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Google buying Motorola is approved in Europe. Next up: USA.

It's gonna be a huge deal if this goes through.
European regulators have approved Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
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Wow! OK ..... Going vertical with telephony, or simply another calculated move to enhance (re-focus narrower) the ANDROID coding that they shared after winning over AT&T??
wow, lamparota... es asombrosamente impresionante, espero q sea una buena idea...
I am looking forward to this going through so Google can get back at Apple in Apple's own patent war. Why do you think Apple brought the suit against Android 4.0 and the Gnex today (before the Motorola takeover becomes official)?
hope it happens! i can't wait for some Googorola goodness
I have always been impressed with google. Inside of my adwords account I clicked speak with someone now button and immediately I was called by a real person. It blows me away how far good customer service will take a company. I will never ever leave google for that very reason. Any google product, sign me up.
Does this mean that the next android product I should get is a Motorola? (as it will probably have the best support/update schedule)
i hope they make the next Nexus device as Motorola +Morgan Chandler excellent radio with timely updates! and good build with decent screens
Whatever brings ICS to my Atrix...
It's done! Didn't they just get a nod from the DOJ?
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