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Android vs iPhone user stats...

-Android users are more likely to use Google+ than iPhone users

-Android users are less likely to use Facebook than iPhone users

-Both groups use Twitter about the same amount

Does this match your experience?
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Yeah, Facebook is a nightmare on my Android. But I haven't even downloaded G+ on it. I mostly just use my iPhone.
Nope, I own an iPhone and love G+, use a little Facebook and use Twitter all the time
G+ is broken as hell on iOS. Partly because it just is and partly because Apple doesnt release updates fast enough.
Nope. In my real life circles I'm the one that's most using G+, forgetting twitter and forgot Facebook. My coworkers are more Facebook focused and they're mostly Android users.

P.S.: I'm an iPhone user :D
Definitely reflects my experience with my friends and me.
I'm sorry... but it only seems logical if people subscribe to the "I love my brand and yours is stupid" argument. Which I get really really sick of defending my phone to other people. Why does it matter which brand you use?
I love the G+ app on the Android phone because you can hide the people you don't want to read their status. Really simple and easy IU.
yes, it does. I'm an android user and love G+
Dedicated iOS user and yet I use G+ more than Facebook. I would use G+ more if the iOS app were better though (hint, hint) :)
I don't use Twitter at all - can't see the point.
A lot of people have deleted Facebook from their Android devices because it has access to their mobile contacts.
I'm an iPhone user who uses social media in this order: Facebook - Google+ - Twitter.

I would use Google+ more (to replace Facebook) except that I'm usually a mobile poster, and on my iPhone (and iPad), the G+ interface is not very intuitive. It's easier to Tweet when I'm mobile, and Twitter feeds Facebook (which is where I get most of my responses).
I guess my 60's upbringing prevails as a non-conformist. I use an iPhone and Google+. Maybe the stats have generation demographic segmentation. After all, Facebook is the new MySpace.
So Android users are smarter, I didn't know that :)
Android user here: what is the Facebook??
So Android users are techies...but you knew that...
Android user and facebook does tend to crash or can't update periodically. G+ app does work great. looking to maximize the Google apps.
Android user, G+ user, not a Facebook user or Tweeter. Even reconsidering this whole G+ thing ...
Yes, hit that right on! Also...
-Android users are more likely to be Awesome
Not in my case. I mostly use G+ and I'm an iPhone user. No tweet, and not much use of FB.
Google+ on iPhone needs some serious work!
To be fair, I only use G+/Android because it is the least grim. Still not exciting, just all ... meh
70% iPhone users don't know how to sign up a gmail account.
I agree with that. I have an Android phone and I use Google+. I do think part of the iPhone and Facebook correlation has to do with the fact that they were both released and popularized before Android and Google+.
really? the differences are HUGE, I find it hard to believe in those numbers to be honest.
iPhone user. I use Twitter and G+. I don't use Facebook anymore.
Sure does, I am an Android user and my usage of G+ is more than Facebook. And even before G+ i wasnt using Facebook as much
Meh doesn't seem like it says much about anything. Is most of that obvious?
Android user here. I'm using G+ more often too.
Agree. I'm on Android, and only still use FB because there are so few of my friends on G+. I prefer the G+ app, the layout, the functionality, everything, but I can't class it as 'social' with so few people. 
I'm an iPhone user and I stay logged into g+ but periodically log into ZB, on my phone though, I probably check ZB more than g+ [marginally]
I own an iPhone, and use Google+ and facebook about the same amount of time, but I like Google+ a lot more.
I've got an iPhone and prefer G+ and Twitter (because the FB iOS app is crap). Most of my closer friends are still on FB, so G+ is still a little like having the first telephone...awesome, but no one on the other end of the line.
I use G+ on my iPhone and don't use Facebook. Maybe I'm the exception that proves the rule!
Yes, sounds probable to me. But Twitter ... for what?
Kam Siu
The only social apps i use are FB and G+. I spend more time on G+ because there're so much more new updates
I'm an Android user, and I'd love to use Google+ more than Facebook but since my friends didn't follow me there that much, I'm stuck with fb. And I'm not a big fan of Twitter, not enough features for me.
yup - I joined Facebook for the developer API key - but I'm mostly on Twitter with my DROID2 - not sure about Google+ on mobile yet, but definitely on my (Windows 7) laptop
De Vuk
I use iphone but love G+ snd hate fb and use twitter all the time.
pretty much sums it up for me... hate FB, love G+ but still using twitter a fair amount. Twitter is not installed currently though, need to fix that.
nope. im iPhone user, most of time i spent on Gplus, then twitter, and i log once a day on facebook.
Iphone es muy bueno en mi opinion... y que bueno que tiene el 90% de la actividad en facebook.
It doesn't match my personal experience, as I use Facebook more often on my Android phone than I do G+. I check G+ regularly, but not as often as Facebook.
Not really. All the Google+ users whom I know in real life use their iPhones to access the social network. All my Android friends are Facebook users only :).
But, yeah, it's just a local population sample. :)
I'm one of those uppity "I don't use Facebook," people. (Comment made via my Android phone.) 
Android: G+ only.
Facebook is great if you want to post pictures of your kids or vacations and have people tell you how great you are. Twitter is great for spamming people who won't read the posts anyway.

