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I write // Most of my posts are private to circles
I write // Most of my posts are private to circles


Is there a character roster for people involved, besides Meryl?

Or, you know, just second-hand info on who was on the last time(s)?

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Need to remember this the next time I got to use a pangram somewhere.
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As a fellow tree-climbing dolphin, I feel like this should be shared for awareness.

I don't have it as bad as the writer, but these bits feel very relatable and worthy of pull quotes:

"I've talked to countless people with ADHD. Everyone says they were described as children the same way: "Smart, but lazy." That's me. My house is full of projects I can't complete."

"ADHD means you don't have the ability to "buckle down" and "just get to it," or if you can, it requires MUCH more effort. WAY more effort than for someone without this condition. ADHD means you can't begin a task until you trick your brain into wanting to finish it."

"Fear is not a consistent motivator, but it looks like it at times. It works often enough to fool everyone, which makes things worse in a way.
Sometimes fear of punishment, of lost opportunities, etc. seems to punch through the haze and help you focus. At least enough to do the minimum. But your bosses (and parents and teachers and roommates and) look at this and say 'Oh, they can do it if they really want to'."

If I could find a reliable way of tricking myself to want getting shit done instead of hanging a sword over my chair, that'd be great.

[h/t to +Paolo Greco for bringing up the link.]
Like a dolphin climbing a tree: life with ADHD

You can ask a dolphin to climb a tree.
It's going to be hilarious.

Expecting the dolphin to climb the tree is not wise. Shaming the struggling dolphin for not doing a proper job of climbing the tree is common.

My life feels like that tree. I'm that dolphin.

I lived with this shame my entire life.
The shame of not being able to function like "normal people".
It completely broke me.
It made me feel useless.

A waste of perfectly good oxygen.

It routinely brought me to the point I wish I was better off dead or - even better, to be even less of a disappointment - I was never born at all.

Letting the shame go changed my life.

Have a read if you please. I did not write this, but it does the job admirably.
And obviously, if you please, reshare.
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So, a life update for you all:

I recently graduated with a bach degree in culture and arts, and am currently in the process of starting up a business in doing graphic design (primarily aiming at corporate and layout gigs for now) as freelance.

If you happen to have any leads, or work in the field to be started in February or shortly after, referrals and offers relating to that would be highly appreciated.
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So yeah I'm officially, professionally qualified now.
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Fucking hell.

I need to start learning how to manage a schedule, crunching several 14-hour workdays in a row isn't fun.
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This place still alive?

Anyway, since the 2016 Backerkit reopened for Black Friday weekend, would the vets have any recommendations on Wave 2 expansions to pick up?

I've been eyeing DBK and Sunstalker as prospective buys, is there anything else of note to consider, and if so, why?

Anyone in here use Promarkers?

Them specifically, and not Copics or some other thing - would like to hear some suggestions for skin palettes without grabbing some twenty shades at 3 munnies a pop for just blind experimentation.

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Did an alternate random advancement Fighter.

Comments and critique welcome.
First in a series.

Delivering what was promised yesterday, scathing feedback welcome (especially from the folks I'm trying to improve upon). Still need to do slight editing for words, but I think the rules-side is ready for play like that.

Credit to +Zak Sabbath, +Jeff Rients, +Reynaldo Madriñan for laying out the groundwork.

Any of the people in my circles who speak/read/write fluent/native german?

Editing for a flailsnails item name/title requested.
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