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on this day it's good to remember Newton's laws...

#StarWarsDay #maythe4thbewithyou
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m x a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,mean ?

you ?
+jin man kim mass times acceleration = you guessed it. (one of Newtons laws, look them up if you don't know them. It'll be good for you)
Newton's 1st law ,,,,,,,,,great !!!
appreciate your help ^!^
in star wars, its JEDI. and ha, my physics class just rolled on the floor.
May the 2nd be with you? Newton only had 3 laws, not 4.
This is good review for the the upcoming AP test...
Just when i thought I was out, the y= mx + b pulls me back in.
yep, dealing with that today in Statistics class
I took it to be something of an intelligence post. May the math be with you, may the statistics be with you. Just whatever your interpretation is.
nice! Just don't forget that the third principle is alwyas true too. ;]
This is by far my favorite way to remember Newton's Second Law!
Happy Star Wars Day
This is hands down the best I've seen today!
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