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hi Gus
when it comes to Pest control please make sure he spray the outdoor furniture to and also the kids toy ...last year we found lots of Redback spiders under kids toys !!!

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Hi everyone
today is the first day of sun and clear sky the sun is our and you can see Termite fly called "Nuptial flight:

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estimates the repair job will take him three to four months to complete and he then plans on living in.

The couple who previously owned the property only discovered the extent of the termite damage during a renovation after buying the house for $485,000.

Cow Urine Kills Farm Pests in India's First Fully Organic State
India has 650,000 organic farmers—more than any other nation.
Nimtshreng Lepcha seeps medicinal leaves in cow urine and sprays the brew over his tomatoes. It’s the main way pests are repelled on his farm in the Himalayan foothills and across the northeastern state of Sikkim, the first in India to go fully organic.
For more than a decade, Sikkim’s 66,000 farmers have shunned chemical weed killers, synthetic fertilizers and gene-altered seeds. Their return to traditional farming methods has made the tiny state, sandwiched between China, Nepal and Bhutan, a testing ground for a counter movement to the Green Revolution, the half-century-old system that relied on modern seeds, chemicals and irrigation to boost crop yields and stave off hunger.
Now, faced with health and environmental problems ranging from poisoned waterways and degraded farmland, to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and diet-linked disease, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is backing Sikkim’s approach as a safer, more sustainable way to produce food, support farm jobs and reduce the nation’s fertilizer bill.

“Other states can take a lead from Sikkim,” Modi told political leaders in the nearby state of Meghalaya last month. “The North East can become the organic food basket for this country. Organic products are going to be increasingly used widely,” he continued, and the practice “will contribute immensely to the income of the people and the region.”

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Mice are very active at this time of Year simple Rodent Treatment will save you expensive electrical repairs and damages.
This what happen to our client in Yokine !!

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The best insider tip you can get on pest control is to know when to DIY and when to call in a professional. It is easy to be inclined to take care of the problem on your own but this is not always warranted. Improper treatment can worsen the problem. You may think you are killing the ants but all you may be doing is just pushing them to other rooms. Think twice before you approach a pest problem on your own. Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good.
Pesti Pest Control is one of the leading service providers in pest control in Perth WA. The company offers a full range of services which range from the control of pests to pest prevention. With a professional team helping you fight the pest problem; you can expect the best advice on prevention and control. Pesti further uses environmentally friendly techniques and products to help achieve the best results. The cost of service is also competitive Prices.
We also give free advice so please contact us

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Is Your home covered for Rodent Damage??? 
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Got a reply from an email I sent out. Have just realised that I titled the subject heading as "Bonking Confirmation" instead of "Booking Confirmation." Fuck.
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