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Here's the group photo from tonight's +Trey Ratcliff photo walk at Stanford. It was great to meet everyone and put real faces to the Google+ profile photos! Thanks again to Trey for organizing this.

A few people asked for the details on how this shot was done so here it is...

This was by far the largest group shot I've ever taken and I wasn't sure how many rows of people were going to be in the photo until right before I took it. Assuming the worst, I setup four Ranger Quadra packs outfitted with bare heads and wide reflectors. You can see two heads in the photo lighting the front and middle. The other two heads are high camera left and right on C stands aimed at the back in a cross pattern.

The Quadras were set at ~3.5 power giving me ~f/11, ambient light was dialed in at 1/60 s.

I was going to put the camera on a tripod but didn't feel like messing around with it on those steps. Instead, I wound up shooting the Phase One IQ140 with a 35mm lens, hand held, at ISO 400.

I think there are over 150 people in this shot. I've tried counting heads on my screen a few times but it's late and I keep losing track of who I already


Folks are saying that there are 183 people in the shot.

Also, a larger version of the photo is available from here:

Feel free to copy/use non-commercially, just please attribute and link back to the URL above.
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Wow that is alot of real people. Would like to see the photos all stitched up into one....
Alrighty, that's a lot of people to tag. Get on it...! ;)
+Peter Adams rules!!! This is beyond awesome!! What a great time with great folks. And great meeting you too! Thanks for this...
II'll try to tag as many folks as names I remember ;) If you are in the shot please leave a comment.
It is great!

I wonder if someone would be kind enough to count the heads... wonder if we were close to that world-record one in Austin.
wow Peter! That's pretty awesome!
Looks like I'm not the only one that can tag. If you know others in the photo, please tag them!
182 +1 (you) = 183 in that photo from what I can tell...
Neal Yu
Thanks Peter, and nice meeting you.
That was an amazing evening and what an incredible turn out we had! Very happy to have met many of you & looking forward to our next photo jaunts.

