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Chrysler won it for me. How about you?
Watch all of the Super Bowl 2012 commercials here.
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1st Bank knocked it out of the park, in my opinion.
I agree the It's halftime america add was the best
Definetly Chrylser and Clint!
The one of the guy thinking he is going to get the yellow car instead he got a fridge:)
Liked the Best Buy bit on phone apps, especially the guys on the plane.
M&m's - but i loved Jason Falls hijacking the #solongvampires - Chrysler was amazing - maybe I'd have more respect if I knew they could pay for that without a govt bail out.
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Thanks for posting! For me, I liked the Bueller ad for Honda, best.
I always like to laugh so my favorites were the Doritos ad with the dog burying the cat, the kid peeing in the pool, and the Broderick Honda ad. However, the Chrysler Halftime America ad was really good too in a serious way.
The Sketchers commercial with the moonwalking dog was my fav.
there is still no way i would buy a chrysler
The Chrysler one was amazing.

The marketing strategy to position the firm more so in the context of American manufacturing versus the world is a much more interesting and compelling story than a typical "buy me" approach. Even if you do not like Chrysler cars (I don't) it is still hard to not feel the emotional tug that causes you to agree with their message.
+Pete Cashmore The Voice's Kung-Fu commercial with Betty White was the best, in my opinion! Loved every second of it!
I liked the VW "Dog on a Diet" ad. The Chrysler ad had a great message, but I'm not sure Clint was the best choice of narrator. He was good...but just seems like they could have done a better direction with that.
I love the one narrated by Clint Eastwood for Motor City GMC
I want the Jay Leno's flying squirrel suit!
Imported from Detroit. :) Those Detroit-themed commercials get me every time. I literally get goosebumps.
I liked the original Detroit commercial but I felt insulted by this latest rendition for some reason. Also, doesn't Fiat own Chrysler now?
sean s.
The Chrysler commercial was hands-down the best of the lot.
I see stuff like this and try to assure myself it's all a joke. Yep, txt ur vote for greatest ad to HuxleysBraveNewWorldVisionFulfilled. Yet I sometimes get the feeling that people are somewhat serious about this shit. So what's the solution to that? My argument would be: don't start with the media, but with yourself:
I agree! It's the only one that spoke to the heart of the audience, and conveyed a great message!
I think the Samsung "Thing Called Love" ad was incredible. Nice to see Justin Hawkins working again.
"fred didn't make it... he drove a ford..." CLASSIC!
Chrysler and Doritos with the dog and the cat collar and note for me
Interesting fact about the Chrysler commercial is that Chrysler is a Fiat owned and controlled company, not so much as a hint of that fact in the commercial, not even in the legal text.

Nothing wrong with being owned and controlled by Fiat, I myself drive a MiTo QV and love every second in the car.

The Samsung commercial underwhelmed me somewhat, not sure what I had expected, but the Note is a stellar phone that has so much going for it compared to the iPhone (and any other phone really).

It is bigger, a better screen, has more power, runs Flash, it even comes with a white headset :)

And it is lighter than an iPhone.

I missed the pun on Apple that was the theme of the Galaxy S2 commercial.
Was it only down to the looks of the product advertised then the NSX commercial would win hands down, that is such a good looking car.

Love that the NSX is back
+Pete Cashmore Thanks for posting this. We watch on Military TV, so we don't get the broadcast ads, and most of the network sites are geographically blocked.
+Saul Tannenbaum so they took out some elements of an historical film that weren't in their interest. It IS an advertisment afterall, not a fact-finding report, or some other, truth telling endeavor. The point is to convince you to buy their product, and for MANY people they have. That commercial was in no way similar to 1984 (by which I assume you mean "1984" the literary work, not 1984, the middle of a wasted decade :) ).

+Diego Sartori why would they need to mention their affiliation with Fiat in that commercial? They weren't trying to sell Fiats with that particular marketing campaign.
Chrysler for me as well just well done and gave me goosebumps. Plus I wasn't paying attention at that moment and it caused me to stop what I was doing and watch it.
Weego was a funny one and so was the M&M's one.
Not idea how I reply directly to your question Andrew Mizen, so here is hoping that you see it anyway :)

Of course there is no need, and you are correct, this commercial was not about Fiat or Fiat branded cars.

But when I saw the commercial (being European) I connected with the theme of the American way and the strength of the American people, a people being able to overcome almost anything.

It was/is my favorite commercial of the the ones shown, but a part of me sat and wondered if somewhere in it they would show/tell the other half of the "story", you are right in thinking, there is no need, cause there is isn't, but it did cross my mind several times while watching.

That is all there was to it really.
superbowl should be renamed to superads ;)
+Andrew Mizen They erased history. That is, of course, their right to do in their own commercial. And I'll draw what I think is an appropriate analogy about reshaping history to one's own liking.
m&m one was da best
i changed my mind i think m&m and ferris bueller topped it!
I think the Volkswagon ad with the dog getting in shape was my favorite. But the Dannon yogurt was a close 2nd
The bears are getting tired and all I see are cars,snack foods and announcements for shows that take space that they could not sell(probably not enough other high profit margin centres around).
Clint Eastwood for president!!!!!!
Have to go with Toyotas "re engineered"ad. Now where can I get that sofa? :)
i loved the greek yougurt one with john stamos
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