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PepsiCo Beverages Head of Digital, +Shiv Singh, said Google messed up with the launch of Google+.

Agree or disagree? Why?
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My personal experience has lead me to find useful information on G+ and peoples personal issues on Facebook.
I don't care about the launce, I like G+. And Instagram? I fail to see why someone with a DSLR and a knack for +GIMP would even browse past it?
Yeah, it's not a social network, unless you believe that making the IRC channels with capacity for videos, photos and gifs is "making a social network". How about calling it an anti-social network? It's about Google's own engineering culture, it is filled with the geeks and fanboyz of that culture, and it is a bid to spread that culture further, as they already attempt with everything from Doodles to google/take action. But the reality is, most of the world is profoundly bored or turned off by this engineering culture which isn't culture, but sub-culture.
Agreed! I find G+ to be a far better tool than FB, I wish more people would sign on.
Rob Go
Who drinks Pepsi except out of desperation?
I would have been really boring if Google knew what it was launching exactly.
Maybe they could have done better, but according to me it has been a spectacular year on G+ and as far as I'm concerned I've seen more happening on G+ in a few months than on facebook in 5 years.
Do they really need more mainstraim adaption? Yes, I do think so indeed.
Maybe they ought to make this Pepsi exec CEO of Google ... it worked at Apple! Oh, wait...
Errr Instagram screwed up with Facebook and Google+ is 200M and growing! Good one PepsiCo Digital blah..
Google+ is definitely social and I believe the launch was an appropriate way to accurately gauge both response and functionality. Sure it's not an average social network - more of a social integration of Google products and even the web at large, but it works for me.

It's designed with options for social interaction that are easy to customize. It encourages real identity in a relatively safe environment. It fosters creative people to express themselves. The design has multiple choices for interaction without clutter. One of these days I'll probably be using it in my self-driving Google car while I'm checking my messages and having a Hangout with my kids.
Google+, at least for me, seems to be more like a combination RSS feed/long-form Twitter with comments than a social network. I don't really interact with friends as much as I find and share information.
The problem with Google+ was that they presented the product, raised a demand for the product, but it was only available on invitation...LOL... by the time it was open for everyone... all the people in the party was gone and back in their Facebook`s wall... nobody felt any curiosity for the product anymore... big time fail... you do not offer something that its not ready to be accessed those are not the times we are living in ...
I don't entirely agree because I think Google+ is a wonderful product. I do notice that my interest in g+ has waned. Also, when people with millions of circlers receive only 10-20 comments, it demonstrates that other people have also become less active.
we are 4 cats in google+ with a sad level of sharing... I love google + and I only come here like 2 times a week and I am not missing anything... for a project this size... the start was a failure... now can it be fixed ? thats in google`s hands...
disagree with everything he said and I only drink coca cola
I don't think is really a social network, I agree with what Matthew said. Long form Twitter most aptly describes it for me.
Concerning the launch I agree with +Kering Keisuke, You don't slowly open the gates and only allow minimal participation when you launch a product that is competing with something on the scale of Facebook. On another note, it took me one day to figure out Facebook, and I am still trying to figure out all the uses of G+. So I agree they could have done a better job at launch-the user base would be much higher if they did.
None of my friends are on G+, so I still use FB for friends and family. I use G+ for my photography hobby and information on other topics.
+Pete Cashmore I don't think Google messed up the launch of Google+ (in fact, it was spectacular launch with impressive growth of user base), but on the other hand, I personaly believe that Google messed up Google+ afterwards.

Quite frankly, they just throw at us a half-baked beta-version and started picking their noses. Changes and updates were slow, there were serious problems with naming policy, and of course they totaly "fucked up" the mobile market. Android and iPhone apps came too late and even today they are still buggy as hell (and still, no sign of iPad version). It was, in my opinion, the biggest failure, considering the tremendous power and popularity of mobile Internet.

Google Plus is clearly the most successful Google's "social" project (after failures like Wave or Orkut). But they just missed a huge opportunity, when there were 10, 25, 50 or 100 milions of users in every few weeks. No updates, no mobile version.. thats why plenty of them (sooner or later) left. And without "personal" connections, G+ can't even dream about closing to Facebook.

