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Wow, Facebook acquires +Instagram. Didn't see that coming. What are your thoughts?
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my thoughts are that i wish it would've been +Google+'s news instead of fb's.
was just going to post the same thing - glad I never signed up to Instagram - it will be changed beyond recognition very soon.....
didn't see that coming? #1 site in photo sharing to acquire #1 app for photo sharing?
Time to uninstall! Thats what I am thinking!
And now I un-install instagram.... was fun for the week!
Comment from my own post:

I think it's unnecessary. A.) It's only available on two phone platforms. As much as we think everyone's TeamAndroid or TeamiPhone, it's just not true.B.) Instagram is essentially a useless app. It does nothing you can't do on G+ and FB and Twitter, etc already, via Lockerz, TwitPic and more C.) Enough of the photo sharing apps! Once they have some type of functionality that actually makes them competitively differentiated I don't understand them. Maybe I'm a scrooge but who gives a sh*t!
...and now something else I can uninstall.
Uninstalling now..
Will be Streamzoo only now..
Smart move for FB. Hope Instagram will not completely sell its soul or disapear in the process...
Noticed it being used by users more and more...thus and demand. (clever business move by FB I have to say.)
That's it... I planned to install, but meh... Nope, not anymore. However, I guess they'll add some auto-upload stuff and personalized ads of course. That's a good opposite for Google Plus' auto upload and further, I guess FB aims to get more photos on the site.
‎... 30 million users, and many PATENTS, right? Patents are worth much more than users these days :-)
No way! Totally taken by surprised...FB has made some big strategic acquisitions off late...I think Pinterest is next :)
Instagram guys are smiling all the way to the bank as that thing doesn't really have longevity or true revenue model, never has. But a great sell. Congrats to them.
I think it was a defensive play making sure Google does not get Instagram. Also the timing is very well planned - right after android launch. Love the rivalry between these folks - few companies are going to get very rich.
Meh. PicSay on Android has way more filters and can share pics to any social stream.
Oh snap! I was just thinking last week that Instagram would be a good add to someones business model.
a) I wonder if it was a bluff on Instagram's part. "You guys selling? Yeah, for a billion dollars (snicker). No problem! o_O"
b) MS is probably ripping hair on all hairy places "We should have offered a billion yesterday, they'd be _our preccioussss_"
c) FB activity stream will get "User N has started camera. User N has refocused on something that looks like a kitten. User N snapped a picture. User N is thinking about sharing it"
d) iPhone users are depressed, as they've been forcibly Face-booked ...
e) I see a number of horrible UI decisions in app's future :)
FB Please don't buy Skater Boy game, I don't want to uninstall that one too.
+Chris Harrison said it all: "tech bubble"... One billion dollars is a stupidity that could even damage facebook IPO launch... inconsistent financial management.
FB reported 3.5B revenue on their S-1 for 2011. 1/2 of that came from Zynga. That means they spent almost 1/3 of their 2011 income on IG. An audacious move!
maybe it related with the fact that android user are installing instagram like a million time in just a few days of the release, and zuckerberg must be thinking that now this thing will get huge with if he can acquire the technology for facebook user too.
Since they already have a huge social following, couldn't they have just enhance their existing camera app to include filters and come out cheaper?
That means Google+ scares Facebook.
The people complaining about the sale of instagram still use their Facebook. "I don't want them using my personal information," and the first thing they do is post about it on their Facebook. Silly humans
Aye dunno facebook isn't innovating so much they need something before peeps turn away i mean all the neds are going to twitter lol
you know that in the 3rd world country not everybody have a smartphone and counting on their desktop to stay hype on the internet. if facebook can provide this instagram trend for them actually it could be a nice profitable market.
Only ever saw Instagram photos on Twitter. Not sure this makes sense for FB.

Oh well, never really used it anyway, so "good bye Instagram."
Just saw on the news that instagram will stay compatible with other sites. What's the beef?
Brilliant, facebook with 4 billion in revenue buys a company with no revenue for 1 billion. I think they're laughing their ass of at Googlee about this panic move.
Sounds like kids with too much money buying something because it's all shiny. But then I've never created a multi-billion dollar company, so I may be talking out of my arse.
I think they deserve each other. I'm sticking with Lightbox and G+ sharing. 4:3 is not compatible with my photos.
Well hopefully Pinterest and other apps do not suffer the same fate, and its designers or creators do not allow the sale, but a 1 billion the temptation reign forever ...

