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I love eggs, but sometimes you need to broaden your horizons... #eggbot
Ping-Pong Balls in the Egg-Bot. Adam, one of the members at Milwaukee Makerspace, organizes The Amazing Milwaukee Race, and he asked for some help making customized ping-pong balls for this year's...
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Good read... We've found ping pong balls that have no logo on them also... I think they are carried at Dollar Tree stores, but your mileage may vary.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that! Are they as good as name-brand ping-pong balls? That was my main concern, since these would be used for actual playing... (Also, I didn't buy them, Adam did.) :)
Can't talk about quality really, but they are round ;) But only having a 500sq ft. MakerSpace, dosn't lend to playing pong much :/
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