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When I met +Steve Kondik and +Koushik Dutta a few weeks ago, they shared their plans for the future of +Cyanogen Inc. with me. I have great faith in their product and their team, and look forward to what’s coming.
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Will the OPPO N1 support all Tmobile US bands?
Just read the Verge article outlining your approach. Would be good to chat soon about the parallels with Indie Phone ( We are working on a phone with a beautiful user experience that just happens to be open and that just happens to empower mere mortals to own their own data (and thus we have to control hardware + software + services). See about our motivations and why it’s important. Chat soon? (
sir i wud be very gratefull if u  give me a chance 2 buy this phone....
Sir, Pete Lau i look forward to buy this phone but it seems that it is not avilable in my country nepal , could you give me any suggestion???
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