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Instagram comes to Android. How many will be downloading the new version for their Android device?
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What the hell is instagram and what does it do that I can't do through google+?
not available yet on my Android.
I got it, nice but it crashes a bit too much
Installed it, tried it, found it constantly crashes & so uninstalled it, totally unusable at the minute for me in it's current guise
Waste of time. Why should I have to register for an application that just adds hipster effects and only allows me to share to Facebook and Twitter?
Couldn't care less, actually.
Not me, not compatible with Galaxy Tab 10.1.
odd, it is compatible with my galaxy tab 7.7. Still way too crashy.
Is it better than Camera 360? Because that is pretty fkn good.'
camera 360 is a tool, instagram is a social network
It does nothing that Pixlr-o-gram already does & you don't have to register to be able to use it either
+Willem Reyners Tay in a word, No
Why do I need another social network? Isn't it way too many of them? I would prefer use Pixlr-o-matric and share to FB or G+ for now....
the way pictures are presented in the stream is appealing, indeed
+Willem Reyners Tay - no way better than Camera 360 Ultimate! I like the sharing aspect but the camera app features are just.. meh... for me.
Disgruntled Android users? 
Welcome to the fun Android users. The more pictures the better as I see it. 
+Dan Dubinsky - I was curious, it sort of sounded like some have some negative feelings/thoughts on the App. I'm just glad oil can now share with some of my droid friends.
Meant glad I can share not oil - ha.
Can someone explain how to get an entire profile image to show up. Mine is square but isn't showing the whole image. Do I have to save a smaller sized version of the image (pixel wise)?
I might uninstall it, to be honest. The grainy filters are fun for a photo or two, but I personally like to take photos to remember the real color/environment. And there's no clear indication whether photos you take get shared to instagram's site, or have a setting to toggle it either way. As someone else said, I think I'll stick with G+ and auto-sync to Picasa.
Downloaded it earlier. Been waiting for it!
took 'em blooody long enough. and i never say bloody.
+Ian Douglas - you don't have to apply a filter you can post as the original was taken. On another issue I've noticed I can now auto save with my iPhone, do I have the option to preview and or edit before its added to Picasa or my stream?
I like it. I notice that the original picture taken via Instagram are uploaded to G+. Sharing to G+ should be an option.
i used to want the app for android, but now any photo app does the same shit
Went ahead and downloaded it. Seems alright, but I'll have to get used to it since I haven't used this type of app before.
File size is WAY TOO BIG (17MB) and can't move to sd card. Could use better codes I guess.
Do I really need another social network with which to share photographs? I'm already doing this quite happily via Twitter and Facebook... Downloaded the app - seems quite nice but nothing there that will have me evangelising over it. I'll be sticking to +Vignette for Android (which DOES have tilt-shift...) and sharing with the networks I always have...
I spent a little time playing with this app. My goodness it crops all photos into square! Now this explains why all the photos posted by my iPhone friends were square and vignetted, lol
I still prefer Pinterest... instagram is totally overrated.
I'm quite happy with "Camera 360" on my Note, I think its the best android app
Having used the ios version, this droid app is clunky to say the least. But - hey - it's free and fun to play with.
The advanced camera doesn't work! It's frustraiting to take a picture and then opening instagram to apply a filter and share! Not impressed yet!
I don't get it...what's the big deal? You can do almost the same effects using Google photo effects or there are apps that let you make almost the same effects on an Android. Personally, I get tired of seeing photos that have been instagrammed. Intstagramming doesn't make the photos that special especially when 30% of photos on Facebook have been instagrammed.
I know of one that would make that look like small potatoes †
Its a little late +Pete Cashmore I already find that most photo applications can do similar effects... instagram should have made the android version 8 months ago. Not really necessary for my current use of the phone.
I don't use instagram. I'm fine not using it. Plus the edits of the programs, are a bit too construed for my taste.
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