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Priced under $500 doesn't mean $499. The OnePlus One will definitely be available for under $400. #NeverSettle  +OnePlus 
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You had my curiosity but now you have my attention
Price Price.. who cares? I will give you 1200 Dollars when it is the perfect phone... and a smaller screen than 4,5 inches!
I might just be buying this phone on a whim.
I can wait to buy this super genius phone
     I'd wait also...around the corner the next best thing approaches the minds of the truly gifted geniouses of tomorrow...
     pardon me "geniuses of tomorrow...
I'm thinking $349 is the sweet point.
I'm with +Stefan M. , talk of price seems premature when the aim is to build a "no compromise" device. If I want a decent $350us phone I know I can get a Nexus from Google.  Public release of info on price - twice - before any other details come out about the phone seems completely counter intuitive and puts me right off.  To me you're now saying "we'll build a no compromise device - to a certain budget". News flash, that's what all phone manufactures do.
I am excited to see the phone. I wonder if the phone will take the path of the N1/Note or will it be more modestly sized.
Sean G
Yeah OK. .. We'll see. 
If the specs are as good as I think they will be, and they can make a version around $350, I think I know what my next phone will be :)
+Pete Lau
One question Mr. Lau, are you considering to make the OnePlus One waterproof? 

With a two year contract right ? Otherwise you are paying full price. Also it's much better to sell you old phone privately than trade in under the carriers one up, jump, easy pay or whatever program which gives you a lowball amount for your old phone and you pay the full retail price for new phone

Will not be priced under $500 unless you buy with a contract or qualifying upgrade 
+Nick Leeds I'm pretty sure the under $400 target is for the fully unlocked phone, no contract required. That is the reason this is exciting.
Will believe it when I see it 
oil change for equinox Ls 2010
Wat can u buy with $500 how about an Xbox one
Asian granddaughter wants grandpa sex together

Pure TO encourage us,...irony, idiots,.../ WE DESERVE APOLOGIES / MAKEITRIGHT62,...
+Pete Lau I take it the under $400 will be the before tax price.  Therefore prices in europe will be slightly higher due to EU taxes.
This is a move that should be supported! Great specs and an amazing Prize! Looking Forward to review one of those babies! Many will probably love it here in Greece!
Pete please come up with a very affordable high-end smartphone
Most of the specs seem the same as Oppo's new Find 7a, and it seems the One will have the exact same display as the Find 7a, both from JDI, both 5.5, and it's possible that the mystery battery tech is the same fast charging technology in the find 7, same Sony camera model as the one on the Find 7 so it seems it's like a Find 7a on steroids, bigger battery (stereo speakers!?) and all this smaller than the body of the Find 7 judging it's almost equal the size of an xperia Z!? AND 100$ cheaper!? crazy, to me the biggest reason to get this is if it really will be 100$ cheaper than the find 7a, this is probably partly the reason Oppo decided to make a special pre-order bundle for the Find 7a.
Nice to see your first Phone for oneplus. Its a beautiful design and i think
You have many success. Please can you send me an invitation that i can buy this phone. Thank you so much.
Can anyone confirm to me whether it'll come with a memory card slot?
+Skupo Ad
Dude, no one knows, there's nothing to confirm, just wait 4 more days.
what about the post warranty in Italy?  How does it work?
When is the Phone available in Europe ?
+Andy Kemper By the end of Q2, but they've got a promotion going on today on their website, where lucky winners will have the chance to buy any of the first 100 units of the phone for $1 by smashing their old phones
Haha. Promotion seems a bit silly imho.... smash an expensive, well known branded phone that you can sell for more, for a chance to get a chinese phone that no one really known anything about...
+Pete Lau congrats on your awesome new starting! but I think If you could make the phone with a 4.7" display with this design and specs... It'll defenitely be a killer because many of us want a phone with great specs in a smaller form factor. thank you :) 
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I'd love to get one! How can I get an invite? 
Hi Pete.
Why don't we Indians get a chance to play with it.
Please have a check on the forums , you should understand our interest.
Why did you leave the world's second largest cell phone market when you could tied up with flipkart or
What must I do to get buy one Oneplus One ?
Brilliant phone ! By when can we buy +OnePlus in India as the invite only programme is not valid here.
The specs are awesome.. i wish the invite pool was way larger so we could all get one ASAP :)
I can't wait to buy this phone.pls come Malaysia....
Please make it available in Malaysia..
I seriously need an invite. No, I need the phone.
hi there.. do you have plans to expand oneplus in philippines? thanks.
Pete Lau, I really need an invite to purchase this phone.  My service will be expired next month and no longer want to settle to be suffered in the digitized world of mobility contracts.  This is the One, and only plus One for me, family and friends.  Let us share and partake in this moment to release the shackles and brake the bondage of digital contracts.  Give us the freedom, expand our choices mobility to NEVER SETTLE to the activities that hold us in captive for years in this digitized world.  
Hi Pete.  Please tell  me when the Oneplus One will be released in India??  
Hello +Pete Lau, I really would like an invite as I am going to finish my contract in a few days and I want to prove to my friends that OnePlus is a great company and you can get a phone better than phones like the galaxy s5 and HTC one m8 for under £300. Also I made a summary of the complaints on the OnePlus forums, thread history of complaints, this is very annoying because everyone is complaining.
Your Post is boring.. I´m not able to buy this Phone without Invitation... I´ve no Invitation and my phone is broken.  I would like to buy yours...but there is no chance to do so... So it bores me to read about that phone, the Price or killing any Flagship Phones..
Hi Peter, 
If possible, I would like to have an invite or know the best way to obtain a invite. This phone sounds nice and is a good deal. If I can get one and I like it. I will encourage my friends and family to "Never Settle".

