New releases of Angular 1.x - Angular 1.5.6 (arrow-stringification) and 1.4.11 (relentless-syncomania) - are out now!

Both releases include over a dozen bug fixes, countless doc updates, and 1.5.6 additionally has a few small features and performance improvements. We (Georgios in particular) have also updated the official tutorial to use the `component()` helper introduced in 1.5, which showcases how to build component-tree apps in the style of Angular 2.
See the details in the CHANGELOG at and
If you haven't upgraded to 1.5.x yet, we encourage you to do so .
We have currently no plans to release further 1.4.x versions, as we are working on 1.5 and 1.6 in the next months.

Finally, thanks to the 56 developers who contributed to these releases!

Abhishek Garg, Adrian Moos, Ajay, Alireza Mirian, Amy, andrea, andreyjkee, aortyl, Bijay Deo, cloverharvest, cscport, David Goldberg, David Rodenas Pico, dmandelin, Fabricio Ronchi, FGasper, Gene McCulley, Georgii Dolzhykov, Georgios Kalpakas, Hadrien Tulipe, Igor Minar, Ivo Mirra, Jacob Reid, Jason Bedard, Jeremy, jody tate, Jukka, Jurko Gospodnetić, Ken Powers, Lucas Mirelmann, Maksim Ryzhikov, marija, Mark Pieszak, Martin Probst, Martin Staffa, Michael de Wit, Michael Warner, Michał Gołębiowski, Owen Craig, Paulo Cesar, Perry Hooker, Pete Bacon Darwin, Peter Briers, Petr Mikota, Raphael Jamet, Robin Böhm, Sander Boom, Stephen Barker, Steve Mao, surya prakash singh, Thomas Kowalski, thorn0, Tim van Dalen, Weijing Jay Lin, Wesley Cho, Xavier Haniquaut
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