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In 2002, 95 percent of Internet users were on Internet Explorer. Now, it's down to 39 percent. Average time spent online went from 46 minutes to 4 hours a day.

Are any of the statistics surprising to you?
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555 million websites...
+Pete Cashmore 2002 is when I bought my first and only desktop and only suffered through dial up for six months. I went to +Comcast in August 2002 and told them I wanted a cable modem.
Chris Lim
A big bulk of them could be corporate users
As a web developer, I don't care if you're using IE... as long as it's IE9 or newer.
Lesson: Internet should be at the top of your marketing strategy
It's somewhat sad to see Blockbuster and others go bankrupt after refusing to recognize the change in their market.
IMHO, that infographic is plainly awful and violently unuseful.
I'm sorry, perhaps I will give it a second look later.
Honestly, this doesn't surprise me at all.  The internet has become a part of the lives of many, and it just shows the progress of the world as we become more technology integrated.  Oh, and I don't use Internet Explorer because it's still too slow in my opinion.
I use Chrome and luv it. I only use IE for work and that's because its the company's computer and I have to use it. 
i thought that over 95 percent uses IE
I do tech support for the largest domain and hosting provider in the world and Internet Explorer is the devil.  Micro$oft doesn't follow standards, they try and make their own so people have to code sites special just for Bill's browser.
But the 2002 Internet did not include our new television (YouTube) and our new telephone (Skype, G+ hangouts, Facebook). Otherwise, it's about the same - if you take away online TV/phone.
Perhaps +Long Nguyen  you are the one who is high or tripping out on acid. You base your conclusion knowing nothing about the previous comments.  Not only do you prove yourself to a charletan but also a fool.
+Russell Davison I don't agree.  Now, most people I know use either Chrome or Firefox, another browser, and have switched from using Internet Explorer.
The browser u luv to hate is actually better than chrome and firefox
infographics are always better for quick absorption. aside: movement is not done with flash, just simple animated gifs. Not sure where they get their browser stats (IE still at 35%?) w3schools <> lists it for last month: IE: 16.3% FF: 33.7% Chrome: 42.9%
I loved this infographic when I saw it four days ago.
Well that's down from 5 hours a day on the boob tube!
but honestly... how many use windows 8? 
I think only people over 60 use IE now = )
Internet Explorer feels like it was made by the Soviets or North Korea....god it's so clunky.
it's a miracle that people uses IE in 2012 too!!!! Too horrible.
The internet had certainly evolved. Sadly not all of it for the better.
"Are any of the statistics surprising to you?"

I'm surprised it's as high as 39%
+Andy Liu  39% percent uses IE and they spent 46 minutes on IE. Isn't it worth for horribling?
Don't mind if IE10 is fast. Brand loyalty is more important for me. Those hours wasted while Windows searched for a solution to a problem IE caused justifies boycotting the browser for a while.
I had used IE yerars ago. When I found there are other browsers, I gave up IE.
IE is very slow and does not give us response in time. Google Chrome is the best now.
Who is the next to die? Music industry due to refusal to adapt?
IE just feel behind.  There were too many other browsers that offered faster speeds and better features.  I really hope that with HTML5 and CSS3 standards IE catches up with the pack but only time with tell.
Yes We buy relate and find interesting tidbits online.   Some play many games. 
the only reason IE was popular was because of windows based pc's.. but with everyone having either android or iphones -  theres more people surfing the web without windows computers - so IE isn't popular anymore
And if you don't count business use, it's probably more like 15%
+Andrei Trâmbiţaş, the "standards" he's talking about is HTML, Microsoft is famous for manipulating "standards", and how their programs handle said manipulations.
WAY before HTML5.
As for Microsoft being most compliant, I couldn't confirm or deny, what I can say, Microsoft's browser has a well earned reputation for being crap.
I don't know if its any better today because you need MS windows to use it.
Can't speak for safari, cause you need (I believe) an apple OS.
My personal preference, Firefox on Linux :)
Tried chrome, found it so-so. The flow/config / extensions weren't to my liking (been awhile since I've tried it).
Surprising, yes. I can't believe the percentage of users on IE is that high!
+Rodolfo Alonso I'd go with the television industry. The music industry has adapted fairly well I think; most music can be bought on iTunes or Amazon or whatever. Spotify, Pandora and similar services show that they are, however grudgingly, embracing change.

