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My thoughts on Pinterest.

Agree? Disagree?
Pinterest is the breakout social network of 2012, but even technology addicts could be excused for missing its rise to success.
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Agree! I think it's time for me to do a Pinterest propaganda poster! lol
Dαn J
Looks like a good site for side tracking people from reality. lol
I'm enjoying checking out arts and crafts there. Great site.
Disagree. I think it's absolutely useless, a waste of time.
I tried, honestly I did. i'm still trying, but I'm not getting into it. 
Fully agree. Specially "The second is that social sites are becoming more visual over time"!
i'm surprised how much it has taken off. it still baffles me. I have a big following there but I'm not quite sure I'm even leveraging it to its best advantage.
I actually am not a big fan of their design. I understand it gives the power back to the users, but putting everything on the same plane just surrounds you with elements and you don't have any reason to click on anything before anything else. I prefer trusting a design/layout, and letting it guide me to what I might be interested in first.
Agree, I think this is the new trend. Facebook/g+/twitter is too garbled down with crap and separating it all is so much better. There are a few websites like pinterest that I see my wife and sister in laws on all the time, even more than facebook now.
Maybe it's time I jump on the pinterest bandwagon again. I used it initially but not sure what the big deal was.
I just joined it recently and I'm figuring it out. I love the flexibility of it: I can use it to identify groups of things I like for different reasons, anything from products to songs to people to IDEAS. That's something I haven't seen before: usually websites are very restrictive, so you can make your list of favorite "songs" only, or favorite "books" and nothing else, etc. So the flexibility is the main selling point for me.
It's hard to see how they can protect against Google or Facebook rolling out a pinboard-style interface area and instantly providing the same or better functionality. (Surely the majority of the userbase is also on FB or G+.) Everything else in the site is so simple (search, categorization, profile), that it seems like the only thing unique at the moment is the layout.

Granted, the fact that Pinterest is not Google or Facebook seems to be a big attraction, but what's to stop them from duplicating it and adding one killer feature (say, a working search function) that obsoletes Pinterest?
Now we know why there are "no women on the Internet"... they've all sequestered themselves on Pinterest and don't go anywhere else.
Agree - It was love at first "site" for me & Pinterest, more so than any other social media site. Pinterest is my hottest addiction right now!
Ben Guy
didn't even know of it until my designer told me about it, seems pretty bad and messy
This is probably just me, but it's kinda neat for a few days and then after a while, you just sorta forget it's there.
I joined Pinterest and tried to fall in love with it, but it just seemed to be overrun with glossy, Photoshopped, and product/brand-driven photos. However, it does seem to be a good tool for consumer magazines and their advertisers to gauge and garner share-of-voice.
I wonder, I have twitter, FB, Google plus, LinkedIn, Websites, blog. I am wondering how many people see the additional sites like Pintrest as an additional avenue to reach customers/consumers. There may be an overlap when it comes to where people have accounts, could it also be that there are aspect of Twitter, FB, G+ that don't appeal and Pintrest does?
I've heard of it, but have not looked at it. I'll have to go take a peek.
Received an invite late last week from friend - guess I'll check it out.
I am new to Pinterest but I already love it. :-)
Any site that can virtually come out of nowhere and go to millions is worthy of "hottest". So - yes, I agree!
Have been using it for a few months and think it's totally brilliant. Keep finding new uses for it and love how simple and directed it is. 
One of the things that really works is how many of the posts are really stylish and classy. Surprisingly little that's tatty or naff - or maybe it's just the people I share with ?
Just getting into it; at the very least it's handy. Not sure I need one more place to hang my head, but efficiency can win.
My wife spends a lot of time on there and she hardly ever spent time on Facebook so based on that, Pinterest has something going for it that Facebook doesn't.
Pinterest wins.