RE: Pinterest...the new Pinterest TOS just about demolishes the whole point of Pinterest. We can't pin images of products we like or wish we had, unless we ourselves took the photo of that product?
Instagram is not technically complicated (the company was like 10 people) FB bought it to absorb their users and their data right? I guess I need to see how many users Instagram is up to now.
That they organically acquired traffic?
at the end of the day its about the almighty dollar,.. business is busines, bottomline.
Holy internet bubble over-valuation Batman! I really can't fathom what competitive advantage Instagram has that Facebook needs. It is not as if Facebook needs the user numbers and I imagine Facebook programmers can find a way to add crappy sepia filters to uploaded photos.
I am not uninstalling it because of privacy issues. I am still using FB, so that would be pointless. But considering the amount of useless and annoying changes to layout, functionality and privacy setting FB keeps making, I am just not interested anymore.
An interesting way to gain a foot hold in the Chinese market me thinks!
Apathy. I'm one of the ignorant masses that doesn't "get it."

More specifically, I don't really understand the appeal of Instagram, and I don't use FB anymore, so....meh.
I do not understand Instagram at all. Am I missing something, or does it just place a filter on your photos?
Sooo much money, just think they could have gotten it for a lot less...
Glad that FB have paid decent money for it - it encourages others to work on great innovation :o)
Encouraging for innovators of apps, but shame to see it become a pawn in the social media battle, which is what this move really seems to be. Lets hope it's not ruined along the way. Have become a big fan of Path anyway.
It makes sense Facebook is currently the largest photo website and the number one thing people do on Facebook is share photos. Even at $1 Billion dollars they probably still make money getting all the users to use Facebook. Though I personally think they could have made better deals with the money. It's not as crazy as people think.
Personally I'm not happy about it. FB have a habit of blocking people's account for no reason and without evidence meaning you cannot gain access to photos exclusively uploaded to your account. I will reconsider my position with instagram as to where I can stay with big brother looking over my shoulder. There are plenty of apps that can give you that vintage look that Instagram is famous for so it would be nothing for me to close my account with them should I choose to.
+Kevin Cox are you sure about FB being a photo website? And the largest? I would have thought Flickr would be more up that end. At least if they count unique photos and not reposts and shares of the same silly cat photos over and over. Or snippets of wisdom, shared as a jpg and not actually an actual photo...
I agree Flickr would of been a better fit. I will be looking at the alternatives, but what are they?
Pbase is very good, but not free. Google+ works for instant sharing? What did instagram do that plenty of other apps/sites don't do? (Other than hiring a better marketing manager).
I think they should've bought pinterest, but hey, what do I know?
Pinterest next on the list :) Or in simple language lets ruin every good idea :)
+Sabine Haller Yes, it's gigantically larger then Flickr. In terms of photo uploads it's ridiculously large. Flickr has reached about 6 billion photos total and Facebook has 6 billion photos uploaded a month.

Here is an infographic comparing the data:

+Martin Strub-Hidalgo Yeah, but just look at Facebook's IPO value per user of $100-$125 they end up making money for every user they get.
+Kevin Cox and how many are real photos? And not just re-shares (my phone downloads them and then uploads them again) or photos of "wise words" from books and similar stuff? My stream is full of these.
Legal. É uma rede q me identifico.
+Sabine Haller Well, they are all photos uploaded. Re-shares don't normally count as uploads it just adds a pointer to the location. But, as far as them being photos of people and stuff or just text quotes I don't know. But, even if you wildly assume 50% of all the data can be overlooked (which is obviously not the case) then Facebook would have more photo uploads in 60 days then all of the photos uploaded to Flickr since it launched 8 years ago.

Even if you took 5 huge photo sites the size of Flickr and combined them all together. Facebook would still be 3x as big. Facebook is just mind-boggling when it comes to photos.
I think that Instagram folks will now have to worry about their privacy.
Just another instance of Facebook trying to be "cool" again. Hilarious and critically flawed reasoning from Zuckerberg.
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Facebook is becoming a complete package of Entertainment and social shares.
^ Stop these comments. This is not facebook. If you like it +1 it you idiot.
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