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Will you be using these new features heavily?
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Absolutely. Private Sharing will be perfect. Next we can eliminate everyone's "work" email and just use their "gmail" account and better yet G+ posts for all internal communication. The latter would be good to default on "Private" so the company user knows to think about it before making the post.
I will use them but will it be active for education Google apps?
Of course.
I can't believe that people still doubt G+. It's silly now.
Comparing it to other unnamed "social networks" is the silliest part.
Personally I find the tools useless, and would prefer (finally) a proper API to be able to repost announcements and news from blogs/websites but Google don't really want to enable this basic SN functionality on G+.. which by now is really stupid.
I don't really see much there I care about.
+Bojan Markovic - "Personally" has nothing to do with this post. This post and features are for businesses, organizations and collaboration.
Not until circles become shareable and maintainable from one central location and also take on characteristics of groups so that my users can click on a circle and see only posts shared into that circle (eliminating any public posts or posts shared into other circles).

There's also Google's huge headache of multiple accounts which are a hassle for people to create and make use of.
Sounds good, Google+ may get fast adoption after all
I lead a geographically dispersed team, and we were using many of these functions before the roll out. there are work-arounds that don't require the paid subscription. That being said, if we had Google Apps for Business in my company this would be easier and something we would use. 
I created a brand page for my blog and am happy with the results so far
No... Private sharing/admin controls? Why not just use a custom Circle? Hangout/Calendar integration is "eh". I have to be missing something here...
Great features.  I think its a good strategy for google to actually get people to use google plus.  Most individuals i connect with use facebook as their primary source of social interaction.  However, if google continues to create an environment condusive for enterprise I could see a shift in users adopting g+ as a primary source of social interaction.    
+Max Minzer Personally as in a personal opinion. Crossposting company news/announcements on a brand page is what I was aiming at. And it would be useful, unlike calendar/hangout integration (wtf?) or administrative control over what my employees do on G+ which is both useless and potentially fascist, and obviously aimed at corporate control freaks but guess what, there is a lot more workforce in SME sector and it is only going to get bigger compared to corporate in the long run.
Hope too. There's a deep product line in Google, which is the "all in one box" for working online. To me, it is not enough said and promoted...
Yeah. I think they are just too many of them. Google should bundle them in proposed packages according to careers, rather than leaving its consumers confused in a cloud of products and features. We are consumers, we know we are not dumb, but we have other things to worry about, leaving us less time to think. Google should do some thinking for us.
+Pete Cashmore pretty disappointed actually. I'd have rather had Google improve the ability of businesses to engage with people in Google+ publicly. Public sharing and interaction is far more important at this stage of the game than creating an enterprise private sharing network. If you look at how businesses currently use Google+ compared to Facebook you'll see its far more limited here. Follower numbers are poor and interaction is even poorer. Marketing on Google+ is pretty much a lost cause given its current state. Google clearly does not have a unified vision of how enterprise use of G+ as an internal business tool matches up with the public use of Google+. I'll keep waiting, but as it stands it's quiet a frustrating experience given all the limitations Google has put in place for businesses.
Jim Goldstein makes sense. Good post!
Long awaited control on G+ for enterprises -  Admin control to RESTRICT sharing per organization policies
So is this Google's competitor to Yammer? Seems like interesting timing since Microsoft just purchased Yammer. 
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