Unfortunately, the changes and "evolution" of Google Plus is still slow and rather questionable - for instance the recent redesign was quite nice, but on FullHD screens it squeezed all content to a tiny column and leave 66% of screen white and empty. What were they thinking?! I'd never thought that Google don't know how to create a dynamic width based on resolution..
I think their goal is more long term and I think Google+ is simply an aside to that goal. Adding +1 to search results combined with your Contacts allows Google to attempt return more relevant results to your friends and them to you. Google+ is just another way to encourage you to build a network of those contacts. It's not as much about being a Facebook competitor as it is about learning who you know and what you like. Don't believe me? Look at how FB is now in bed with Bing. Personally I don't care. But if you ask me who is going to surface as a winner? Well I still say that more people Google for answers then they use Bing. Bing isn't even a verb.
I desperately want it to replace facebook....but change has been difficult for most of my friends and family. It seems like facebook will forever become the red headed step child of my bookmarks. I will grudgingly give it attention on occasion.
It's a bit true. Google+ is not used like just another traditional social network that you friend all the people you already know - it's about interacting with and finding new people within your interest groups. By not defining and explaining more (or maybe giving enough practical tools/tips), people have been confused why they'd want to add another site when all their friends are already on Facebook and established.
+Alex Rodriguez Sadly Google+ is turning into a small community site but it is so much more productive than Facebook. All we can do is delete our Facebooks and spend as much time interacting on here
+Steve Snider , i think he's just put off to the fact that Google+ isnt what Facebook has become in terms of what is a social network. as successful as facebook is, i refuse to believe it truly is the one stop source for social, advertising, games and all the rest of it for everyone. there has to be something larger, and maybe through web interactive innovation, we shall see it soon.
They're two different things. Facebook is "Here's what I'm doing". Google+ is "Here's what I'm looking at on the web".
Yes, Google+ is an information exchange place, much like Usenet was in the early/mid 80's as CSNET's Notes mechanism rolled over to the NNTP mechanisms. The collection of intelligent, considerate, yet really critical individuals that participated during that time caused a lot of great stuff to happen in the College arena. Not only did things like comp.sources (thanks Brandon), make a huge impact on open software systems, other newsgroups, opened up conversations about many topics which would have been hidden in the ether.

Here on Google+, we have people who really want a place to have a conversation. They have ideas and contributions to make, but don't have the resources to "rent" a blog, or otherwise try and speak into a pith-tube with no chance of being heard by those who really care.

This is why topics on Google+ would really make all the difference in the world. Some kind of keyword processing and annotations of the content would help make things even more visible to those who might really get something out of consuming the information that is in wide circulation here.

Certainly, there is a big pile of worthless diatribe and self-promotion which isn't helpful. But, humans will always have that issue as long as there are persecutors going around diminishing others to help themselves feel better.
I never want Google+ to become facebook, the simple fact that its not like facebook is what makes it so much better
yes , I agree that Google+ has moved the medium along ....seems to be a little more mindful rather than inane observations and 'shock-jock' inspired commentary...there is some level of self promotion or at least promotion of ideas.....there is nothing wrong with promoting ideas and innovations just as there is nothing wrong with Richard Branson having a 'hangout' with a huge group of people...he is just doing what we are all doing and understanding what people are thinking and wanting....if we present ideas and innovations that are not well articulated we will fail , no matter how good the concept.
This is just one of many media channels to voice opinions and ask for clarity, to enjoy the debate.....I always think it is a good thing to have your idea fail quickly, in the sense that the failure is a sign of refinement and the end product will be formed in a robust environment and be fit for purpose when given the light of day......
google+ is nothing like facebook. i think its more a cloud base "contact" network
I love G+, and am so glad it ISN'T Facebook-part-2. This is exactly what we, the G+ community, were wanting and looking for. I am still on Facebook, but only because there are so many of my people who want only the surface-level interaction that is found there that I have to share there also to interact.

