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What are your thoughts on the new official Gmail or dislike?
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I've been using it since it was possible, i don't miss any features, and it's more integrated with google+, so I can't tell anything bad about it!
Been on it for ages, much better... clean is good!
love it.. clean and simple..! does what it should
// Just for curiosity: post I've written to Gmail G+ Page:

Sorry, but the new design is a huge step back and I am very annoyed you've eliminated the ability to switch back to original look. To be totaly honest, I really wonder that the new design passed the usability testing. If it was even tested, of course..

I mean, what the hell were you thinking? Everything is dull and grey, there is no contrast and color between sections and controls. And at deafult, it is wasting space like there is no tomorrow. Huge buttons and wide lines, it's like iPad app, not a browser layout. And it's like an e-mail from afterlife; grey, lifeless, empty..

And don't get me started on "Themes", because they are basically useless. Seriously, what's the point of having everything in "green" or "blue", when there is still no contrast (only shades of color are a bit different). What's the point of "flowers" or "wood" or "whatever", that just put some distracting picture on background. Proper theme should change everything - sizes, fonts, spacing and so on.

I've been watching discussions and informations about the "new look" for many months and even people from Google often mentioned frequent complaints like "spacing" and "contrast" - but in fact, nothing happened and even the "final version" (which was forced upon us) is totaly the same as the optional beta from last months.

As far as I can tell, the only way to achieve at least some usability is to use maximum "compact" spacing and "high contrast" theme. But quite frankly, is still sucks compared to original. The only positive thing is, that all our messages are not sqeezed to a tiny unusable column like stream and comments here on Google+. I really don't understand your recent obsession with huge empty and useless spaces..
I like it, but it is pain in ass for me as Google Help Forums TC. Some users went angry because of this look :P
I think it is much nicer. It is easier to use, looks sleeker and is faster. What's not to like?
Gmail is software. If people upgraded their browsers as often as they've been upgraded in Gmail, my job as a web developer would be 1000% easier.
I use Googlemail (as it is calledover here in Germany) quite a while and I love it.
What's not to like? Erm.. for instance the pathetic grey tablet-like design with no contrast and crippled usability :-/ It's annoying beyond belief; first Gmail change I really hate. If you like it, it's lovely; but those who don't, shouldn't be forced to use it..
I don't think the grey design is that bad. If you have a theme which isn't grey it is perfectly usable. At some point or another google had to roll out the design for everybody. It would be a nightmare having to manage multiple versions and give support for both. I may be wrong, but I think there are probably more than just visual changes.
Also, make sure your screen's contrast is set up correctly, when I first used the new look I realised mine was too low. My whole computing experience has imropoved since.
What is the problems that you seems to have with me but can't address it directly?? what the hell fuck is your problem for a year??
Like. Have been using it since it was available.
Eddie N
Largely like, but in this one regard, I am with Honza:

"I mean, what the hell were you thinking? Everything is dull and grey, there is no contrast and color between sections and controls. And at deafult, it is wasting space like there is no tomorrow. Huge buttons and wide lines, it's like iPad app, not a browser layout. And it's like an e-mail from afterlife; grey, lifeless, empty..."

The labels are very hard to distinguish with that dull grey. I want my colored labels back (without having to install a Greasemonkey script). I have gotten used to the icons but they should have the option to replace them with text so that you know what they stand for. I do like how it works on an Android tablet but even on that platform, there is room for improvement.

I'm not a fan of overhauling a UI without giving people who want to a chance to retain the old one. Far too bossy a way to deal with your users.
new Gmail look?? are they talking about the update from months ago?? Is this a joke or what?
I really don't understand what's different in terms of usage? The look was made to be consistent with other Google products and a few new buttons were added.
I dislike very much for the following: There is no 'select all', 'no sorting by columns/fields' , important labels such as 'all mail' appear at the end of the labels list.
Not everyone wants to use java, all of the time I use the 'basic html' and have bookmarked to use that page only.
I love it, but have discovered the heavy lifting required by bandwidth to load it. I am in the boondocks in the Southwest Asia where the connections are horrible. Consequently, I end up using basic html a lot.
"The look was made to be consistent with other Google products" - yes, that is part of the problem, because re-design of other services were steps back as well. All Google services are now made just with bland grey columns and buttons without any sensible contrast. And yes, we will get used to it. But we shouldn't.

And of course, all Google services are wasting space like crazy - even the new design for Google Plus. Don't get me wrong, I like the new look of G+ (it's much better then the original); but on FullHD screen, almost two thirds of screen is blank & empty. What the hell? It's not even "beta", it's like something from "leaked alpha version"..

I understand that many people like it, but other are clearly disappointed. All Google services looks like apps for tablet! - big-ass buttons and huge space everywhere. Somehow, they totally forget to create UI for desktop computers. Call me "old-timer", but I really don't consider a tiny column of text (cca 20-40% of screen width) as a proper desktop version. It's like retro iPad emulator.. :-/
I liked the first bullet after the intro [my paraphrase] "if you can complain about this, you've really got nothing to complain about"

Since email is a utility and not a place I want to live, the color scheme can be as dull as anything. BTW, it's not that different from the default yahoo mail.

Click open. Check select. Clear and differentiated icons for trash and file. Really, what more could I want in such a pedestrian application?
While I'll admit I was a little resistant to the change when it first became available, I've come to actually like the "new" design - warts and all. I use Gmail for both work and personal and I really haven't noticed any real change in usability for me. On a purely cosmetic level, though, I'd like a few more themes.
I've been using the "new" interface since it became available months ago, I fail to see the problem vs the old interface
Fortunately, I primarily access Gmail via IMAP. So, I don't really notice a difference.
Most white space which I think is bad. Old design was more compact.
I too access Gmail via IMAP, so I haven't seen any change. 
Agreed, I don't really remember it being any different.
gotten used to it but I initially had a difficult time setting up my account to my liking. The default look wasted a LOT of space and it got me confused for a bit. I also downloaded a theme because it was so blah.
I'm not sure if I like the G+ look now because, again, there's just so much space wasted. I have a really wide screen and half of the screen is just empty space. :-(
someone please remind what did the previous version looked like? I am sooo used to the new interface!
Where did the trash go? I only have trash [i-map]. I had to search for trash in order to find an email that I inadvertently deleted. It is not listed where the usual 'folders' are.
Once there was a Facebook Timeline,
People scoffed at it so hard, nobody knew if it was good,
But Gmail changed, where are those people now.
Have they forgotten the anguish filled hours they spent ranting about it....Makes one wonder whether how much we changed....
Eddie N
+Annie Cannistra , you are right...Trash is not displayed by default in the left-hand column for folders. In order to make it show up you have to:

* click on the Settings icon (the gearbox icon in the upper right hand corner of the Gmail window)
* select "Settings" from the dropdown that appears
* click on the "Labels" link in the menu that appears; this takes you the "System labels" list
* under the "Show in label list" column, find "Trash", then click the "Show" link to make it appear in the label list from now on (or click on the "Hide" link to make it disappear from the label list)

Then click back on the red Gmail label in the upper left hand corner of the screen to get back to your Inbox. You may need to do that awkward search for the scroll bar to scroll up to the label list to confirm that your changes have taken.
I used to have a cute theme which looked really bad with the new look, so I went back to the old look... then I tried it again, found a theme that worked pretty ok, and got used to it... It's been many months I've had the new look, but don't like it completely. I have just 13 inch screen, and there's a lot of scrolling for me, and scrolling inside a scrolling window... and it gets irritating. Besides that, I could get used to it.
I like it. Glad they are starting to have a unified designs across their products.
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