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Los Angeles - Attorney, Educator, Community Activist
Los Angeles - Attorney, Educator, Community Activist
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(Very Important Ohio Speech & Trump's Recognition Globalist Control of US Media & Hillary Clinton -- PLEASE LIKE, FORWARD & SHARE. TRUMP/PENCE NEED EVERY ONE OF US TO ENGAGE IN OUTREACH & COUNTER CLINTON NEWS NETWORK (CNN, NBC, Washington Post, NY Times, etc.) PROPAGANDA FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS! .... LET'S ROLL AND GET THIS DONE! -- Pete Thottam, B4T ( )

'Moment of Reckoning' - Donald Trump: 'Our Independence Day Is at Hand, It Arrives on Nov. 8th' - via @BreitbartNews

Finally on Nov. 8th’
by JULIA HAHN / 13 Oct 2016
Washington D.C.

Donald Trump described the 2016 election as a make-or-break moment for the nation in a rousing speech delivered to supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday.

“This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization itself,” Trump declared. “This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government.”

“Our Independence Day is at hand, and it arrives finally on Nov. 8,” Trump told voters, adding:

Our great civilization, here in America and across the civilized world, has come upon a moment of reckoning. We’ve seen it in the United Kingdom, where they voted to liberate themselves from global government and global trade deal, and global immigration deals that have destroyed their sovereignty and have destroyed many of those nations.

But, the central base of world political power is right here in America, and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people. Their financial resources are virtually unlimited, their political resources are unlimited, their media resources are unmatched, and most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited.

Trump highlighted the now well-documented collusion between the global special interests, corporate media, and Hillary Clinton who champions policies to cede “U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends. and her donors.” Trump slammed, what he described as, our “illusion of democracy”– explaining how our political process is controlled “by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system.”

Trump explained that the “Clinton machine,” working through its arm in the corporate media, has declared “war” not just against him, but against the American people, who want to reclaim their government to represent their needs and interests, rather than simply representing the desires of corporate donors and transnational elites. Trump said:

Let’s be clear on one thing. The corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity with a total political agenda, and the agenda is not for you, it’s for themselves.

And their agenda is to elect crooked Hillary Clinton at any cost, at any price, no matter how many lives they destroy. For them it’s a war, and for them nothing at all is out of bounds. This is a struggle for the survival of our nation, believe me. And this will be our last chance to save it on Nov. 8, remember that.

“The only thing Hillary Clinton has going for herself is the press. Without the press, she is absolutely zero,” Trump said. He went on:

The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry … The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure.

We’ve seen this first hand in the WikiLeaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends, and her donors…

With their control over our government at stake, with trillions of dollars on the line, the Clinton machine is determined to achieve the destruction of our campaign… They knew they would throw every lie they could at me and my family and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me. But I never knew as bad as it would be. I never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious…

I will not lie to you. These false attacks are absolutely hurtful. To be lied about, to be slandered, to be smeared so publicly, and before your family that you love, is very painful. What is going on is egregious beyond any words…It’s reprehensible beyond description, it’s totally corrupt.

But, I also know that it’s not about me. It’s about all of you and it’s about our country. I know that. I fully understand that. That’s why I got involved. It’s about all of us together as a country. It’s a movement the likes of which we have never in history in this country seen before, never in history.

“I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement so that we can have our country back,” Trump said.

Trump explained that the only thing powerful enough to stop the political machine is the American people, if they chose to rise up and vote against it on November 8th.

He explained:

The corrupt political establishment is a machine, it has no soul. I knew these false attacks would come. I knew this day would arrive; it’s only a question of when. And I knew the American people would rise above it and vote for the future they deserve.

The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you. The only force strong enough to save our country is us. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the American people.

Trump continued:

This election will determine whether we are a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system, and our system is rigged. This is reality, you know it, they know it, I know it, and pretty much the whole world knows it.

The establishment and their media enablers will control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.

They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and your family, they will seek to destroy everything about you, including your reputation. They will lie, lie, lie, and then again they will do worse than that, they will do whatever is necessary…

This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization itself. I didn’t need to do this, folks, believe me — believe me. I built a great company and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefits of years of successful business deals and businesses for myself and my family. Instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, malicious attacks — who would have thought? I’m doing it because this country has given me so much, and I feel so strongly that it’s my turn to give back to the country that I love…

This election is about every man, woman and child in our country who deserves to live in safety, prosperity, and peace, so true. We will rise above the lies, the smears, the ludicrous slanders from ludicrous and very, very dishonest reporters.

