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Priced under $500 doesn't mean $499. The OnePlus One will definitely be available for under $400. #NeverSettle  +OnePlus 
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Habla español pete lau 
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Pete Lau

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Come and meet us!
Any OnePlus fans in Beijing this Monday? +Pete Lau and +Steve Kondik will be there hosting a fireside chat. Register here:
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i have purchased One plus 2 from amazon, i have faced problem in my phone, then i go to service centre, he update my phone after that i have receive a message from one plus that upgrade my mobile from lolipop to mashmallow after that i done then my phone getting shut down, i already drop mail and register the complaint.... but no response from your side ...
complaint no is-294306
please do the needful for the same
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Pete Lau

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Never Settle

Today is a special day for me, because today my startup +OnePlus is born.

OnePlus is the realization of my long-standing dream to create a global and innovative company. It is also an opportunity for a group of young people to make their mark on the world. I hope for it to eventually become a playground for tech lovers around the globe.

What kind of a company will OnePlus be? Since leaving +OPPO I’ve spoken with many friends and influencers in the mobile and internet industries. Many visions and opinions were bounced around but we kept returning to one central idea: make the best possible product for users worldwide.

The desire to pursue this goal has been growing inside me since my days leading the Blu-ray division at OPPO. I remember how proud I felt at CES when our OPPO Blu-ray players were spoken of with awe and admiration.

Looking at the smartphone market right now, I see a lot of wannabes but few truly outstanding products fit for the demanding consumer. That's what I want to address with OnePlus.

It's a hard road ahead as I transition from my role as an employee to that of entrepreneur and launch a company from scratch. There will be many difficulties to overcome. I draw my strength and resolve from the success of OPPO's Blu-ray players and the overwhelmingly positive feedback for the OPPO Find 5.

I would like to thank OPPO and Tony for their support. I have spent my entire career thus far with this noble and forward-thinking company. Not every product engineer gets access to such a great platform and opportunity, and for that I will remain eternally grateful to OPPO.

A new year, a new beginning. Expect to hear great things from us in 2014.


Visit us:
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I had again visited the service centre at Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh,India regarding the alert switch and captive button issue and i had been asked to deposit the phone again. Kindly pay attention to following details:

Previous Job Details:

1.) IMEI :
2.) Job No. :SRRG011160109001
2.) Issue : Screen Defect
3.) Submission Date : 09/01/2016
4.) Date Of Receiving : 11/02/2016
5.) Time Taken 1 Month 2 Days

Current Status :

1.) After receiving from service centre device had 2 new issues :
a) Left side alert switch not working
b) On screen capacitive buttons not working.
c) This clearly states that service centre does not check the device post repair process.
2.) I was asked my customer care via email which i had received on 12/02/2016 at 5:32 PM with request id 208431 "I would like to inform you that please visit service centre and call to our support number from the service centre. So that our escalation team will speak with service centre representatives and address the issue."
3.) Upon calling the first time i was asked to call after 12 PM since no escalation team member was available
4.) Upon calling the second time i was asked to wait as escalation team member was busy.
5.) The member at service centre Mr. Vimal 8090629055 had again asked me to submit the phone and he would place the order for the part again.(Kindly refer to Previous Job Details,according to which i will again have to wait for 1 month for the device to get repaired)
6.) I have wasted enough of my time on this repair process and i am no longer interested in wasting any more of my precious time.


Pranav Awasthi 8795930630
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Pete Lau

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I've owned a few external battery packs, but they are never full when I need them. When I finally decide to charge them, I find it takes too long. I've not yet found anything that suits me. Who else feels this way?
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Pete, please visit to see our solutions to fast charge smartphones and watch our videos at Qnovo QNS Software Fast Charging
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Pete Lau

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What do you guys think about Jonathan Ive's design skills?
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I can't judge his reasons, because; I do not know what it is like for him to do what he does, but I feel that the style he is going for could use some support; both in the design and the software. Design means nothing if the software can't keep up. 
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Pete Lau

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Today is my last day at OPPO.

