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When I met +Steve Kondik and +Koushik Dutta a few weeks ago, they shared their plans for the future of +Cyanogen Inc. with me. I have great faith in their product and their team, and look forward to what’s coming.
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Just read the Verge article outlining your approach. Would be good to chat soon about the parallels with Indie Phone ( We are working on a phone with a beautiful user experience that just happens to be open and that just happens to empower mere mortals to own their own data (and thus we have to control hardware + software + services). See about our motivations and why it’s important. Chat soon? (
sir i wud be very gratefull if u  give me a chance 2 buy this phone....
Sir, Pete Lau i look forward to buy this phone but it seems that it is not avilable in my country nepal , could you give me any suggestion???
Re: Order # 101145541

Hi there. I just want to say am extremely unhappy with the customer service of one plus one. I ordered and paid for my phone on 11/28. Due to an error in the zip code, the phone was returned on 12/18 to Rosemead, CA, where it apparently had been shipped to me from.

Despite my several attempts to engage one plus one on this, I keep receiving messages that the phone was delivered to me (it was not). The phone was actually resent to one plus one, and signed for at Rosemead CA by a K. Wong (a distributor of one plus one?)

There is not a phone number that you can call (either one plus one, or the distributor? in Rosemead) you have to send in a ticket.

The people that respond to the tickets either do not read them, or keep ignoring them.

I repeat I NEVER RECEIVED THE PHONE AND ACCESSORIES THAT I PAID. FOR. Am writing this in the hopes that someone at one plus one will get engaged and instruct the distributor to resend me my phone.

Thank you - Robert Zara 
Hey Pete, if you care about your customers, please take a look at ticket# 171207 and 198024. There is no way you can expand globally with such poor support..
Hi ,

Worst Voice customer support experienced .....One rep Vishal was one of the horrible person I spoke in the customer support after a long time.......

This cannot get any better its been close to two weeks still i will not receive my handset this is really of the customer rep whom i spoke on 2nd April confirmed that I would receive the replacement ...if the customer service center initiates the process.

Today this person Vishal is telling a different thing I will get  my handset repaired ...Well I would want my phone to be replaced now...

If this is the process...I will have to initiate a legal action on the company and also put in my comments in your blogs so that feature buyers would be aware of your policy and process of customer service and delay .....

One of bizarre thing heard from Vishal was he said there is reporting manager and also there is no escalation process and also said he cannot transfer call ...


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