Is there anything wrong with a G+ & FB world? Can the two coexist? I believe so, and I think G+ and the G+ community are making it happen every day.
If G+ is not a social network, I wonder what it is....!! It's a well rounded social networking apparatus with professional flicks in it....!!
He doesn't know what the words "social network" mean and he's an exec at Pepsi??
+Ibs Kamara It's a "Passions Network" to roughly quote +Guy Kawasaki. (Though when he said it it didn't sound so creepy...)
You don't just socialize, you explore and share your passions. Way better in my opinion.
I think G+ will be more than FB in time. It offers so much more and easier to use. I cannot stand all the crap FB has and the apps.
I wouldn't dismiss Instagram and Pinterest as fads, but also think it's unfair to look at success of those networks and compare them to G +. Google has yet to come up with the magic to make people go there in droves, but there's so much backing it up that it can't be dismissed.
I think Google + just might make it and evolve into something past the social network we know today. I'm feelin' it.

Stick with it Google!
I say just give it time, not everyone started using Facebook in the same day. I just found out about Google+ the end of last month and yes almost all my family and friends are still on Facebook and only about 3 on here but it takes word of mouth also if we don't tell chances are they don't know. That's just my thoughts on it ..
They could have marketed it as something different, and tried not to be a direct competitor with Facebook from the start, and perhaps let it grow a little more before going after them, would this had helped adoption or tainted it? Who knows? I enjoy Google+ but i use it for vastly different reason's then i do Facebook. this may change, it may not, either way I'll always use it.
And Pepsi doesn't compete with Coke. :-)
I think that Pepsi screwed up when the signed Nicki Manaj to do an add. I also think that Google needs to think a bit more before they make changes to how G+ integrates with every service they offer and be sure to leave an option available to those who don't want G+ to get the same experience either way.
This coming from the company that stopped making Pepsi Clear...
Poor sound quality on the video, so I gave up. I tried to comment at Mashable, but noted that I would need to login to Facebook to do that - hmmm?
Maybe waiting for FB to implode when it becomes too confusing for folks? Hang around long enought G+, you day might come. My teenagers have all but abandoned FB for twitter for ease of use.
yes, google should have thought out G+ for a longer time before the launch. ruined its wonderful appeal by coveting the success of that oh, so boringly commercial and gossipy site, fb. why should g+ be anything like fb? it can be far, far better than fb. if it goes the way of all those ads, i am outta here like a hot potato.

btw: i used to do my trance writing on stumbleupon. there was so much to learn, to exchange, to enjoy there. but they also decided to remove our precious color choices to go to an all white, conformist, fascist, communistic format. yikes! i had to leave! (check out, which is the ideal SU, but it needs creative people like us).

now all the social networking sites covet fb and are trying to be it. why? aren't we better than that? aren't we all so amazingly unique that we owe it to ourselves, before it's time that we are beckoned on to the Beyond after an ever so short time here on this most splendorous planet which only now we are really discovering, to share who we are with one another, enriching one another, giving?

twitter is easy, but it's too pinched. let google continue developing g+ as it is now and NOT to go the way of BORING fb!
brian s
G+ is infinitely better than FB Timeline, that's for certain. Timeline may ultimately as people get annoyed with the loss of usability and cluttered nature of FB and start using the site less and less. and not being able to easily search one's wall, or a friend's wall, makes FB much less useful. if my friend posted something 5 days ago and they are pretty active on facebook, it may take me 1 hour to find that post and comment on it. much longer than I'm willing to spend.
brian s
Staples Center in L.A. used to only have Pepsi (the excuse I always heard was, Shaq, Lakers player at the time has a deal with Pepsi - who cares!! like that matters), now they have only Coke, how awesome is that.
brian s
also, McDonald's has Coke yet there were 2 McD's in Staples Center where you couldn't get a Coke, only Pepsi. Coke only made sense.
I think most observation are jumping the gun and are based on "whats available" and not "what will be". Google has a stable history for long-term strategic planning. Don't be quick to judge the Big G, remember - Google has more PhD's than MIT and the current state is only a single milestone in a long - well-thought-out and multi-phased strategic plan. Patience is a hard commodity these days and there is lots to be learned from Google's framework.
Just because its served differently from what is expected by "preprogrammed minds" doesn't make it non-social.
brian s
gee Heather that's some great insight there, thanks for that.  I'm glad G+ exists and continues to evolve.
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