and I look forward to what you bring, whenever that is.
I have converted to iPhone but still remember the feeling of bugles on my OG droid. What a ride. Thank you for your contributions to the community and live your life and hopefully have a lil time for your new toys. 
you should really consider getting hired at spotify you got some serious coding skills
Congratulations on your success in the "real world."  It sounds like you have the right priorities for where you are at in life.
Thanks for the explanation. Enjoy your new life! Your ROM work has always earned my respect. Would love to see a 4.2 version but you're right to take a good look at your priorities. Take care. 
No need to explain. You don't have to answer for your personal life. But it's greatly appreciated regardless! Thanks for that. Glad to hear that you have so much going on. Able to relate, it's encouraging actually.
Keep doing what you need to do Pete. We'll keep waiting for the update to Bugless Beast because your ROM's really are the best. 
Fuck this! I want BB 4.2 for my Gnex now! You owe us man!

Hahaha! I love reading forms posts where people feel they're owed something because they run your ROM.

I'm also sure that 99% of those whiners have never personally thanked you or donated even a $1 for your time and work.

Enjoy life, new responsibilities, your new car and gf bro. You have plenty of loyal followers that are patiently waiting.

Long live #BuglessBeast !
I just want to say thanks for the hard work and sacrifice. Sounds like life is good and I hope you're proud of your accomplishments. 
Thanks for the update and all of the hard work you have put into making the ROM on every Android phone I have had great.
Pete, your the man! Must feel nice to have this many people who are fans of your work. #buglessbeast is the best ROM. Take your time and enjoy life. Life just gets better and better, wait until you have kids.... :-) " live the life you love & love the life you live"
Blah, blah,, get back to work!!! Lol...seriously, we appreciate you explaining but it isn't necessary. CYANOGENMOD has an entire team. You've done this yourself. Your work has been impressive as evidenced by the number of people using your ROM and clamoring for an update. If your priorities have shifted that's fine. Folks will wait or move on. But your priorities are straight.
Like most others have said, have fun with your life Pete!  If you think you're busy now, wait until you have little Bugless Beasts of your own running around. :)  

I'll miss your updates for my LTE GNex, but damn, stock is so good these days, I think I'll live. :)  

Take care Pete.
I really do appreciate what you do and totally understand having a life. Your work kept my Moto Droid relevant for the duration of my contract and has made it slightly less embarrassing having a Verizon GNex. Soon as you can get a Toro 4.2 I'll be celebrating, but enjoy your life!
Good luck on all of your endeavors - I have thoroughly enjoyed your truly bugless roms for my GNex (Verizon)! It has allowed me to stay happy with my phone since release a little over a year ago - a record for me! 

By the way - Congrats on the FRS!! Much cooler toy than anything Android can offer... Awesome car all the way around!
I still have a few of your D1 roms. If you want, I'd be happy to send the files somewhere so you have them. Congrats on all the huge life changes. I am truly excited to see what you do with your life. 
Hey Peter, Congrats on all the crazyness of life! :) I am part of Jrummy Apps Inc, the company that developed Rom Toolbox Pro, Root Browser, Busybox Installer, and many other apps. I was wondering if you'd be interested in hosting and modifying your own manifest file to allow your roms to always be available and up to date on Rom Toolbox. Would this be something that interests you? updating the manifest only takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Please let me know. I am currently working on updating your rom listings in the app. Thanks!

~ Ramy
Jrummy Apps Inc.
Hey Pete, I've loved BB on my GNex and I thank you again for your hard work on it. It's completely understandable for priorities in life to change, and I wish you the best with everything you do! 
Pete you thank you for the explanation I was beginning to get worried about you. I am dedicated fan and I enjoy your Buglessbeast Toro builds enough to remain a dedicated and patient fan. Again thank you for all your hard work and when you get a new rom out there believe that I will be 1 of the first to download it. Enjoy life, it goes by way too fast to be wasting it sitting in front of a computer. Good luck with everything man!

Pete, you're the best.  I cant wait till till i get back on BB once 4.2 is out. 
I've been trying new roms, none come close to BB's stability and smoothness. 
Pete, you're doing great things man. Keep living the good life. I wish you all the best in your new adventures.
Thank you for all your efforts! If life isn't fun anymore, you're doing it wrong. If it is, keep doing whatever it is you are doing!
Thank you for all that you do.  And, props for doing all this for YOURSELF, not for others.  
Hey man, life happens. We appreciate you, the work that you do and can't thank you enough for allowing us to benefit from the hours of work that you put in.
After few weeks on 4.2.1 roms and one week on CNA again back to BB. It rocks!
Janko Ločičnik can you send it to me too ?
Peter, I am a little late to the party. Good to hear about what you have been up to. Always have enjoyed your ROM. Like many others I'll wait patiently for your updates. But if you don't get around to it, its all good. Congrats on the new car.
Thank you for all your hard work over the years, Peter. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying life!
+Peter Alfonso Can we get ONE ROM at least every 6 months....Toro. Tired of all these other unstable ROMs breaking my phone!
Enjoy life Peter! You gave us a lot a for a while and it's your turn now. You're still very young and have years ahead of you to use what you've learned in both school and in life. If you've already realized how to balance work, academics, and relationships, you're way ahead of a lot of people. My OG Droid still sits in a desktop dock running one of your last ROMS. 
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