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OnePlus One will be priced below $500 USD unlocked and off-contract, guaranteed.
#NeverSettle  +OnePlus 
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I see. They should really put more on their website about it. 
Adam K
+Jim Hovey you have to remember, cdma is not the norm.. It's the exception. Cdma isn't used anywhere else than America and and a bastardized version in some parts of China. 
+adam krisko Maybe so, but it is a big market. The Motorola Droid CDMA phones showed they could give the iFruit a run for the money. But ignoring a viable market ... that's any company's choice and you're right. Anyway best wishes.
Adam K
+Jim Hovey I agree, but they are trying to please the broadest customer base, which is GSM. (I used to work for verizon, and recently switched service to T-Mobile) Including cdma in their builds is lot more R&D and coding, plus more cost with parts. Everything will be switching to lte and volte (which is GSM based) anyway. So hopefully (soon) cdma will be a thing of the past. 
Just remember that when selling off contract, you're competing with Nexus devices.
The 16GB Nexus 5 goes for $350, and it's brilliant.
What brilliant person decided to call this device "OnePlus One"

Don't we have enough ones in tech. Nexus One, HTC One, HTC One X, X Box One...geez
+Pete Lau this phone will be my next phone if it has a a screen size over 5 inches and a big battery.
I just hope there will be enough available at launch. It's gonna be hard waiting for this phone when the galaxy s5 is almost here
Well, the price is nice, but now only the specs are missing....
Yeah...Now we are talking.
Hi +Pete Lau , regarding your guarantee, do you guarantee it will be below 500 USD in Europe, too? Because that is right now 364 EUR. It is too much for me, but I'm willing to pay it if the phone worth it. I'm really excited about it and I think all your team are doing a great work. But, please, confirm that your guarantee is worldwide, please. I won't pay 500 EUR (687 USD). Thank you.
Pete, may you send me a OnePlus One sample to show your compatriot, Hou Yifan, Woman World Chess Champion, at León ( Spain) next June?. She got an iPhone, so may be she  changes her mind after seeing your new marvel. :-)).
Thanks in advance and congratulations.
Amador Cuesta (
I am in South Africa and I'm really sad that we've been shut out of experiencing this flagship killer, and not to mention the wonderful price tag that this phone has, can you please make a plan Pete.
Love the look and design of the phone. No bloatware and all off contract. Good thing Im with T-Mobile. Now just gotta get an invite so I can get one. 
We have the same philosophy but the logic of sending an invite to a country that is not covered yet makes no sense. (Hope the wait is very short)
I only settle for the best as we only live a few years, so why go for anything less.
Cant wait to see you next project. Mr Lau. & my phone :)
Just ordered my 1+1 sandstone black 64g! Can't wait! 
Mine just broke and I can't even get hold of Support?? Could someone help?
could sir send me an invitation to get this phone.waiting since more then one month.and the other people who allready got invitations they just started business.plzzz help
Hi ,

Worst Voice customer support experienced .....One rep Vishal was one of the horrible person I spoke in the customer support after a long time.......

This cannot get any better its been close to two weeks still i will not receive my handset this is really of the customer rep whom i spoke on 2nd April confirmed that I would receive the replacement ...if the customer service center initiates the process.

Today this person Vishal is telling a different thing I will get  my handset repaired ...Well I would want my phone to be replaced now...

If this is the process...I will have to initiate a legal action on the company and also put in my comments in your blogs so that feature buyers would be aware of your policy and process of customer service and delay .....

One of bizarre thing heard from Vishal was he said there is reporting manager and also there is no escalation process and also said he cannot transfer call ...


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