& thanks for the awesome group shot +Peter Adams !
I would tag myself but I cannot. Great shot and great time though!
Great shot, feels like I am back there - very cool camera - don't see the "add tag" menu button though on Chrome, oh well.
Several people have the same shadow though curious?
Wow. I am impressed... how many disposable cameras in the crowd?
Hello all, your conditions?
Thanks for taking the great shot and setting up the lights ahead of time
btw im to the right of +Joe Ercoli in the red shirt w/ the face blocked if you'd like to tag me :)
This is an awesome photo... I love seeing all the tags of people! This is like a Google Game that we can all play together...hehe... so wild!
Oh boy, we're about to push nametags in lightbox to the limit... :)
Peter, pleasure to meet you and thanks so much for setting this up! You've given us all a most excellent memory for our date with Trey ;)
I am in the lavender shirt with black jacket near the left side lighting tower, darkish glasses, if someone can tag me. Thanks in advance.
Without the camera-man that is
Very disturbing picture, really. You look at it and say "Oh, a crowd of people", but your brain starts to hurt as you can't get away from what looks wrong here.
Top right, on the wall with the hand on top of my head, in front of the guy with the orange shirt.
I'm in there right in front of Erica Joy. Can't figure out how to tag, though
Scott, I can't tag you but can everyone else, looks like a privacy setting on your profile might be the issue
Peter, I'm in the second to last row in the light orange cap.
It was nice to see such an awesome turn out! I wish I had time to talk to everyone that was there!
Thanks Peter! I'm the guy holding a camera behind the guy with the purple shirt and mustache behind Cliff
What is the world record in Austin?
How many people were on the SXSW Photo Walk I mean
Fantastic - it was great to hear perspectives from Trey on what to shoot and what not to shoot - what terrific place for a photo walk
next time I am driving 3.5 hours and doing this. Missed it by a week.
Lot of fun! I'm the tall guy in the back row, left hand side, dark glasses and a camera with a GND on my shoulder, right behind +Daniel Garrett.
I had a great time. I'm the guy behind the guy with the red glasses on the center left.
I took a screen shot and checked off heads the 183 should be correct or I am blinded by all the tags... 
god so many people
Someone please tag me! I'm just behind +Trey Ratcliff and camera-right of +Brian Rose . Haha, my profile pic conveniently looks the same as in the group pic!
Can someone tag me? I'm in the grey shirt camera right in front just behind a woman with bright red hair.Thanks.
Would be great if someone could tag me. I am behind Erica Joy, the short gal to the camera-left of the tall guy wearing sunglasses behind Erica. I have dark hair and I am not wearing glasses. Thanks :)
Mayu Ko
Too funny, a sliver of myself represents ;) what an awesome shot!!
Damn, I am in there. Last row. Cam on my right shoulder. Behind the guy with sunglasses, who is behind +Aarthi Narayanan. Hook it up! Awesome photo by the way :)
That was my first photowalk and it was certainly a blast. According to my Google My Tracks app on my phone I walked 5.5 miles. Any way to tag ourselves? I'm diagonally two people in front Daniel Garrett to his left.
I think I can only tag myself if you add me to a circle...
I'm not in a circle that allows me to tag myself.
How can I tag myself?
I'm in the shot, 3 heads up to the right of Brian Rose. Brightly lit face, no glasses, short hair, no beard, black t-shirt. What a fun time.
I am behind Joe Ercoli, grey hair with a blue sweat shirt over my shoulders and +Ayesha Bajwa is below my shoulder and partially visible. Thanks.
To tag: +Scott Kublin mentioned you can "To tag someone, click on the picture to view it in Picasa. You'll then see a "tag" option appear towards the bottom right."
oh and also i'm the girl kneeling in the front left in the green shirt w/the green bag.
I'm in the back center, grey hair, sunglasses, black Hawaiian shirt.
This is so awesome! Is there a group album? Must. See. Slideshow. Can someone forward the link, s'il vous plaît?
+Kim Sherrell I do not know if there is a way to do a group album here..... but it would be nice to have that option - for multiple people to contribute to one event album....
+Trey Ratcliff asked everyone to share their personal favorite photo with +Brian Rose. I hope Brian can share the collection with us :-) ??
Brian's been slowly resharing the posts that people have been +mentioning to him. Check out his profile to see them.
Ed Subi
Thanks for taking this group shot, +Peter Adams . I'd like to tag "me" in the photo but I'd have to be in one of your circles, I think, before I can do that. Wanted to also ask your permission if I can use this shot in the Photowalk video I'm editing :). Thanks again.
I"m in the shot somewhere in the back!
Thanks everyone! There is now a much larger version of this photo on my site:
+Peter Adams ok the huge version is killer..... can you let us know usage on this shot... I would love to grab a copy and link back to you from my site... do you want us linking to your shot or hosting it ourselves.. as I know bandwidth is always an issue..
+Brent Burzycki (and everyone else): feel free to use/copy non-commercially. Would just appreciate a link back to the photo page (not the image) or post on my site. Thanks.
+Peter Adams perfect... and thanks... links will be included.....and that cameras clarity is quite impressive...
May be a simple do I tag myself in this photo ?
+Tim Chang Once you're in Peter's circles, you can click "Add Tag" from the lightbox view.
+Tim Chang You cannot tag a photo unless the user who posted it has you in a circle. You can describe your location here, and Peter or someone else will be able to tag you.
Thanks @ both Michaels...
It's also an interesting article about where photo posting and viewing is happening right now.
I am directly in front of Todd Sipes, near the back row. Red hair, beard, left hand in cast.
Can I be tagged please I'm located in the right third, to the left of the guy in green shirt and white hat. And above a lady with what looks like a white head ban.
What did you do with your + sticker from +Brian Rose ? Mine - the square one - is on the back of my MacBook Pro.
+Chris Sullivan I could only hope....but it sounded good... and i will carry it with me everytime i travel to anywhere near the Silicon Valley....Also if I did - I would have waited and got a photo to post here - Or I would not have ever heard the end of it...
+Brian Rose +Vincent Mo I somehow lost both of mine in the excitement of the evening :( Please throw some awesome event and invite me so I can get more :)
+Meguel Varda. I think you need to adjust your privacy settings to allow yourself to be tagged.
Weird. Sometimes I can't get people to come up in the tag list.
Tag me too..I'm at the left of Lisa in the red jacket. Thanks for doing the photo!
I'm in the center back, in front of the guy who is to the right of Mike Ron. I'm peeking out between a blond and a dark-haired guy and behind a woman. Thanks!
+Brian Rose I never got any stickers! How can I get Google+ stickers?!? I'll put 'em on everything!!!
Mayu Ko
Ja, I'm in there, but it is only a sliver so I can't get in there to tag myself, hahaha :)
Jus Vun
wow what a turnout
can't tag myself....I have on the yellow and white stripped shirt with the long blond hair. Well you can't see my top in this one. Only half my face.... I am two people behind +cliff redeker....
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