Listen up, you 'orrible lot. This 'ere's our next mission, and it's a corker. We got Sergeant Timmy in deep cover keepin' an eye on this Michael Thorton chappy, as he seems t' be a bit of an unstable sort o' chap, bit prone to irrational mood swings an' whatnot, but 'is 'eart seems t' be in the right place.

Alpha Protocol is a spy RPG from Obsidian, the makers of KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout New Vegas and, of course, the upcoming Project Eternity. It's been compared by many to Mass Effect in terms of the amount of choice you have throughout the game's dialogue sequences, and superficially it at least resembles BioWare's spacefaring series in gameplay terms. But is it any good? Let's play it together and find out.

Target Name: Alpha Protocol
Recent Sightings:
Other Sightings: Xbox 360, PS3
Mission Budget: $14.99
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