I must not be doing it right, because I really don't like it. Plus, I smoke when I'm done. (What? Too much sub-referencing? LOL)
It's it in place of bookmarks. Really helpful if you're planning a remodel or party or whatever. I do a lot of on-line searching for products to use in my projects. Pinerest has really helped a lot. Just like all social media, it's usefulness is in the imagination of the user.
I've been on it a few times and I don't really get it, clearly I must be missing something.
Within minutes of "pinning" something, three or four strangers -- usually women -- repin or begin following. No idea how they find my stuff. All of this much faster than any site/service I've played with.
When I mentioned to my wife, she immediately replied that here sister and niece have been doing Pinterest "forever." Huh.
Names not avatars,following Google +
Agreed! From a business perspective, we have seen quite a lot of traffic from pintrest on our clients site. They do, however, need to create a better script (automatically recognize current page URL, title, description, etc) for the Pintrest button. Would make it easier for our clients to implement without us having to make changes to their sites template files
agree - love pinterest easy way to organize content and keep creative visual boards at the same time. bets bookmarking anyday. you probably have to have a vagina to truly <3 it
Josh T
^ 15 year old guys don't know what a Star Wars is
I took a look at Pinterest the other day - comes across like the internet equivalent of a jumble sale.
Love pinterest, the interface is great etc. but... there should be an option for a private boards so I could use it to post all my bookmarks, even the boring ones, and of course a data liberation download option.
still looking for referral traffic from pinterest
As with all the Social Media platforms, when used strategically, Pinterest can serve one well with #SocialNetworking objectives. The old adage of "you get out of it what you put into it" rings true here.

As a Visual Communicator, I believe that because Pinterest is a VISUAL site this is truly why the interest (pun intended) is flying off the charts! We are visual creatures, so now that we have a simple AND social way to express ourselves and share content visually -- well, I believe the statements in +Pete Cashmore's CNN post and the statistics shown in this info-graphic can complete my thoughts here.

Geek speak aside, #Pinterest totally rocks!
What about its applicability to B2Bs? Doesn't look promising.
It's certainly the clear leader so far!! Don't the girls love it....
It didn't grab me even though the images I came across were astounding gorgeous and punchy. Remember that Laurie Anderson song where she says " I'd rather see this on TV; tones it down"? Now, for me, it's like reality "tones it down" and the many images are well just sorta too vivid and virtual. But I'm a geezer
Agree. It delivers big, while asking very little in exchange. I love it!
I'm waiting on gimmebar to amp up the social aspect. I like gimmebar better for webmarking websites, videos, photos etc.
I don't really get how it is different to reddit, apart from layout?
Agree, but really how could you not...everywhere you look Pinterest is there.

