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So it's going to be "iPhone 5."

One thing guaranteed is that the new iPhone will ship with iOS 6, the new mobile software Apple revealed back in June. How do you think will it affect other mobile operating systems?
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Unless there's some radical new feature, like a Siri type jump, then Apple will continue sliding against the advance of Android as a platform. iOS is losing ground, and Apple is acting like it's still the biggest mobile player in town.
There is not much innovation in Apple any more, they just re-invent the stuff already in Android and others and then suing everybody else for copying :(
Apple: It's almost here
Android: been there done that
We're innovating! = we upgraded the hardware just like everyone else does.
Everything is new! = it's several decades old, but we have patents which makes it new again.
First time ever! = The same thing as our old iphones except it looks a little different now.
Rob Foxx
Why wait eight days - last week Apple proved in court that I can walk into a store, pick up a Samsung phone and essentially get the same thing, except I'll have a choice of form factor.
I see so many people hating at Iphone (99% Android users) and Apple products. Are Apple products that bad to really hate that much?

Can we get along?
+Edgar Aquino Tell Cupertino to stop trying to stifle competition through litigation and instead compete in an open market. we just might hate them a bit less.
Should Samsung sue Apple as they just had their event on August 15th and less than a month later Apple is copying them? :)
I undestand +Mike Neufeld, but this feud (Hate) is way before the litigations. Also, I see the same thing with G+ users and FB. 90% of them had FB way before G+. I think sometimes people just need to hate or complaint about something to release stress. That's just my point of view. 
I'm not into fashion accessories so I'm not interested in this announcement.
I hope it will have LTE ;)
I think that all other companies will go out of business, and the ones who don't will be sued out of existence.  Go competitive market.  Go innovation!  (Go Lawyers!)
+Edgar Aquino I can only speak for myself, but when it comes to FB vs G+ and iPhone vs Android my choice is based on technical merits and nothing else.
I was an Android user before I switched to Apple. I have nothing bad to say about Android. It was cool but I like ios better. I'm not going to rally against or in favor of none of those big ass companies. They are billionaires against billionaires. I just want to enjoy their products. I have enough problems already to bring that fight over my shoulders too. People take stuff so personal this days... 
+Edgar Aquino as a Samsung galaxy s3 user I agree. Can't we just respect each others choices in smartphones. Let's move on people.
+Jonas Petersson I agree and you know what? I like G+ 1000 times more than FB. In all aspects. But I have friends there that doesn't like G+ or they don't even know what it is. But that's not reason to try to destroy FB lol
OK, so what does the new iPhone 5 look like? Will it knock your socks off, or just introduce incremental changes and not much more? How many Chinese plant workers who make all those "magical" devices die to keep Apple evangelists happy?   
Im not an Apple fan but THAT INVITE IS SUCH A BEAUTY !! you see how the 12 made the 5..?!
So simple and hott ! hahaha!

Then those concept pics of the phone being Liquidmetal ...oh demmet ! Sexiness !! Arent people so creative ?! If it actually came out like that i would just nod in appreciation like the way i see hott heels on females definately not going to buy the heels but i would high five one who does !

+Edgar Aquino I'm perfectly happy to let the FB people stay on FB showing Cat pics to each other. I'm also fine being surrounded with iPhone people as long as they don't bother me with stuff that doesn't work (or suing for silly things). I'm an old timer grown up with open source and Unix - just let me do my thing...
+Jonas Petersson the problem is that the more people buy iphones at those prices, the more money Apple will have to oppress the rest of the industry. It's time for people to show they like innovation, not just brands.
+Flavio Zanda sounds a lot like Microsoft in the 90ies and IBM before that. It seems that it sorted itself in the long run... Stay calm.
The image I have from Apple is the donkey behind the stick with the carrot ahead... When Apple shells the Iphone 300 he have alrredy the 310... and the consumer is buying a "half-new" produt, very well promoted and whit a beutifull decor... but whit a high price! The Android is more actualized and practical - lets see the future. Best regards
How dare Tim Cook not to invite me to the iPhone unveiling event. Damn you Tim, how could you forget me, your biggest anti-fan. I want in. Invite me, now!!
This pics in the bonus section look eerily like the Sony Ericsson arc S..
Maybe we should keep in mind that iPhone vs. Samsung is a battle China vs. South Korea. Both products have OSs from USA, but besides that, it is a battle in which Americans and Europeans are not involved.
YES!!! I can't wait. Time to pass my 4 on to my mother. There's always such excitement surrounding these events. It will be fun to find out which concept comes closest to the actual phone. 
Well, Apple is apparently "closed", "evil" and "sucks", but it can still wipe the floor with all other Android phones (not talking about OS share, but rather phone shares) ;)

