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Facebook beat Wall Street’s estimates for its fiscal second quarter revenues and earnings.

Would you want to own Facebook shares?
Facebook beat analysts' expectations for its second quarter with $1.18 billion in revenues.
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new say it was not going to be much more then last month.. tk
Sure to cause a dip in the price....seems like any news about fb sends the stock lower. ⊙﹏⊙
-8% today, -10% already in after hours. Hell no!
Zynga is ~15% of fb revenues. How are they going to make up for Zynga forecasting nearly 30% lower revenues?
google ftw over $600/share  , what's Facebook? 
It is still a crap stock just like Zynga. Don't buy it. It won't even exist in 8-10 years.
Its a dog stock. I said this before the IPO. They barely beat analyst forecasts. Shares dropped Over 2 Ptsikata today. ITS A DOG!!
Facebook and G+ are not competing services. Facebook lets people stay in touch with friends. G+ lets people start arguments with strangers. Totally different use cases.

actually it did not beat expectations, it met them, and only gained 12 cents a share, which is exactly what analysts had estimated.
Typical case of journalist following the PR spin instead of looking at what the real estimates were.
stcks still dropped 2.5 bucks :) it doesn't matter
+David Speakman I'm normally fine with the daily press being filled with re-hashed press releases, but i do expect more from magazines, even on-line ones. Journalists at daily newspapers don't have the time to do much more than copy/paste whatever drops on their desk. But staff at magazines should have the time to put some thought into their pieces.    
Now is the time to buy for under 25.00 a share 
if you want to loose money on your stock, since Zynga is dragging FB down pretty bad
Nah, once facebook turns on there mobile ad apps, the cash generator will begin. Zngya is a think of the past. 
How does a company offer no guidance in it's first earnings call? Hilarious. No wonder the stock is getting torched after hours.
+Jeff Catlett mobile ad apps? really Apple and Google are already way ahead of Facebook. They will not be able to penetrate into that market. If Zynga is a thing of the past, so is facebook, Zynga made facebook more addictive with farmville and cityville, etc.
Zuck is talking mobile apps, but is only interested in iOS. That's smart, because we all know that Apple represents more than half of all new phone sales.
pretty sure it hit a new low on the stock market today.
I reckon it will fall below 20 dollars per share some time very soon
I think "meets" expectations would be a more apt description than "beats". They actually had a second qtr loss of 8 cents per share and only showed 12 cent per share gain on "an adjusted basis". Makes me love the accounting too.

They still have lots of eyeballs on their site, so it's a matter of proper valuation. I am not buying.
no, f/b must analyze this deeply, most of other app in f/b is also downed
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