Over the course of my career, I have worked as a hardware engineer, eventually became the director of the Blu-Ray division and finally led our marketing team through many challenges in our pursuit of creating a great mobile brand. There are a lot of memories I will cherish from my time at OPPO.

OPPO has always and will continue to create exquisite products. Incredible build quality and beautiful design are core strengths of OPPO, and ones that are now deeply integrated in my blood from fifteen years of working here.

I would like to thank my colleagues who have fought side by side with me. I'd also like to extend my thanks to Tony, and friends from all over the world, for their enduring support over the years! #OPPO
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+Sivan Rehan That's what the OnePlus said. But can you find any evidence for that? 

Searching for “OPPO Electronic” on Google brings up an “OPPO Electronic” knowledge base card on the right, which links to the OPPO that makes smartphones -- the entity OnePlus says is not OPPO electronic but instead OPPO Mobile. 

And the Wikipedia page for “OPPO Electronics” says that the company is an an electronics manufacturer, not an investment company. Further, the article says that the Chinese translates as “Guangdong Oppo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.” 

(OPPO Digital, which is a California company that licenses the name from Oppo.)

There's only one company web site:

If that's the so-called "OPPO Mobile," where's the web site for the so-called "OPPO Electronic"?

As far as I can tell, OPPO Electronic and OPPO Mobile are one and the same company. 
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Pete Lau

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OnePlus One will be priced below $500 USD unlocked and off-contract, guaranteed.
#NeverSettle  +OnePlus 
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Sir i want talking about u if u have some time for me
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Pete Lau

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Got a chance to catch up with the +CyanogenMod team on my most recent trip to the States. Here we are at their Seattle office.
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Long gold's time ago... 
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Pete Lau

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Something big will happen tomorrow! I am very excited:)
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It is very sad that story. Yesterday I bought or ordered via paypal a oneplus2, a few more accessories. Purchase in the OnePlus site, one of the accessories, which would buy, instead of clicking one, number, clicked 2 times or quantities. When the order or the payment was already in PayPal, instantly emailed to paypal and support OnePlus. I explained and admitted my mistake, and asked that the 426 euros would have to pay, they could discount the value of 7.98 euros (accessory value to more) discount on 426 euros or put back on the credit card. Already I sent yesterday 1 email to OnePlus, and during the day plus 2. Answer, absolutely nothing. And the saddest thing is that I registered the problem on the OnePlus site, and they put it was resolved. At this time already I made a complaint to Paypal, in order to recover my money. All this story is very sad, and just do not understand why the OnePlus does not respond to a customer who wanted to buy products from them. It's frustrating. Sorry my bad english.  

Order Number: 1600313754

559388 Order Number: 1600313754
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Pete Lau

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What's your favorite kind of cookie?

I'm looking for a CEO, Cookie Experience Officer. He/she needs to have a deep understanding of cookies, to be able to taste and rate cookies masterfully. Daily tasks consists of sampling a variety of cookies from around the world.

Please share this and help me find my CEO. Finders' bonus! :)
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I love cookies, but being a vegetarian for life, I can not eat/taste cookies that contain Eggs. (Year I am that strick :)). So yeah I can test most cookies (like 1.5% of all type of cookies :). So should I start designing my CEO Visiting Cards??
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Pete Lau

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Why can't we flash Android on iPhones?
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Yep... Gud idea
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Pete Lau

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When I met +Steve Kondik and +Koushik Dutta a few weeks ago, they shared their plans for the future of +Cyanogen Inc. with me. I have great faith in their product and their team, and look forward to what’s coming.
What's next?

A few weeks ago, +Koushik Dutta and I were able to meet with +Pete Lau in Shenzhen and we began discussing our vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available. Together, we’re setting out to create that product. Stay tuned.
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I dont have my products and not traking number.