TV on the other hand is a total train wreck, refusing to give up on their outdated distribution model of set cable packages controlled by massive content delivery companies like Comcast with absolutely no competition in their markets.  Time to change! 
I have windows7, and IE9 is awesome. I have tried other browsers, and I just prefer IE9.... and I plan on staying with IE for a long time...
    I think the time has come to investigate, more in depth, just how people are spending time when online.  Using very generic terms such as search/surfing, movies/shows/video, games.  

   As we make the switch from television into broadbandvision, I think it's pertinent to look at how things are divided in this (now) larger internet category.

    Can you imagine how much this will change as connection speeds continue to increase.  It will be a game changer when 1tbs becomes readily available, can't wait.
+Marshall Reiman That's the beauty of choice in the market. I like IE9 well enough, and 10 is better still. But I've grown used to Chrome and Firefox and the many things that they do better than IE, and of course the rich ecosystem of addons, especially in Firefox.

I'm glad MS finally started to embrace standards and is making browsers that can compete, it's just that many of us have moved on and aren't willing to get back on board.
IE is the 'ol faithful default fail-safe that keeps evolving but is more and more unreliable no matter what brand of machine it's used in for running Windows. The one I find to be much better is +Google Chrome Chwhich I need to learn to navigate a lil better.
My persona preference is Mozilla, Internet Explorer has a lot of problems with add-ons...
I'm a Firefox (Mozilla) fan myself. I use it and Chrome together. When I'm doing stuff that I need my addons for, Firefox is the choice. When I want fast and lean, I run Chrome with almost no addson except Flashblock and AdBlock.
People were using dial up 10 years ago? I was using high speed from Cox 16 years ago.
Now, if ubuntu would just get goin on the driver problems they have, we could give Microsoft some competition
and nobody believed this will happen in 2006 ;)
Every time you browse to a website in any MSIE browser version.... God kills a developer.

$i = rand(1,5);

Help us save this endangered species and download <?php print_r($array_of_good_browsers[$i]); ?> today.
Love chrome .. Best and fast for me! In pc and iPhone as well 
can't believe 39% still use that steaming POS.
The phenomenon of widespread internet use can be summed up by the fact that human beings like to belong to something/someone - to be a part of something, anything. It is a psychological principal and that is why social media is so powerful and has grown so fast in so little time. It has already changed the political landscape in the Muslim world – now we can communicate with one another and affect change, invite violence, incite sedition. It can be a positive influence and it can be a devastating wave of lies spread at the speed of light. So, the question is not “Do we want this?” But rather, “Can we handle it?” The internet is changing every aspect of our lives. We are working differently, playing differently, dating differently. Our buying habits are changing constantly – marketing groups are isolating your preferences and matching products to your buying habits on almost every site you visit. Furthermore the internet as a free society is probably not sustainable, at some point someone/something will have to regulate and control its existence. 
Frank M
Surfing for porn with IE on a 36k dial-up modem back in 1998.  AW YEAH!
I worked at the embassy in Paris and nobody has access to a better browser than ie7! It was ridiculous. I can only assume the rest of the government was just as restricted.
IE gives a sense of security with the https. Unlike chrome.
Linux >>>>>>> Windows already, and for a long time now. The only edge Windows may have has to do with third parties not releasing their stuff(games and drivers) for Linux, nothing to do with the OS itself. The world may be catching on (up) relatively soon though, with projects like Steam for Linux.
Internet Explorer is for retarded only! 
39% of the people still use Explorer as their browser??? oh lord.
Explorer!!? Stone age or what! Give me Google any day. Love it :-D
no but i think internet explorer is getting better, they're trying to fix everything they've done wrong. I'm still using it but i know they've made a lot of mistakes, besides Google Chrome is the best right know in MY opinion, but i have faith Internet Explorer will become the best again  :D
kinda miss  the old internet explorer
it's amazing how things have changed in 10 years.
And the amount of porn viewed is still the same... not enough.
Not really. Considering the spread and price drop of broadband connections, increasing shift of video and audio media being made available across the web and the growth of social media. I'd be surprised by anyone who IS surprised by the numbers. Our lives, to those fortunate enough to live in countries without oppression, poverty and censorship, are ever increasingly being lived in "the cloud". This of course demands more time and involvement in that environment. The question I ponder is; is this a good thing?
I like Google Chrome better, because they kept innovate. 
IE... The slowest and most painful browser today..
According to statistics, this increase in activity should be perfectly normal. But there are also way to many search engines out there!
Using internet is using Internet. But people transfer their lives to it and that's sad. Life is no longer physically social and that will eventually ruin us. I tell you what, if someone randomly "poked" or "followed" me in real life, they're getting an extra fist. 
+Darryl Claps that's a great reference. Look at chrome skyrocket. Shows what focusing on quality product rather than marketing and sales will do. Google will always be top because they focus on driving technology into the future, very admirable and worthy of loyalty. 
IE still good i use it at times but crome is my main surfer now
+Gabriel Hall You do realize that "poke" and "follow" are just words used to describe a friendly interaction, right? Rather than inventing entirely new words and getting people to accept them, it was decided that we'd say we are "following" someone when we "follow" their status updates.

