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Google+ lead +Vic Gundotra was interviewed about G+ today here at SXSW.

Here's what he said:
When asked why Google+ sometimes feels like a ghost town, Google+ Lead Vic Gundotra replied, "Make sure you’re using it correctly," drawing some chuckles at South By Southwest.
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That phrase is going to live forever! :-)
My stream has NEVER felt like a ghost town.
Yes. From day one I've had plenty of interaction. I have the funny feeling there are a lot of people who are not "using it correctly."

Now, that being said, if Google wants to keep increasing its user base, it is going to have to address the ghost-town effect.
"Make sure you're using it correctly" - Vic Gundotra

"You're holding it wrong" - Steve Jobs
None of my real life friends are here yet I learn so much - my stream is never like a ghost town and actually I can't keep up. The knowledge and sharing fire hose is too big here.
+vinay moharil I was fortunate enough to get an early invite ... and I agree. I haven't been able to keep up with the thing since shortly after I got started.
Not many of my FB friends/family are here either, I use Google+ to host a public Photo Blog covering the Christchurch earthquake (NZ), its prefect, the especially cool thing is the ability to run that publicly while also very easily posting privately, all within the same interface.
+Vinoth Ragunathan Not quite the same thing: Jobs was essentially blaming users for a severe product flaw, Gundotra is referring to people who insist upon using G+ like Facebook. I'd feel the same way about people who insist that a hammer is really a screwdriver.

As Dr. House would say, "They're idiots!"
As for the people pulling those "ghost town" statistics out of their, "everybody lies!" :-)
'using it correctly' sounds so condescending
I am having a great problem figuring out google plus
Maybe it's only meant for geniuses who can answer questions about golf balls filling rooms ;)
I'm loving Google+. I dropped FaceBook and Twitter. I connect with family daily--I typically check in several times a day directly to Google+. I check the "Hot on Google" posts and share with family and friends or forward links to people at school who are not yet on Google+. I feel I am getting lots of interesting math, science, and tech news and information. I love looking at the photos all the artists post.

I especially like that when I mute something on Google + it stays muted--unlike FB where I would delete things and they would come back again and again and again and again ....

I like the feeling of security on Google+.

I like that my photos upload easily.

I miss the "8 Hot Things on Google+"--I much preferred that format to the current way of having things appear randomly in the stream.
i have to admit that i still don't know how to use G+.
+Michael McGimpsey Stop circling ghosts. Problem solved.

Actually, I have an entire circle titled "Ghosts." I've been steadily accumulating ancestors ... I had no idea that my great-great-great-grandfather was such an interesting individual.
People will use it wrongly, which is reality of life. iPhone 4S fixed problems with iPhone 4. Hopefully Google+ can also do better.
Definitely, G+ allow us to share with interesting strangers, much flexible than on Facebook.
Leave the fb crap posters etc talking to their other crap posting so called friends.
FB deserves them with its stupid brain dead addons n games
Is there a video anywhere of this interview ? I expect this would be uploaded at the end of South by 2012?
what is worse is the main tech press think its a ghost town and keep purporting that Faceplant and twiddle are the best.. it F*$#KING shits me off.
The problem with fb is once you realise only 2-3 of your 100s of' friends' actually talk about what your interested in and you saw/ speak to those same people every day anyway. Therefore who needs fb?
I agree. I hardly interact on Faceplant. I have introduced my girlfriend to G+ and she loves it - she is sick of the crappy posts on Faceplant from people who just post crap all day.
Yes, I work in educational technology and am leading a faculty session on using social networks. They ask why they should use both and I ask them if they have family and friends and all other sorts of updates about daily rote activity and other digital political sign crap on FB(ok, maybe that's just what I 'see')...of course they do. I explain that right now, what is happening on G+ has more of an academic flair...they might consider G+ an educated FB ;)
Anyone who thinks the clientele of G+ is "more educated" wants to read the comments on public posts such as the BBCWorld page.
The internet is full of idiots, they're here too.
Day 1 I have had far more posts on G+ than FB or twitter and not what people ate for breakfast.
The problem is that some people post too much rather than too litte, I have an extra circle for frequent posters who post interesting stuff but flood my input stream with a large amount of posts. There are a lot of smart people here, if your stream is empty you follow the wrong crowd.
None of my IRL friends are here unfortunately, but my stream is always busy. I tend to use it in a way similar to Twitter rather than Facebook. I love the amount of informative stuff that gets posted and love the circling system
So everyone - your ideas on building a social network based on shared interests, etc? The 'ghost town' point resonates with me.
oh.. no am not english...i want say.. ni shou shen me? wo ting bu dong.......... chine
De Vuk
Ghost town G+ lol twitter without following people and get followed is ghost town, Facebook without friends is ghost town same on G+ add people to your circles and get added and you will love it people are just silly
I think the difference is that G+ informaton flow is sorted by interest and subject matter so it is always relevant because you decide what it is going to be, whilst FB is relevant when your friends post something that overlaps your interests.
Did the man explain how he could be using G+ better?
A flit of Twitter, a Facebook full of it. If that is what you prefer then use it. Just do not expect a more visionary product to get you the same feel and operation. G+ is shaping a community, not a standalone product that gives you a playground. Google+ is teaching this dog new tricks as it is an online world and not a Kudu-poop spitting competition by wannabe famous guys.
Hey Vic, I may not use it right but I love the innovative approach that actually stimulates (and more often challenges in my case) one's intellect.
Chan Li
G+ is a great platform
Hallo K