So it will affects other operating systems as always, bite their asses and continue to be key force in the market. :)

What might be more important then the iOS itself are maps. I really wonder if Apple would be able to present at least comparable app to Google Maps. Props to Google in this regard, they are the best.
It would be best if only people who have considerable experience with both iOS and android would comment. In my experience they are very close technologically, but iOS is simpler and more elegant. Also, to the people who talk about android taking over the market from iOS: that's not how capitalism works. It's the biggest company that wins. It's like saying that Windows is bigger than OSX but neglecting to notice that Apple has blown companies like Dell out of the water.
+Marco Gomes Yep. Finally some on par with iPhone 4S :) Well, at least till iPhone 5 ;)
Same phone, different number. It'll be out of date on release compared to other phone manufacturers. The only thing Apple are good at is marketing and grabbing patents based on basic concepts.
iOS6 - I hope this has moved on since I last saw a build. iPhone5...meh. 
I'm just wondering how ios6 is different then ios5. I played with it and saw no difference. Apple better step up because the Galaxy S3 looks better and better as the days go by especially with JellyBean around the corner.
If Apple had a social media tool (I'm sure it's in development) I wonder what its users would say about Google products.
Who cares? Support of this Sue happy company is idiotic esspecially since they haven't innovated anything in the past 5 years. Just bought up other peoples ideas.
I'm not against Apple although I still think they are a big bully.

Seriously, how many of us uses 50% of any of these phone's function?

They hype up the whole thing to a point we mortgage our dogs and donkeys to get one.

Welcome to the advertising world my friends.

America will tell you what you need, which can be a new phone or a new government.

I can honestly say I used too much of what my android devices could do and so I had to go back to blackberry in order to have the stability and functionality is needed day to day now I can say I am no longer using the device beyond it's limits. Excited for BB10 devices from RIM, a lot more than just an mp3 player with the ability to make phone calls!
I think people should just enjoy with their devices, and let others enjoy with theirs. If you don't like Android or iOS devices, it's ok, don't use it/buy it, but let other people enjoy with them. I don't understand why people get angry about it. Do they pay to you? I'm really looking for this event, i don't think i will buy iphone 5, actually i'm ok with my iphone 4. 
It's the same as cheering for sports teams. You elevate your choice and slag all others. In other cultures, it's called hooliganism, when taken to extreme. In the end, slagging someone else's personal choice, particularly when supported by completely specious reasoning, neutralizes the value of your opinion.
A completely different phenomena than being a sports enthusiast. 
android could be KILLED by ever-crazy viruses, as to IOS, it's steady, compatible and SAFE! One may not see too many improvements of IOS edition by edition, but its overall advantage over android is overwhelming.
+Bruce Liang what cloud are you living on. iOS is just as virus prone as any os. To think different is to show your ignorance to technology.
iOS wasn't a factor in the 'leaked' UDID ACTISEC fiasco. If you're going to chirp, do a little reading first. The files were on a laptop.
The only security iOS provides is by limiting the users ability to encounter such things on their own, rather than truly building security it merely gives the impression. By limiting iOS upgrades a user assumes they must be safe rather than locked down, just like AOL as an ISP u merely used their "proxy internet" not the real Internet. When their customer base finally realized this AOL had to become something other than an ISP... Apple will be similarly beheaded by its own faithful legions when they realize how much their potential has been stunted by their favorite device.
+Rob Gilgan if you read the article and did some research those with Apple Devices (which have UDID's) which also run iOS had their information gathered and that UDID could be used to retrieve all sorts of information from the device.
And the net effect, Dano? It threw a bunch of Apple haters into another fit of joyous frenzy. Ah, I get wistful for the good old days when Linux enthusiasts were keen and inspired, before the trolls took over. Worse than any security breach, IMO.
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