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Bwaah hah ha! Latest GM wheat wages biological warfare vs the non-GM crops around it. Aphid pests "fly away" from the GM crop (into the crops of neighbouring farmers), while "natural enemies of aphids - ladybirds, lacewings and a particular parasitic wasp - when they smell this smell, they're attracted [away from neighbouring farmers who need them]". The BBC hasn't yet spotted this angle...
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Of course a much better way to deal with the problem is to use a strong insecticide. Apply every 2 weeks or so, because aphids reproduce parthenogenetically and can double population numbers in a couple of days. Never mind the effect on water quality, other insects, etc etc.
I'm sure that the evil GM scientists are all paid by a sinister organization that wants to kill all small farmers and all organic producers and their customers (as some kind of sport, probably).
By the way, have you heard about integrated pest management practices?
+Gustavo MacIntosh Sinister organizations? You may be thinking of Dow Chemical and Monsanto, who are now heavily involved in GMO, but back in the day manufactured "Agent Orange" which caused huge suffering to innocent Vietnamese, who are yet to be compensated. But I made no such claim, except in jest. I mainly think that a crop designed to export its pests to neighboring farmers is as antisocial as clearing your garden of slugs and snails by throwing them onto your neighbor's lawn.
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