please sir. give me an invite, i adore this phone so much..
Theres a few  online shop in malaysia selling ur phone via i need to know, are their selling genuine product of yours. I've been a victim of fraud phone on the web. Just wish your confirmation on this, so that not just i be safe but many others.. my income isnt that grand, but i wish other people also shoudnt suffer..
love the phone,,hope to one day be able to get one ,,great job
realy it is nonscence..they launch in a plce ver there is no responce..we guys are begging for it..not geting..
Your OnePlus One looks great, is priced well for the market (Could probably charge a lot more in the US), and if it has no bloatware, could even lure me away from Samsung. Great job!
Amazing phone, both in industrial design and performance, let down by generalized problems (screen inconsistencies, capacitive grounding problems, etc). While it's understandable that a company on their first jab at this would run into a couple of issues, the way customers are being handled isn't right. As a starting point, OnePlus should own up to these flaws. Conflicted about my OnePlus One :-\
Can I get an Invite please I been waiting for an invite for about 2 months now please I love the one
Hi Pete, Appreciate ur hard work and giving this world a phone which can only be owned by sharing invites. Your unique mktg concept will definitely bring strange people to know each other and bond from across borders. I have been waiting as well since few months, none from India still own one.....will keep waiting patiently till some kind hearted invites. All the very best and god bless u.
Hi Pete, I just came across a guy in India who has bough your marvellous creation, its shocking to know that he is misusing the invite to purchase phone and sell them to buyers at premium rates. This is not ethically right, people are buying phone through him and using their invites to buy and sell phone at premium rates because in not available for purchase directly. Genuine appreciators of your product are deprived of owning one, appreciate if you could help us out............
Deepak i gave Up and went for desire 816 worht 24K..Its waste of time..Forget it..I tweeted and mailed so many times..Oveer smartness is also not good.Bcz everyday we cud see new entrants into market..So dnt beg them any more..i thrived for it but none heard of me..So no regrts..1+1 we dnt want u..Mi3 is ruling all the way and u gotta repent for ur ideas...
Hey camila....if u gt one pass one here plz
Hi Pete, The 1+ has got my attention and quite impressed. We are a dedicated Samsung household....just wondering if  go for one what kind of after-sale facility is available in Australia? Its not the price I am after, its the service that follows....
Come on Pete, send invitation without time limit to all your Google+ followers please...
Sir when are you going to launch your phone in india
I think I'll +1 this ahahaha if you catch my drift ;). Really looking forward to this phone . You might have the top selling phone without spending a penny to advertise. Awesome!!!
Yippee! Got an invite and THE machine is on its way..cant wait to use it..
Where can I buy a battery for #Oneplus One?? My battery is swollen now... Pls help...
dear sir, I'm a university student in sri lanka. can you please send me an my sister in USA can buy phone and send to me..i really love this phone... thank you.
my email address is
hi, can u bring one one+ phone to the web summit? i would like to buy one right from its creator. it be a honnor to do that. it will be a memorable moment.
+Pete Lau Sir can u pls message me ur email id privately.i need to talk about the phone
Dear +Pete Lau  
i have a question for you.
1) why are you guys selling your mobile with such a difficult way that a normal man can not buy it.
2) The procedure of get any invite is so difficult that a 1 of 100 is able to brake it.
I am from india in india a common have hold money only for maximum 2 or 3 weeks to buy any mobile.
In Today market of competition a common man want to buy a mobile which is best in under price and which is easily available.No doubt your mobile is best in class but sorry to say that it is not available.
I am very passionate to buy your mobile. I want to buy it from when it is launched.
But sorry to say now i am not buying your mobile due to it is not easily available.
Varinder Singh Rana
Common mab    
Hi pete
I know you wont answer but I just wanna tell you that I really admire what you've done with the Oneplus one, what you have accomplished is exactly the contrary of what I hate of companies like APPLE
just wanted to tell you that, and lastly if you got an invite for me for a 64gb oneplus one i would really ppreciate ir jajaja
greetings from mexico veracruz
What about your support to devices being selling in india. When you don't support any device then why are you selling them and cheating with people's of india.
You have made it. A phone for people not the millionairs
Would really appreciate an invite for the bamboo cover. I bought the phone thinking you could choose that in the accessories but someone told me that it's an extra invite!
E ti raccontero come mi avete rubato il mio telefono 
i want to buy one but so many waiting plz help pete
I am not able to get any invite for the phone. Please help
I bought this phone from Amazon india and within one month it developed camera problems.When i complained the service centre agreed its a hardware issue but not able to replace it and instead trying to reapir.This is really unacceptable.CHEATS...
I'm starting to lose faith in your One and only phone.  With this being the first product from your company, it doesn't look good to the consumer when reports show Lollipop will be late tomorrow.  I understand you want a stable OS but maybe your company shouldn't make promises it cannot keep.  
I read you're giving away 5 phones if the deadline is not met.  Big deal.  That's like a millionaire giving away 1000 bucks.
I hope you make this right for the sake of your company's success.   I also hope those reports are wrong and your company pulls through.
Am I wrong on any of the statements above?
Hi ,

