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Never Settle

Today is a special day for me, because today my startup +OnePlus is born.

OnePlus is the realization of my long-standing dream to create a global and innovative company. It is also an opportunity for a group of young people to make their mark on the world. I hope for it to eventually become a playground for tech lovers around the globe.

What kind of a company will OnePlus be? Since leaving +OPPO I’ve spoken with many friends and influencers in the mobile and internet industries. Many visions and opinions were bounced around but we kept returning to one central idea: make the best possible product for users worldwide.

The desire to pursue this goal has been growing inside me since my days leading the Blu-ray division at OPPO. I remember how proud I felt at CES when our OPPO Blu-ray players were spoken of with awe and admiration.

Looking at the smartphone market right now, I see a lot of wannabes but few truly outstanding products fit for the demanding consumer. That's what I want to address with OnePlus.

It's a hard road ahead as I transition from my role as an employee to that of entrepreneur and launch a company from scratch. There will be many difficulties to overcome. I draw my strength and resolve from the success of OPPO's Blu-ray players and the overwhelmingly positive feedback for the OPPO Find 5.

I would like to thank OPPO and Tony for their support. I have spent my entire career thus far with this noble and forward-thinking company. Not every product engineer gets access to such a great platform and opportunity, and for that I will remain eternally grateful to OPPO.

A new year, a new beginning. Expect to hear great things from us in 2014.


Visit us:
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Thanks for the update +Pete Lau. I can't wait to see what you and your team do to revolutionize mobile.
Congratulations on the realization of a dream. We at +Paranoid Android are very excited to see your vision take shape. We hope our paths cross in the future.
I am decidedly excited to see where this goes. I've been waiting for a phone that submits to nothing for years! 
The smartphone industry is dull and lame, one giant leap was created with the iphone back in 2007, but then since then nothing original or beneficial for human's it's all about more screen/ram/storage... more about just to sell you stuff... it will be amazing if your vision converges into human forward technologies! cheers
Hello Pete, I red in engadget that you're planning to create the perfect mobile, It's good news i always wanted the fastest, better designed and best camera mobile, but till today I was not able to find one with the complete specifications. I have to carry S4 zoom in one hand and note 3 in the other, for instance (I've tried xperia Z1 and lumia 1020, the most nearly expression of perfect mobile, but the hardware is poor for me and I don't find all the things i need in windows phone) Please keep us up to date of the progress.. for sure I'll be one of the buyers of your product
So how many +++ models are going to be...
Congrats I look forward to seeing your phone
Congrats very exciting times can't wait to cover your products in the near future :) 
I wonder if you would consider the idea of making a 5" phone that can expand into a 7" tablet? I have a design concept for this that does not require flexible screen. This would be the FIRST convertible phone/tablet in the world.
I only heard recently of your company, but what you have on offering is amazing. I am patiently awaiting an invite as I feel it is more than worth the wait!
One year later and your project is super successful, well done! 
The Oneplus one is super awesome... I wonder if U cud give me ne for free! :D
I bought a mobile One Plus 2 form amazon after using for hardly 2 months I am facing fingerprint scanner problems, scanner are not working properly, sometimes even 10-15 times placing fingers did not solve the issue, I deleted fingerprints saved new for several times, still problem pertains to be the same.
Also mobile is now getting hang up after using mobile for long call or using any application for long time.
Battery too draining very fast, I don't know but sorry to say pathetic quality of mobile phone has been received form Oneplus. I feel cheated a lot.
Also I have no such times to search to after the customer support in Varanasi area, since I am using this mobile in 221207 pin code area, and I think also there is no any customer support here in Varanasi, I strongly disagree with One+ cheap quality being delivered to me.
I will go and post this to my social networking sites so that my 1000+ connections get to know this issue and must have this issue in mind while placing any One plus mobile...
Any further query, call me up.
Amit Dubey

I had again visited the service centre at Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh,India regarding the alert switch and captive button issue and i had been asked to deposit the phone again. Kindly pay attention to following details:

Previous Job Details:

1.) IMEI :
2.) Job No. :SRRG011160109001
2.) Issue : Screen Defect
3.) Submission Date : 09/01/2016
4.) Date Of Receiving : 11/02/2016
5.) Time Taken 1 Month 2 Days

Current Status :

1.) After receiving from service centre device had 2 new issues :
a) Left side alert switch not working
b) On screen capacitive buttons not working.
c) This clearly states that service centre does not check the device post repair process.
2.) I was asked my customer care via email which i had received on 12/02/2016 at 5:32 PM with request id 208431 "I would like to inform you that please visit service centre and call to our support number from the service centre. So that our escalation team will speak with service centre representatives and address the issue."
3.) Upon calling the first time i was asked to call after 12 PM since no escalation team member was available
4.) Upon calling the second time i was asked to wait as escalation team member was busy.
5.) The member at service centre Mr. Vimal 8090629055 had again asked me to submit the phone and he would place the order for the part again.(Kindly refer to Previous Job Details,according to which i will again have to wait for 1 month for the device to get repaired)
6.) I have wasted enough of my time on this repair process and i am no longer interested in wasting any more of my precious time.


Pranav Awasthi 8795930630
Very awful customer service in USA. Its more than 5 days that I am calling customer service and they just put me on a hold and nothing happened after that.
sir I am FAN OF ONEPLUS i love oneplus 3t so that i decide to invite 330 members to oneplus 3t dash december sale then I asked my friends and relatives to tell there mobile number to get verify account and i created accounts to them and i told them about sale and i alll most done i had 136 dash points so when i rechecked it its 0 points when then i received a mail about : we’ve noticed a discrepancy in the points accumulated in your account for your participation in the above contest due to a violation of competition regulations. We have taken necessary actions to remedy the situation and will be deducting points to reflect your original score better before the prizes can be claimed. please oneplus i request restore my points
from fan of oneplus
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