It's huge among portrait photographers.
My wife is hooked, has become a fanatic since joining a few weeks ago. Just wish they'd come out with an app and fix some of the pinning issues, as she's constantly asking me why it's not working right (she's not techie much, you might say). Great idea and initial start, just need to fix it up better for the mobile web.
Spouse and a serious photography friend just joined - no feedback yet. They say it is also big with crafting folks, scrap bookers, and some artists.
IMO, Pinterest is not a social network. It's not for socializing, it's for sharing. And +Michael Monaghan, it's not a "girl" site - unless things like cars and motorcycles, architecture, sports, "geek" stuff, pets, men's clothing, science, technology, history, etc., are "girly" things.
Shut up, Mona. Pinterest is great.
I just don't see the appeal +Pete Cashmore. Obviously, it's attracted interest and devoted usership. But I don't see how it's social model is any more sustainable than the other social bookmarking services which preceded it. In fact, one could almost make the argument that Pinterest's rise is fueled by the relative decline in popularity of older bookmarking services like Technorati, Digg, Reddit and the like. My wife uses it regularly for recipes and clothing tips... but how much interaction can really be generated around this type of content? Seems like it will hit terminal capacity before too long...
Sadly, they've been doing some sneaky things to the links such that they get affiliate credit when users buy stuff using pinterest links - all without letting anyone know - its not bad in and of itself, but the non-transparent way they are doing it.
How Pinterest is secretly profiting from your links -
I haven't gone near it at all because weeks ago, I started getting unsolicited email from sleazy women saying they've "pinned" me or something. If that kind of thing is going on and I've never visited the site, then I'm not going anywhere near it.
When I first heard "pinning" I had flashbacks to my sorority in college when a fraternity showed up at our door singing and some poor soul professed his undying love for one of us. Do they still do that? Please tell me no.
does this mean that Instagram is now passé??
OMG LOVE PINTEREST so much better then eBay
Had a quick play around on it, and its good, and looks nice and engagement seems to me to be a lot higher then other networks for a new just some how reminds me of when people used to think sending stuff round all their friends via email was cool, and not dull and annoying.
Possibly, if you're a woman. I just checked out the home page and I really don't think there's much at this point for guys. Time will tell.
Yeah they could allow nudity and also not pander to stay at home moms... but the upside is it's free to list for sale and eBay is earning a blackened reputation every day
After only a few days, I'm addicted. It's a wonderful platform to collate visuals, in a new way. From a marketing perspective, I believe that Pinterest offers new avenues, as it allows brands to 'curate rather than create' - brands can invest in Pinterest through creating brand 'images' and associations that go beyond the definied marketing statement. Curation of images allows brands to create a fluid and dynamic visual representation of their ethos and beliefs - and this looks set to be hugely popular, as we allow consumers to buy into 'images' and 'lifestyles' once again...
I think it'll depend on how the demographic changes for it to be of real use to brands in the short term at least. After all FB went from College students to everyone, so if the buzz and interest grows in the medium term then you never know.
Erika S
I enjoy Pinterest. It's become a slight obsession but it's not replacing any other social network for me. I don't really see the advantages of using this from a business point of view.
It's definitely a time-suck. I could do without it, mostly because I know I could get lost in it.
Agree +Erika S - I'm enjoying using Pinterest at the moment, but it doesn't usurp my other social 'needs'.
TBH it looks like a minified version of tumblr but less hipster, will try it anyways
Li A
Tried it some time last year but it just didn't do it for me. at all. But I have a few friends who swear by it. It definitely appeals to a certain demographic.
I don't use it daily but I do like how visually stimulating it is. Can't go wrong with pictures of food, beautiful women, and cool quotes...
i'm more confused by lady gaga's clone of pinterest than anything
I love Pinterest but I am a very visual person (and prone to clipping pictures from magazines or saving random images that appeal to me), so Pinterest's functionality is in line with my needs. It will not appeal to everyone (and doesn't need to). I agree with +Callum Saunders that it offers a fun, new way to brand as a "curator" rather than a creator. This is exemplified by Nina Garcia's (fashion editor of Marie Claire and Project Runway judge) boards that break pins into categories by season, collection, designer, color, and design element, which does allow a fashion noob to subscribe to just one part of her aesthetic without having to buy into everything at once.
agree - and it's easy to use. I'm looking now for best practices and SEO tips
Actually, I'm starting to notice a lot more guys pinning and commenting.
its really cool and sure there are plenty guys on it too lol
Meh, it's okay. Nice design, very slow with uploads compared to imgur (which is very good). Some folks get excited about such things; maybe because they're paid to.
This social network is eye candy for women. SEOMOZ's predictions for 2012 give good odds that Pinterest will break into the mainstream. I think I agree.
yep ... love it ... been waiting for someone to do this site ... i think lots of us have secretly wanted this for ages !!!
oh YES i love it. we had a "Pinterest Christmas" and made stuff (food and diy stuff) and it was a huge hit. everyone loved everything i made from Pinterest and it's hot
I Love pinterest the next best thing in Social Media, More in pinterest than twitter & g+
It is so effortless to be there -- and doesn't have to be a huge timesuck. Love it!
Love Pinterest for finding visual inspiration; easier now that a google image search. Great bookmarking tool.
I agree:Pinterest is a platform really innovative,characterized by creativity and a very interesting approach and vision.
Pintrest is for girls! i hate that guys use it.
Love pinterest....I got invite a year ago but ignored it. Now I collaborate on it regularly and refer to it as my 411 for many things.
I just started 4 days ago and I love it!!
I've gotten some good ideas by checking it - and some fun pics too.
Pinterest is a bit of fun at the moment but I can see that there are a lot of pinners (?) trying to use it to promote their business, apart from those simply trying to sell gifts and gadgets.
Just started Pinterest today and I love it!
Love the site. I can see things I'm interested in and not what "the powers that be" think I should be interested in. It's my Happy Place.
it's great until your boards go missing...
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