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FYI: I confirmed yesterday that the HP Chromebook 14 3G modem is unlocked and can be used interchangeably between T-Mobile and AT&T. I am connected to the AT&T network right now with my mifi SIM card and it's working great; I actually have better connectivity right now than I did with the T-Mobile SIM. 
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Thanks for the feedback.  A definite plus for many users.
+Nate Swanner Nope, just turned the device off, popped in the SIM, turned it on and set the AP name to "Laptop Connect" and I was good to go.
Since it's unlocked, I assume it might work in another country?
I didn't even see the sim card slot when I checked out the specs on Google :D sounds silly, but I thought it was also 4g capable? Would an LTE sim work as well?
An LTE SIM should work but it is not an LTE modem; the "4G" is actually HSPA+.
Awesome +Pete Michaelson I was looking everywhere for that answer. I just purchased mine today. Is it a recognized device that can be added to my shared data plan? 
+Travis Morss No, they have to add it as a smartphone which is $10 more a month than a typical data device (e.g. tablet). I have just been using the SIM from my mifi and it works fine.
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