1ª email

Henrique Campos Thursday at 19:43
Hello Joey

Greetings from Portugal

I already canceled the complaint on paypal . The paypal site, say they will inform the OnePlus of my decision .

Yes, you can send the products I ordered the OnePlus .

Can you tell me when the products arrive ?

Or tell me which is scheduled for delivery ?

Joey, thank you for your email

Best Regards 
Henrique Campos 

2 º email

Joey Thursday at 21:06
Hi Henrique,

Good day!

Thank you for the fast response.

Shipping is calculated based on shipping address and shipping method. The following options can be selected during checkout:
Standard Shipping (3 business days processing time + 3-7 business days)
Priority Shipping (3 business days processing time + 2-5 business days)

Please note that all delivery dates are estimates only. Additional charges will be necessary for shipping to addresses in remote locations. We are unable to ship to PO Box addresses.

If in case you have further questions or inquiries feel free to contact us anytime.


3ª email

Joey Friday at 14:13
Hi Henrique,

Thank you for your reply and I'm glad to know that your issue is now resolved. Meanwhile, I will be tagging your ticket already as “Solved”. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. OnePlus is always looking for ways to serve you better.


4º email

Henrique Campos Yesterday at 13:53
I still dont have the traking Number, Mobile phone. I Wil give up. The true you dont want Sales.

No dia sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016, Joey (OnePlus Support) <> escreveu:

5º email

Joey Yesterday at 19:41
Hi Henrique,

Good day.

Thank you for reaching back to us. Your Order Number 1600313754 is currently on "Paypal_Cancelled_Reversal" status. We just need to wait for this process to complete.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.



6º email

Joey Yesterday at 23:11
Hi Henrique,

We do apologize for the confusion you have gone through. Regarding on this process. I would now tag this ticket as closed, since everything has already been sorted out. By the way here is your reference number regarding on your PayPal case, just for instance the refund is not yet being processed please check on the information below;


If in case you have further questions and inquiries please feel free to contact us we are more than happy to assist.

Have a Great Day!


7º email

Joey Yesterday at 23:27
Hi Henrique,

That's is your reference number if in case you are not refunded by PayPal. Call them if refund is not yet given on you.


8º email

TL LejealM Yesterday at 23:46
Hi Henrique,

Thank you for your prompt response. We do apologize for the inconvenience and we do appreciate your ticket. As we checked the status of your Paypal Reversal, it was already in the process of refund and it's good to go. You just need to give this transaction ID 4JM17179A5039980M to PayPal if you did not receive the refund yet.


9º email

TL LejealM Today at 00:03
Hello Henrique,

Yes, you just need to wait for the amount to be refunded in your account. Thank you.


10º email (FROM PAYPAL)

Dear Henrique Campos ,

Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your transaction ID 3U977619AR932400H . My name is Denis and I am glad to assist you today.

Back to our conversation by phone I want to confirm that your transaction ID 3U977619AR932400H made on February 9th to was successfully completed.

I have reviewed your account and I can confirm that as your dispute for this transaction PP-004-584-766-115 was closed the payment went to the seller's account.

If the seller have any difficulties to see this amount on his account or to withdraw he has to contact his PayPal account manager for more informations.

You can use this email as a proof of your payment.

Please let us know if you need further assistance for this case.

Taking the opportunity I want to thank you for being a valuable member of the PayPal community since August 2013.

I want to inform you that we provide support by phone in English language. If you need our assistance don't hesitate to call 00 353 1 436 9111 (8.00am to 4.30pm GMT Monday to Friday). I will be more that glad to help you.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal and I wish the best for you and your family in the lovely Portugal.

Yours sincerely, 
Copyright © 1999-2015 PayPal. All rights reserved. 
PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. 
Société en Commandite par Actions 
Registered Office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg 
RCS Luxembourg B 118 349


It's frustrating , painful , and shows as well as the OnePlus have no idea what you're saying . I feel cheated and truly disappointed with your company . This whole process of OnePlus no one knows how to solve . 
It's amazing and ridiculous.
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