Hallo K
Im getting bored of G+ already. I think they need to be more innovative. I feel like i'm in a Facebook's parallel universe.
My beef with quotes like "Make sure you’re using it correctly" in relation to a 'social' network or any other likewise activity is that it gets the whole idea of how social interaction works wrong by imposing a system onto people. This phrase seems to be rooted in a certain way of (old school?) thinking where "we the creators" give you a tool (software or other) to use and organize your social life but only if you do it the way we intend you to do it. That's not helpful at all, on the contrary, that's rather anti-productive. If social media don't let me handle my social life the way I want to but instead 'force' me to follow a certain mold, then that's not a case of "me not using it correctly". No, that's more like a case of this medium not being adaptive enough to suit my personal needs and/or expectations. After all, the only "correct" way to handle my (social) life is the way I choose to do it...
And now if you'll excuse me, I urgently need to check on my Twitter feed! ;-)
You are so right about how anything 'social' should not impose anything onto the individuals doing the socializing.
G+ is active, you know what I like to do?

Find a topic I am interested in, use the search function to find post about that subject. Circle the people with great post. And that's only if my stream isn't already fill with awesome stuff already, which it is usually
If I have to get on multiple times a day to keep up with everything that is going on, it obviously isn't a ghost town. This guy just doesn't have enough people sharing things limitedly, or doesn't have enough friends. I think I'll circle him.
I guess a lot of people look at G+ expecting Facebook, but it's much more like a visual Twitter, or a Tumblr with text.
The debate about the worth of G+ I think has helped and not hurt at all, but it is also frustrating that some people wish to push their point of view on others who were happily just doing their on thing.

I despise the Wall Street Journal for an unnecessarily negatively slanted article which was not decent journalism.

They could have stated the study without the "ghost town" extra, which I suspect may be more about money, and people with big money pushing stock plays invisible to most people.

My reaction is: they should pay.

And the billionaires who play these games should lose every penny they have. It's a wish, I know. Just a wish..
In the film "The Social Network", there is the line "we dont even know what it is yet." I kinda feel this way about Google+. I dont even know if Google knew what they were doing, but finally I am beginning to understand. After diving into it for the past few days, i have to honesly say that Facebook is the real ghost town.
When you get right down to cases, I already know what my friends think, I know how they think, and I do not care what they had for breakfast. G+ is a polar opposite experience ... I never quite know what I'm getting myself into when I jump into a thread.

And that I find interesting.
+James Karaganis you hit the nail on the head, split the wood, and destroyed the hammer. I agreed 1 kajillion-brazillion percent.
Ateast google is trying. I can't say the same thing for alot of public companies.
Yep, I agree with Diane. G+ is superior in my mind to the incredibly invasive FB. I went to the effort of exporting all my contacts out for FB and invited them alll to join G+; some did, but it is still a ghost town.. When G start integrating it into their SERPs then i think it'll start to gain more traction though..
G+ is a chost town, FB is a dystopian nightmare and Diaspora is a word that people can't spell or pronounce. I pine for the days before January 2006 when I woke up and discovered that my favorite web site ever,, a beautiful alternative culture social network, had sold its soul because it was not growing at a rapid enough rate to make money for its investors. I feel like a social network widower who doubts he'll ever find love again. All the rest of the options are a sad and disheartening second place to the fun our small but tight knit crew
had on before it imploded.
If you end up telling everybody they're not using your product properly, start asking yourself if you designed it correctly...
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