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More men than women on G+?

That's true, but the trend is in a good direction: Since Google+ opened to all, the percentages have become a lot more balanced. Only 68% of users are male now, versus 87% in the early days of G+.

I'm willing to bet this trend will continue.
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Have some women just not found their G+ spot?
oh i rather like those odds ;)
and I have 2 accounts with profile and page- am I counted twice????
Although I think the more worrying disharmony lies in techno-centric and other topics of conversation. While it interest me and no doubt the fans of Mashable it can be daunting and then difficult to spread beyond tech talk and photography.
Well, at the risk of ruffling feathers... I am a woman(obviously), I have used computers since the mid 70's and in my opinion, most women do not have a clue how to use the internet, and unfortunately will tend to apply the "facebook model" wherever they go. Google+ simply does not lend itself to that approach. Maybe that will force the climb up the learning curve to better internet living for the average woman? Only time will reveal.
well then-- thank god it didn't turn into a sports or dungeons and dragons platform.
Even more likely, tho, I think if you were to throw a dart at Google+ it would do serious damage to an LCD monitor.
Statistically, aren't males more early adopter geeksters?
Good article. Maybe men were more the early adopters during Beta. Hardly surprising given how the Beta was setup that many of the first users would be in computer fields. As the article points out, those professions are heavily male. Now that G+ has opened up and people are using it more I expect more balance over time.
I go where the sausage party's at.
Dee M
Don't really see a problem with it ;)
+Alicia Eisenbise Vin Diesel even has a tattoo of his Dungeons and Dragons character name and you wouldn't throw him out of bed ;-)
In July, they estimated that the percentage of male users was 87% and 74% respectfully.

Respectfully ? o_O
I dunno, my most active posters are female--and the discussion is NOT about Kardashians, lifetime, or whatever else was said above. Ya'll just need to expand your circles. ;)
because there all on face book and they can stay there
yea most of my circles are guys as well, still waiting on the girls to join.
I have been on G+ since almost the first day although you would not know that looking at my profile because Google Apps was not supported until recently. But I still see an issue with Google+ and I do not mean this to be sexist. In general, I find that males have a much higher geek meter than most women and G+ reminds me more of Twitter than Facebook. Does anyone have stats on the male/female ratio on twitter? I would expect that G+ will be closer to that over time. Facebook is a different animal. Facebook is generally where people do not care or even know what privacy is all about and just post anything, photos etc because they feel that is only shared with their "friends". And in other cases, they just do not care who sees it and that is fine. I appreciate the easier privacy controls with G+ but it does not seem to be designed to be "Friend/Family" oriented like Facebook and that is fine with me. For example, do you get birthday alerts? Do you even want that on G+?
91 percent of developers are male. I see a correlation...
Damn, those statistics work good for me! Hot guys, a new circle I gotta make. : P
There's more men commenting I reckon if that's representative! :-)
thats wat my wife says susan but fortunatly i can see her threw my lcd monitore silly girl her
See how social networks can even change the focus of the news?
Tempted to create an "awesome women on G+" circle as a result of this... 
makes sense, Geekdom has been predominantly populated by men, right? lol
idont think us men will have a grumble about the sofisticated women on board of g+ probs you will all calm us down abit and tell us what to do NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
I've been a google fan for a while and was interested when they rolled this out, although I never really did the facebook thing. But this is easily accessible from my email so I'm checking it out....
My wife says she tried Google Plus and found it boring - but she doesn't Tweet or Facebook either
GoogleGirl here!!
IMO the statistics reflect the gender ratio in the IT field. G+ was first, and eagerly, adopted by the IT community. I live & love everything Google so I'm always on their initial, by invitation only, Beta user group.
I am not actively using this all that much but... judging by the proportion of males versus females that added me, I am guessing 75-90% male? The females that added me were almost all actually organizations posting through individual accounts or proselytizing. A handful are artist or tech types and I am enjoying their posts after adding them back.

What is G+ for me now? The stream of random stranger stuff I wander to between 1 and 15 times per week. I have posted almost nothing myself.
Dead white males make up the majority of users.
"Kardashians, cooking channel, lifetime"......ugh, is that what represents female interests? Give me some conversation about tech innovation, educational integration and anything else!

Facebook was a way for me to connect with my distant family members, share pictures, glimpses of each others lives, connections previously unavailable. Lately FB is more like riding down the highway looking at billboard after billboard....too much junk to wade through but I haven't convinced any family to move over here yet.
I agree +Sue Lambert but g+ will probably become the same thing, I've noticed that after a short time that happens and then people move to a new thing. lol
I was told once that FB was for ppl to keep in touch with ppl you already knew, H.S. and college friends, and twitter introduced you to ppl you wished you would have known in H.S. and College.. i think this applies to G+
I'm a woman. and +Lynette Young is the founder of Women of Google +. We may be a minority right now, but we're pretty active and quite powerful.
i guess this is the ONE G-spot that we guys can find...and pay attention to. I'm just saying is all
LOL! ^ This made great convo. Funny posts..
I'm here...where the boys are.
In my circles while there may or may not be more men the women seem to post more often.
Maybe we should start a 'post marathon'...?
Hasn't this been the trend for months already? Not sure how accurate is, but I've looked it up every now and then and the male ratio has always been around 66-68% for the past 2-3 months, at least. Maybe I'm dyslexic, I don't know... :)
computer geeks are my absolute favorite. i heart nerds.
68% male seems good especially considering that Google+ was (or is) mostly used by the geek/tech community. I wonder what the distribution is like on Facebook? Though I'm pretty sure there's more female activity than male on Facebook.
That's like saying men crochet..
true. men hate that so many women are on there. =P
Dio Adi
No Woman No Cry :) ~
Seems this trend will continue in the near future as well...
So whats new, we are always in a minority !!!
The statistic makes sense ... but also give me a "hummm" moment; the realization that my experience here has been less about "gender" and more about connecting with folk I admire, understand or want to learn from .... maybe its the absence of those annoying FB adds about finding single men (or women ... FB had a hard time making up its mind about my sexual orientation, though I never had any ambiguity).

It is so nice and so appreciated to be part of a community where it's the ideas that count.

Bravo plussers, whatever your biological sex.
Transversely, speaking statistically, those few women (ahem) that are early adopter geeksters are just plain kick ass. ;)
Maybe there are more men than women on Google+, but in general I think there are more women than men on social networks.
In respone to +Jessica Binsch's comments on the bakery item... maybe that pic is related because 68% of gingerbread cookies are male...LOL...or maybe the men on this network are all made out of gingerbread...YUM!
I guess one could say the G spot rules for the fairer sex.
I and a female friend are taking some more time to explore G+'s features.
oh no ... is it true then the G+ really means Gay+ ....... figures
Interesting. I wonder why us ladies are less like to get onboard. This feels like a challenge. I need to recruit more female friends and acquaintances to change this number.
I have heard Google + referred to as a "playground for the geek elite" :) The tech field tends to be dominated by males so the imbalance is to be expected for the time being. :)
That works out great for me since I'd really prefer not to be hit with a dart! ;)
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