Also, if poking or following you IRL incites immediate violence on your part, I'd suggest you need some anger management. That'd hardly be an appropriate response.
I'll bet some of those stats are from other browsers spoofing IE so the sites will just load up.
+Gabriel Hall you just described a violent action you would take on the street that you wouldn't be able to replicate on a social media site, all while claiming social media is bad in general. I think you just unintentionally made a very strong point contrary to the one you intended. See how you are trying to punch me through your phone right now? INTERNET GOOD. 
39% of people are still using Internet Explorer???

I re-installed Win7 the other day and said I'm going to give IE9 a chance... tabs kept infinitely loading.  Back to Chrome!
Is it me, or is Chrome for OS X choppy when you do a two-fingered scroll?
I've used IE for years, and Chrome is just better all around.
It's corporation's fault. Their IT department still using laptop with Windows XP and IE browser.
I doubt the IT department are dumb enough to stay with IE, c'mon they are the first people to use the IE (if necessary) to download and install another web browser, afterwards delete the shortcut icon of the IE. 
If u guys have tried IE10, it render pages faster and scrolls fluid than chrome. Chrome still my personal choice because of flexibility.

IE will always have share of users because Microsoft is dominating the corporate world together with their suite of applications integrated with IE.
I was apart of the 5%. I used Netscape Navigator in middle school and at home. Never did like IE.
I only use chrome because it has a better ui than other browsers
we, web developers still get hit with tat 39%..... the most terrible part is that IE6 is still alive in many offices even after Microsoft announcing IE6 is R.I.P. For users , they just see the speed and facilities available... developers go mad for long days stuck with IE6 & 7... IE8 is bit ok for developers... 
if we are speaking abt HTML 5 & CSS 3... we have a long way to go.... first it has to become W3C standard... then all IE till 8 should completely die... only then we can use it for desktops... ofcourse HTML5 works good with mobile browsers... but from business perspective HTML5 still can't u used in a standard projects. 
I like how the windows logo is classified as old... It's not like everyone made a switch to chrome and osx.... Windows is still way over 90 percent adoption
Leo T
I'm still on Internet Explorer :) It looks better and I get a richer experience out of it.  BING still isn't as good as Google for search, but Google isn't the end-all I once thought it was going to be.
I have no hate against IE. My preferences are as follows.
Chrome: Normal browsing and paying bills.
Firefox: For checking less reputable websites using NoScript add-on.
IE: When a website using flash or another plugin seem to fail on Chrome or Firefox I try IE in hopes of it working. Sometimes it does.
I found out about mozilla firefox about two years ago, and like it. My husband uses IE. So, what is chrome and is it better than firefox or IE?? Seems very confusing to a novice like me
Hey +Jenny Powers +Google Chrome is +Google 's web browser. Its available for Windows, Windows Phone, Android devices running Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and even Apple's iOS for Macs and iPhone/iPod! Much better than what mostly everyone is used to in Windws internet Explorer! Try it!
Not too surprised, with mobiles providing a constant connection to the internet the amount of time spent online was sure to go up. That and IE, while improving, still doesn't deserve to be on my machine.
Yeah, I still use IE. And I'm proud of it. :-)
I use ie 9 on my computer. And I hate the chrome mobile web browser. It freezes and then crashes all the time.
lol ie is still as crappy as ie5, the rest just got less crappier and the people noticed
Not really seeing the "grief" that people mention about using IE, a browser, to the vast majority of users is simply a tool to access the web. Sure, is one more inherently secure,/fast/user friendly? That can be measured, but Average Joe user won't really know or care unless it it impacts them in a personal way. Outside of that IE has worked fine for me, but to be honest I've been on Firefox for years and lately Chrome.