Worst Voice customer support experienced .....One rep Vishal was one of the horrible person I spoke in the customer support after a long time.......

This cannot get any better its been close to two weeks still i will not receive my handset this is really of the customer rep whom i spoke on 2nd April confirmed that I would receive the replacement ...if the customer service center initiates the process.

Today this person Vishal is telling a different thing I will get  my handset repaired ...Well I would want my phone to be replaced now...

If this is the process...I will have to initiate a legal action on the company and also put in my comments in your blogs so that feature buyers would be aware of your policy and process of customer service and delay .....

One of bizarre thing heard from Vishal was he said there is reporting manager and also there is no escalation process and also said he cannot transfer call ...


is this true that oneplus two will launch in june
I never believed the one would be as good as it said to be for the price, but geuss what ? This comment is from the one and I am in love with it. I mean WOW. IPhone 6plus ? Oh you bitch phone ;)
I've bought 3 OPOs for me and my family members. Even though the One+1 has it's weaknesses, we were OK with this device mainly because of its affordable price and also because of CyanogenMod. We'll be willing to upgrade to the One+2 if price stays at around $350, specially now that CM won't be the stock OS.
Please make the One+2 compatible with the latest T-Mobile LTE band 12 (700 MHz). 
first of all pls provide best customer support
DON'T BUY Amazon ONE PLUS Smart Phone!!!

I would like to share my experiences with my One plus. I purchased my device through during mid December. It worked fine for 2 months, after which I noticed some touch issues. As the mobile was in warranty, I gave my mobile for fixing  at authorised service centre (HCL Services Ltd. Plot No.1-10-68A-1, Dwarkadas Colony, Begumpet,  yderabad Jobsheet no. JS15040100272) on 1stApril 2015. They asked duration of 20 dayss for fixing the problem. After the due date, I tried to reach them via telephone but there was no response. Hence I had to go the service centre myself. When I reached there, (this was 25th day), I was shocked to know didn't even touch my mobile in those 25 days and they started blaming on One Plus for voiding my warrenty and blocking my call. Then they requested one more week to fix the problem. Bad news is that my mobile is in the service centre since last 50 days and I'm roaming around them for my device. When I mailed One Plus, they replied me that my spare parts has been shipped to Service centre. But when I ask additional details, they fail to respond.

Seriously, One Plus service quality is very poor and servicing centers are irresponsible. They dont have spares and they have to get them from China. when i went there i've seen many fellows with One Plus problems like ghost touch, charger and connector problems, motherboard heating up problems.

PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS STUPID DEVICE and save your precious money.

Kindly share so that others can benefit from this message.
i had earlier escalated this with Amazon a few months ago when my friend face dthe same issue.Could you please raise this with amazon and see to it that you escalate it and also do send a mail to them as well as a written record.I know that the after sales for one plus one is a tragedy
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