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Google is set to trial a TV service to rival the cable networks.

It sounds like the package would offer both live TV and on-demand, but would be delivered to the home via the Internet (fiber optic connections).

Could be very disruptive if it succeeds.
Google has filed an application to offer TV service in Kansas City, Mo.
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irish d
im moving to Kansas
well yeah. they were scouting for a place to put a super head end two days ago.
+Pete Cashmore Could be very disruptive if it succeeds.

That's an understatement, although this is very much in character for Larry "disruptive" Page and Sergey "out with the old, in with the new" Brin.
TV is going through a rough time; most young people my age would never watch it (neither do I really, even though I work in the industry).

Internet, global reach, view-on-demand media is where it's all heading at the moment.
well done ,but how much we need to cost?
+paul grisham You're better off with AT&T U-Verse where I live, rather than the only other option, e.g. Comcastoff, Comcastaway, Comcastinstone, ComcastdowntothedepthsofHades.
Please let it be true and let them petition the Portland Metro area to have more than just Comcast as a provider! I have been hoping for the longest time already for Google to make this move and ultimately, the move into being a proper ISP. I may yet have the opportunity to live to see that day. Hooray!
I work directly with fiber for a company in the seattle area... I've been following this closely.
Ralph H
I hope they decide to offer a Basic tv service with local channels, along with C-SPAN one and two.. and the local channels don't insist on carriage fees. The nominal cost of that is "free" plus the fee for C-SPAN
I'm on a fios connection now. 25/25. its pretty good, but what they will be offering in KC will blow it away.
they are putting in a Super Head End... a bank of sattelite dishes... they will be able to offer everything comcast and verizon can offer... depending on the deals they sign with the channel providers. I'd bet any channels they DON"T have will not be googles fault. Blame the big content providers.
Ron W
I don't know of I want Google involved in any more than what it is right now. Already they are involved in email, Internet searches, mobile phone OS, social networking and so on. All their products are great! But I don't think it is prudent to have them involved in everything. 
Man, I love Google. I would get rid of my cable service in a 2nd in exchange for something like this. Where do I sign up for the beta testing?
I would love to see someone stick it to the cable networks so I wish Google good luck
I live in KCK...been waiting for this announcement!
Wow! This is exciting. I think the key factor here...can they get all the big networks? If so...TAKE MY MONEY and goodbye Comcast!
So, they'll be running fiber optic lines that directly compete inside existing Cable company obviously non competitive zones? (which has never happened) Otherwise they'll be depending upon people using existing ISP's and their bandwidth limitations. (which will never work.)
A la carte programming and I'm in
this is a TEST MARKET. its getting a lot more attention than these things usually do, because it's Google. but if it goes well, they'd likely go through the list of other cities that competed to be the test market, offer it to them as well, then start ramping up city by city.

the BIG expense isn't putting in the technology. its getting the permits to dig up the streets.

of course... if they combined it with those new alcatel-lucent lightradios...
Yep, let big cable, wireless, and the ex-Bells battle it out to provide infrastructure. They are each reasonably good at that while they have each, with just very few exceptions, been positively miserable providing services. Even if Google struggles with this (not that i think they will) we should continue to see better alternatives arise that are IP based. Communications, movies, music, software applications, are all being more inexpensively delivered as services.

Potential political antics aside this should be good for both consumers and those providing the services. The networks that survive will be the ones that embrace this change.
Live on the Kansas side.. I will be looking into this!
Good luck Google , down with satellite ads
KCMO? That place is too crowded, nobody goes there anymore.
Why just Kansas. :( they should just try to offer it on Google TV. I'd sure get a Google TV if they did that.
Coming soon to a TV nearest you!
Sometimes it sucks being from LA... it's just to damn big to be a "test market" for something like this
Google TV? Maybe another good choice :)
it is impossible to enjoy it in beijing(~O~)zZ
that would be great
tv + internet
Someone needs to enter the space and offer an affordable option. If Google can do it and save me from the clutches of DirecTV, who bleed me for $190 a month, I am all for it!
They probably would have better luck in a larger city on one of the coasts to pilot that kind of project. Misery doesn't have much - and I would be surprised if that whole area even has broadband to everyone.
They scouted the nation and "selected" Kansas City, Kansas for their usual intelligent reasons. I have NO DOUBT there will be success and I wish Google would take over the bureaucracy of our NATION and streamline economize improve redesign THE ECONOMY : )
It doesn't really surprise me that Google just HAPPENS to choose a place in Kansas almost every time that they decide to go out on another venture.
Time to make my house a google house! I must admit though, I hope that it doesn't flop like Google TV did as well as it connects with the new home media they are making
Can't wait! Bring it. Cable has ruled for long enough.
Cable companies won't stand for this. They'll use their government cronies to stop it just like they did to a la carte services.
It also would be dependent on higher speed internet, I believe. Kansas City was the "test city" selected to receive ultra high speed internet services as a test market.
Can you imagine the day when all you need is a google account to access TV programming, internet, voice, video, etc., from your android device (mobile or otherwise) for a competitive price and not be throttled or capped? sigh :)
...and then because of this, my internet service provider, who also provides my cable, decides to put a cap on how much "data" I receive similar to the phone companies when I switch to Google. Most cable companies that provide internet services will sniff this out and break it by raising the cost of internet....the one thing you need to run Google's TV service. Unless they have something else going on...
+Jann Van Hamersveld Not at all sure why you'd say that and direct it at me. I just read the article and made a few observations. The Kansas City Kansas/Missouri confusion is common. They are two different Cities on different sides of a State line. One of the more recent Google projects was on the Kansas side but for some reason this article states the project is happening on the Missouri side. Perhaps it's a typo or misunderstanding on the part of the author and it should indeed say Kansas? If this is true then I am clueless? Here's an older article from January that appears to imply it was mostly happening on the Kansas side but may also be happening on both sides at different rates for reasons of infrastructure routing? Color me confused? Apologies if sub links are considered bad form but this seems relevant.:
Y not ..nothing to lost if we try :)
I will wait till launch in Pakistan
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