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Petar Subotic
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Petar Subotic

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The actor says both his Twin Peaks and X-Files characters could return to screen.
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Petar Subotic

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Define the #mvp  scope of your #agile  project by conducting a top-task #ux  analysis survey.
Surveying users with a top task analysis as to determine the minimal viability is an excellent way to account for their needs in the estimation process.
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+Luke Wroblewski sums up interesting findings on what changes to forms yield in highest #conversionoptimization  impacts. Turns out form page design matters very little in comparison to considerations given to individual fields, requirements and #interactiondesign .
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Here's how the +Google Play team created a unified responsive experience through modular layouts.
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Petar Subotic

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This reads and feels like a manifesto to me :) 
"... I can no longer turn a blind eye and just hope that a client will actually follow through on our insights and recommendations. I’m far more excited by the prospect of actually teaching an organization how to adopt #XD   practices and skills to create good experiences for people."
"And, on top of the value that such an approach provides to both a client and a consultancy, the greatest benefit is to the people who get to experience good designs as a result. After all, aren’t they the ones to whom we have the greatest responsibility?"

Laura Keller
Imagine that you're checking into a hospital to receive medical care. You don't really know what's wrong with you, but you know something isn't right. You feel light-headed, short of breath, and have a severe headache. You could have waited to see whether you improved on your own, ...
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Petar Subotic

Q/A about Measuring UX  - 
Display of which of the following traits works best in motivating a research participant?
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Informality and or friendly small-talk
Empathy in understanding their issues
Desire in improving their tasks
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Modal windows / dialog boxes, popups, overlays (however you refer to them) ... are:
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Completely ineffective
Widely overused and abused
An easy way to fit in additional stuff
Useful in specific cases
Interaction designers best friend
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Well its the most common use of a modal as it well known by users throughout the world. The split screen method I have not seen in any app that I have used and as for users knowing the purpose of the prompt/error message the modal doesn't prevent that.

The user base that you have tested the split screen method with may be better for them or maybe a better method entirely but we would not know until this is tested throughout the world. We do know however that the modal is good use for prompts .

However, there is ALWAYS another way to do something but for some scenarios one method maybe better than the other. In this case it would depend on your users.
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Petar Subotic

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Going grannual in order to tag, track and better understand micro interactions users have with the solutions in your #cro  funnels. 
Smallest units of interaction between the user and the solution often lead to largest impact on the experience, sometimes even to abandonment. Think how an entire journey may be degraded in quality by user’s frustration caused by one simple (yet very annoying) password character requirements dialog or perhaps misalignment in expectations that an image should be clickable (to zoom) but it’s not.Typical performance reports tend to focus on larger i...
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Petar Subotic

A/B Testing  - 
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Petar Subotic

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Redeem coupon THANKS75 for 75% off +Udemy courses. Good until Friday.
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Petar Subotic

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Some of humanity’s most incredible scientific discoveries, enduring cultural touchstones and profound philosophical revelations began in #dreams. Yet, we forget most of what we experience while asleep within five minutes of waking up. That’s a huge amount of data we forget each day. What would happen if we remembered? We’re here to find out.
SHADOW is a mobile application that helps you remember and record your dreams. #LETSBUILDSHADOW
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Context relevant, metric driven & user oriented
With eight years of practice in aligning business objectives & user expectations through effective, engaging and intuitive interactive experiences I offer a range of services to help create and optimize sustainable digital solutions.
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
    Interactive Media & Web Design, 2007 - 2010
  • Wooster High School
    2004 - 2007
  • Nikola Tesla ETS
    Energy Engineering, 2003 - 2004
Basic Information
November 29
Other names
User Experience Consultant
User Experience & Conversion Optimization, Rapid Prototyping, Research & Analysis, Cross Platform Development,
  • UX Consultant
    UX, UI, IX Designer, 2007 - present
  • Fusion Alliance
    Experience Architect, 2013 - 2014
  • Axcess Financial Inc
    Sr. Web Software Engineer, 2010 - 2013
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Cincinnati, OH
Belgrade, Serbia - Wooster, OH - Pittsburgh, PA
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Odlicno pripremljena morska hrana kao i razni specijaliteti od divljaci (preporucujem srnetinu) uz predivnu atmosferu ispunjenu zivom starogradskom muzikom.
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Izvrsni kolaci sa sasvim moguce najbolje pripremljenom turskom kafom u gradu i veoma ljubaznim osobljem. Prijatna atmosfera sa prigusenim osvetljenjem uz udobne kauce, cak i male otomane.
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Food: Poor - FairDecor: GoodService: Poor - Fair
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5 reviews
The room with the urn leaves a strong and lasting impression.
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A true hidden gem among barber shops. No rush, no fuss, straight up high quality haircut at an affordable price ... in a very relaxing atmosphere. Can't beat this place. Ron's the man to ask for.
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