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He's also one of the world's coolest company mascots.
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Wait, it has a name? I just thought it was... "Browser" :P
the situation is same a internet explorer.that's all
I prefer Opera Mini on my Android. It saves me a lot of bandwidth.
+Josue Cifuentes Yeah, I know it is. I love it, it's my default browser the moment I downloaded it, even without trying it I dragged it to my dock lol.
i like that robot thing
How does it go? "Lies, damned lies, and statistics"...
The droid cutie cannot be denied! Resistance is futile!
I am a huge fan of Android, but the browser (which seems to have finally been named) is pretty lacking. I am looking forward to Chrome being available on older versions, but not looking forward to ROMs being released without the usual default.
Why? What's the advantage of Robot?
+Kevin Harris Had no idea that Chrome Beta has no flash...seems odd...Even though I love Chrome...had to go back to the Android stock...not that bad!
+Kevin Harris I don't miss flash one bit. At this point if a site wants me, they will switch to HTML5.

I'm tired of having to wait for people to catch up. If they can't keep up with the pace of tech, stay out of my way
+Cecil Watson , I have heard of Dolphin stealing info as well. I believe they no longer do, and made an apology when they "fixed" this during an update. It is difficult to say, however, since an apps permissions can be misleading. They list what permissions the app is given, but with no description of what it does with those permissions.
In the case of Dolphin, however, I understand that it shared your browsing history.
I realize and look at what apps say they need permission to look at. Based on what was requested, I decided not to install those apps. As you stated, some of the permissions asked for doesn't make sense.
after working for verizon for 3 years i understand your excitment of the new apple ipad. but what about the android article above me. Apples apps are costly and some people can't afford to pay for all these apps. i loved my droid first one motorola and motorola 3 and the motorola zoom.
I usually lyk to use default browser of my andriod
Opera mini looks cheaper. ol the other platform like java symbian opera mini luks same. dafault browser feels lyk somethng originl
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