I have no use for Facebook or Twitter. :)
Yes. Android user, using both, but strictly G+ on mobile. Reason is I can see what permissions Facebook requests under Android, and some don't make sense. If you remove even one of them (under Cyanogenmod), the app detects it immediately and will not run. Not comfortable with that, so strictly PC-based for Facebook now.
+mark hare , some students use Facebook for study sessions. There are multiple ways you can utilize FB for something fun and productive.
+Reinhard Almeida Jimenez , neither is better. Those are just different "formfactors".
Is FriendCaster in these stats too or only original Facebook app?
My morning reading used to be the WSJ paper, some articles from BusinessWeek, or Inc Magazine. For quite a while now, I use my Android App (available in the Market) to check the latest in computers and technology (Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, etc. Business news, and my G+ stream. It has surely become a great and efficient way to keep up with what I consider the "Intelligent" news that I need.
I fit the profile at least (fyi: I am an android user). Although i do use fb as well.
No. I'm an iPhone 4s user. I use Twitter and Google+, but not touched Facebook in over 3 years
It fits with my experience, but there is something to be said for the fact that Google has it's own hardware ecosystem that ties in well together. I think that makes working with Google+ on Android more likely.
I left FB shortly after joining G+ (not long after launch) and often access G+ with Roger (that's me iPhone, he's green).
Android user. Don't like Facebook. Love Google+
Fru N.
Absolutely!!!...I'm reading this G+ message on my Android phone :D
Android user. Don't like Facebook. Love Google+, I totally abandoned Facebook three months ago.
Definitely. Facebook for Android is a bit of mess. Google+ is not the same as Facebook though. More of a place to follow people with the same interests.
Had to uninstall G+ from my Android phone (LG Optimus One) as it just got too big. BUT in the past 6 months I had only used the FB app just to set up and sync with my contacts. I had been using G+ daily on my phone...if I could I would uninstall FB and replace with G+, but that would require rooting my phone :-(
I'm an iPhone user and mostly use G+. I only go on Facebook to check out family drama then get the hell out of there. 
Like Reginald I only go on Facebook when I am contacted directly by a family member or close friend, but I find these results quite surprising.
It makes sense most IPhone users are Followers (Their are exeptions) the buy because of branding. Anyways since they are followers most are like Social Network Jersey Sure Studs constantly having to tell the world how many times they ate and why the shoes look better in PINK than red. On the other side most Google + Android users are reading News or actually working so they don't really have much Social Status update time.

* You can begin the Hate response somments IPhone Lovers
iPhone user. Still use FB more than G+ but trying to use G+ more to stay in the social media "know". Tweet for work everyday as well.
Droid user. I use all 3. Twitter the most though.
5 mount ago I left my iPhone 3GS for a Samsung Galaxy S2 due to the delay of G+ app on iOS. And now I still have the BEST device/OS available worldwide. Also today :)
I've got iPhone and iPad. I think the iOS people would be more likely to use G+ if the iOS UI wasn't plain awful. May (will probably) see an uptick in G+ iOS users when they release an iPad app.
I would disagree from my experience - I can't yet make a final decision on that because I'm an apps user and only got access to Google+ yesterday, but I use iOS/Mac and much prefer the concept (and so far, the UX) of Google+. Also, I've never liked Facebook at all, whereas G+ seems much friendlier. I do like Twitter though.
Sure. No apple here. No facebook here. Its just a 'good taste'-thing. Some are so obviously trying to rip me off that i avoid them. Twitter feels neutral, G+ & Android are the less evil alternatives.
The last G+ software update was too big for my Android phone, so now it won't run. But before that, I was starting to use G+ more than FB on my phone.
Being an Android user, making tis post on G+ I had hypothesized at much, but I love data. Thanks for sharing.
android user and only use google+ for sure
I have not even installed Facebook, I used to use it, now my last update was way long ago. Oh wait, I have a whole slew of updates yesterday trying to win a Kindle Fire ;-)
I do prefer Google+ over Facebook on my Android phone, basically because the FB app for Android sucks dirty dead donkey digits. I do use FB more on my iDevices, though the tide is starting to turn.
Android users are already plugged in to Google services, gmail, calendar, maps. Its a natural fit to add G+ (and we already know Google services tend to be better as well).

G+ has made me realize just how many people don't use Google services at all. And yes, everyone I know with iPhones are FB addicts. Most Android users I know are transitioning to G+
I've only just linked up my G+, FB and Twitter accounts for work to my Android phone... and I dont use them all that much. Because if I am somewhere with wifi, then I am on my own computer ... so I do that stuff from my computer instead.
Nope. I use a iPhone 3GS, and I am G+ addicted. I don't use Twitter, and have only close friends and family on Facebook.
+Ashley Moat If you want to read Pete's posts, just add him to your circles. At G+, you follow someone, just like Twitter. -- At the same time, if you post to a circle, only the people in that circle can see your post (if they follow you.)
Android and HP tablets, android phone. I spend 90% G+ and 10% FB. Twitter has always been a sporadic after thought. FB from the time I started using it has always felt chaotic and insecure. When G+ became accessible it seemed logically laid out and readable. I prefer it.
No I have an IPhone and use all 3 everyday'
iPhone user. G+ is the only social network I use.
absolutely right for me, i haven't open my Facebook since Google+ birth!