We will vote for the country we want. We will vote for the future we want. We will vote for the politics we want and we will vote to put this corrupt government cartel out of business and out of business immediately. We will vote for the special interests and say lots of luck, but you’re being voted out of power.

They’ve betrayed our workers, they’ve betrayed our borders and, most of all, they’ve betrayed our freedoms. We will save our sovereign rights as a nation. We will end the politics of profit. We will end the rule of special interests. We will end the raiding of our jobs by other countries. We will end the total disenfranchisement of the American voter and the American worker.

Our Independence Day is at hand, and it arrives finally on Nov. 8.

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The inventor of the atomic bomb: (fascinating interview of Oppenheimer by Murrow)

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MY TOP 10 FILMS. Plus my 3 best silent/semi-silent films: Einsenstein - "Battleship Potemkin" & Lang - "Metropolis" & Petersen - "Das Boot".

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Donald Trump has easily won the Electoral College vote by a 304 to 227 margin.

In the end, Democrat efforts to make Trump electors switch their votes backfired as even more Democrat electors switched their vote, giving the Dems an even worse black eye than predicted.

Trump did lose two electors in Texas, but nowhere else. Clinton lost 5 electors, but many more attempted to desert her across the nation, but were deterred by “faithless elector” laws.

In the end, a total of seven electors voted for a person other than the candidate who won the popular vote in their state. This was the largest number of electoral college desertions in a presidential contest in U.S. history. However in the 58 presidential elections, faithless electors have never changed the outcome.

The L.A. Times disingenuously bemoaned Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the Electoral College when she won the popular vote by a huge 2.9 million vote margin. However, the key fact that the Times failed to disclose to their audience was that without California, Trump would have won the popular vote.

The California margin alone was 3,446,281, and much of that probably came from illegal aliens being allowed to vote illegally for the first time in a presidential election.

Thanks to a recent change in state law, when someone applies for a driver’s license in California now, they are automatically registered to vote, contrary to federal law. President Obama actually encouraged this blatantly illegal behavior before the election.

According to Gregg Phillips, founder of VoteStand:
“We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens. We are joining @TrueTheVote to initiate legal action.”
No doubt this violation of law will get some early attention from incoming President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

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Berlin Christmas market, 9 dead. 50 injured seriously. Truck driver escaped & on run.

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DNC's extraordinary & Mainstream Media (CNN especially) backed extreme tactics to change the outcome of the Electoral College vote in January 2017. Please share widely.

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Historic Italian vote... Italy's own version of BREXIT passes as Italy's national debt hits 130% of GDP (4th highest debt ratio in the world). European Central Bank begins to panic and ramps up quantitative easing for Euro printing for European Union member nations :

Italian Prime Minister Resigns Over Anti-EU Vote
Despite anti-European Union populists loosing a narrow vote in Austria yesterday, they won a much more important victory in Italy.

Italian populists went to the polls yesterday and turned down a referendum to change the Italian Constitution that would have strengthened the European Union’s hold over Europe’s 5th largest economy. The measure wasn’t just defeated, it was rejected in a huge 59-41 landslide.

As he had promised to do if the referendum was defeated, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned within hours of the polls closing and the size of the “No” landslide became clear.

The resignation will pave the way for anti-EU parties in Italy who will soon call for early elections, and will most likely lead to an Italian vote to leave the EU, just as the British did last June.

The result will also boost other anti-EU parties prepping for already-scheduled elections in the coming year in France, the Netherlands, and Germany, that may doom the floundering European experiment in erasing national boundaries.

The vote could also push several large Italian banks over into some version of bankruptcy as Italy’s national debt hits 136% of gross domestic product – second only to Greece among European nations, and forth highest in the world.

The Euro plunged 1.5% this morning to its lowest level against the dollar in 21 months, down to $1.05 to the Euro.

The European Central Bank is expected to continue to inject $80 billion Euros a month – the EU’s own QE program – to try to stabilize nations on the Euro, but ultimately this Euro-QE program may well fail, forcing nations to flee the Euro and return to their own sovereign money systems. This would be a good thing.

Stock markets in France and Germany surged at their opens this morning, just as British stocks did after their Brexit vote in June.

By the noon hour local time, the French and German markets have pulled back a bit, but still are up over 1% on the day.

Italy’s economy is in a particularly perilous position, however, as professional human traffickers are flooding the nation with African migrants in an ever-increasing stream.

And that will be the subject of our next report.

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FLASHBACK: Lying Mainstream/Corporate 1% Controlled Media "Eats Their Words" -

Published late Nov. 2016 - The dishonest media (esp. MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post and NY Times) gets embarrassed!

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Exclusive — Under the Hood: How Donald Trump Has Cut Around Corporate Media to Reach Millions Directly Online
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