It seems that those 39% of the users aren't aware that there are better browsers available.
ahhh internet explorer, the browser to use for downloading a better browser
The more speed, bandwidth and you will guarantee more internet users. Still a lot of countries have poor internet infrastructure
Dialup was the only option back in 1998 when I started. Netscape Navigator was the big thing back then.
I use chrome,but nothing wrong with IE.Just shut up!!
Considering people paid by the minute, I'm not surprised at all.
the presence of google+ among typical 2012 searches surprises me - but I guess it's google searches :)  Very nice infographics - it would be even more interesting to compare it to 1997 internet, 15 years ago (when I first started using it)
Nothing on the net suprises me. 
"(2002) It took 12.5 minutes to download a song on a 54k modem. (2012) Now it takes 18 seconds." Ehm... I'm pretty sure the capability of a 54k modem has NOT increased that significantly... lol
+Long Nguyen not really, in fact I think this 39% is only people that haven't uninstalled yet IE. If they could even stop and think about this simple fact, explorer users rate will drop of seriously.
Wow, pete! I think ur hot! Didnt care about what u said. Sorry:(
How many competitors were there in 2002? Today you have lot of options but still IE has 39% of share, so to me it's nothing like IE has fallen down but it's just had its time without great rivals, even today many websites still put a message "site is optimised for and can be best viewed in IE", no other browser had or gonna have such privilege and as a web developer I can say most of the banking/finance sites still trust IE as the most secured browser. Whatever the future but IE is an icon no one will ever forget.
I work in tech support and a majority if our callers still use IE!
So much has changed in just 10 years. Wow.
more people use apple computers and have safari or this doesn't shock me
Google slowly ruling the world get on board or get outa the way i say!!!

shh. don' say that. they listening.
Intresting I just. Started and am hooked it's my new drug and to think I use to take issues with my kids ,
I use chrome and ie. Both work well for what I need them to do. Also ie10 is pretty sharp.
Make Chrome as your primary browser and Firefox as secondary. IE? no do not use that. XD
IE is the ultimate browser...... for downloading a new browser
+Brennan Coleman that's one of the first things I did for my mom's new laptop, download a different browser.
I defensibly agree that there will be a time much longer from now where there wont be people that say they don't know how to use the internet. Look at how much its grown in just the last 10 years.
Wow i think you guys need to go outside or somthing;)
I love the Internet more than TV.
Amazing how fast technology grows. 
Not surprised at all.. just a little surprised that some poor people STILL use Explorer...
So, in fact people are spending more time on Internet Explorer than ever before
What's Internet explorer? ;)
Lol...what's internet explorer...remember dial up...they were around the same time together.
I dont use Internet Explorer because it allows 3rd party in through back door and sends adds I dont care for,cookies I dont want and it fills up my memory with crap. I use a site other than tht and I'm very happy with it.Computer always runs at top speed when I dont use explorer
Internet Explorer is a very primitive and simple browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are the way to go. For fast browsing.
39% for IE? thats absurdly high!
The fear of Internet Explorer is called- Internet-xplorerish-phobia.

Symptoms- Affected person is afraid to open even non-IE browsers.

Cure- Internet Explorer must immediately be removed from the affected person's computer & make him/her sure that IE will never return back to his/her system.

Note- Be kind, gentle, affectionate & caring for the patient, after all, s/he has went through such a traumatic experience.
It's dependant on what you mean by browsing.
If you're on a site for more than a minute then you're most likely on a non-mobile device. Then over 50% are on IE. If you're on a phone almost 0% are on IE. Statistics don't lie people twist facts.
IE is still huge.
Sent via the dolphin browser on my mobile device, but I really wasn't browsing, just posting.
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