actually i did open it then deactivate!
I have an android phone and an iPad2, and I use both facebook and google+, although for completely different purposes. And I use twitter for info gathering, not blasting useless messages.
My iPhone usage is definitely in line with these stats.
Tony S
Using both on my iPhone. Planning to leave Facebook on 12/15/11!
no I use FB and Twitter more than G+ even in my android
Because of the Siri app...i am abandoning Blackberry and Android based phones and going for my 4s!
I'm an Android user and exclusively use G+, thanks to the awful Facebook app. I'll be switching to an iPhone shortly, but will miss the Google/Android integration. 
Why would anyone in their right might switch to iPhone?
I feel like social media made loads of people cut back on their email usage. Which means those loads of people who don't email that much anymore, or use yahoo, or msn etc. feel like G+ is something complicated or beyond them. I'd like to see what % of people get on the Internet STRICTLY for facebook. That % is probably a shame. 
That doesn't surprise me at all. Other stats have shown that Android users, as a rule, are more "technologically sophisticated" than iPhone users.
I use Android. I fancy G+ and somewhat fancy Facebook. I combine both. I use both 50/50. (equilibrium)
Alan Yu
No. Use iPhone exclusively but marginally more Google+ than FB.
oh ... I don't have both. I am windows Mobile user
No...I'm Android user and I use Facebook more then Google +
What about webOS? I think it would go Android way.
i use google+ more than face book, but very less twiter
Never had a facebook account. Don't think I will
Perhaps simply G+ app on Android sucks slightly less than it does on iPhone. Same in reverse goes for Facebook.
My phone é Android and obviously I use G+ and almost everything that Google creates but I have a FB account and I must admit that in Brazil G+ is far away to even come close to FB. I don't have an Orkut account but that social network is still the most popular here.
Yes it does. I love Twitter more than FB & all the apps that for twitter works much better than the official FB app on android. For some reason it really sucks. & the new FB lags so much on the browser. The Google+ app for android works so much better than FB.
I have definitely found google+ easier to access from my google phone and the experience much more enjoyable.
That describes me to a T. Or a D.
I don't :-) I have a Symbian phone :D
Jenny A
Doesn't match me at all. I got rid of Facebook a month ago, and I probably use Twitter maybe 1% now. I still have my iPhone 3GS.
It does match my experience - I have an Android, and I'm rarely on FB or Twitter.
Maybe it is because the Facebook app for Android is so crappy? Or maybe not because the Google+ app isn't so great either, but at least it doesn't intercept all sms messages and upload your contacts without your permission.
That does not match my experience. I have an iPhone and i Mainly use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in the same amount.
Yes! I thought it is a mirror image of my experience!
That is very true about me. I want to leave facebook so bad but not many of my friends have yet. I think it is because android users can see the future ;)
I think part of the problem is that the android app for facebook is a bit crap! If it had a quicker, more reliable app I'd maybe use it more!
No difference for me. Use all on both. Depends which device has more juice left when i want to use.
Android - mostly twitter. FB is slow and sluggish. Waiting on a compatible G+ app for my device
Most be an american survey. Nobody uses twitter in Denmark.
And what do Blackberry users do? Oh yeah, they pull out their iPhone, iPad or Droid to do social media :)
Reset my Galaxy Samsung S2 and forgot to re-install the Facebook for over a month and counting, only just realised reading this...
I use all three almost everyday, and I use an iPhone 
+Denis Churilov None are exclusive to any tech featured on Facebook. FB is a bragging tool and time waster. I've been watching it as its content has declined and its definitely losing whatever posited value was initially implied by the business model. G+ is much more applicable to communal studies and has a Games section. G+ is better (that's quantifiable) and its on purpose.
Android users might spend more time on FB if the app wasn't a disaster. It's slow to load on my Galaxy S and it's a mess to try and read posts in the app. I'll be glad when more of my friends are one G+, because it's the best social-media app on Android, IMHO.
its right on, the fb app blows and causes issues with my phone 
Android should release mew updates for facebook calling devs
I just moved from an Android to the iPhone, and one of my greatest disappointments is no instant upload from the G+ app for iPhone.
The iPhone FB app is better than the Android FB app IMO
I fit the Android group, except I use iPhone/iPad. Still waiting for the G+ app for iPad and an iOS app that allows you to see the people who your friends/family follow. As of yet, I can only see that on the desktop website.
That's because the Android facebook app is completely rubbish. Many of my friends who use Android end up using the mobile facebook website instead.
apps are a big reason for this, but the data from my social circles seems to agree.
Fits me, Android user, use Google+ and Twitter. Don't have a FB account anymore.
Ryan J
I use Google+ a lot more than I do facebook now that I've learned how it works. I only use FB only because I've got a couple of friends/relatives who are still on FB. I use twitter essentially as an RSS feed, I rarely post anything to it.
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