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Perttu Vedenoja
I write // Most of my posts are private to circles
I write // Most of my posts are private to circles


So, a life update for you all:

I recently graduated with a bach degree in culture and arts, and am currently in the process of starting up a business in doing graphic design (primarily aiming at corporate and layout gigs for now) as freelance.

If you happen to have any leads, or work in the field to be started in February or shortly after, referrals and offers relating to that would be highly appreciated.
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So yeah I'm officially, professionally qualified now.
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Fucking hell.

I need to start learning how to manage a schedule, crunching several 14-hour workdays in a row isn't fun.
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This place still alive?

Anyway, since the 2016 Backerkit reopened for Black Friday weekend, would the vets have any recommendations on Wave 2 expansions to pick up?

I've been eyeing DBK and Sunstalker as prospective buys, is there anything else of note to consider, and if so, why?

Anyone in here use Promarkers?

Them specifically, and not Copics or some other thing - would like to hear some suggestions for skin palettes without grabbing some twenty shades at 3 munnies a pop for just blind experimentation.

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Did an alternate random advancement Fighter.

Comments and critique welcome.
First in a series.

Delivering what was promised yesterday, scathing feedback welcome (especially from the folks I'm trying to improve upon). Still need to do slight editing for words, but I think the rules-side is ready for play like that.

Credit to +Zak Sabbath, +Jeff Rients, +Reynaldo Madriñan for laying out the groundwork.

Any of the people in my circles who speak/read/write fluent/native german?

Editing for a flailsnails item name/title requested.
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+Paolo Greco​​ we don't interact much, but it would be sad to see you go. Others agree.
I want the whole world to know that +Paolo Greco is loved. We stand beside you in the face of bullies, be strong, if you can - we're always here for you.

Shares and +1's matter here folks, let you voices be heard.

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Intro, as requested:

Playing currently: Traveller, Cyberpunk 2020
Tried at some point: RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia (all very briefly)
Interested in trying: Tunnels & Trolls, 2300AD, bunch of others I am probably forgetting, pretty much anything rules-light at least once.

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Lets poke the dead horse with a stick!

You guys have any good references to settings and material that might be used for additional inspiration/content?

Lifting from Yoon-Suin, for example, is pretty obvious (conversely, +NMEAST​​ is doing Häggsgryn / Illiterate Book Thief which seems pretty Cörpathian-adjacent and cool but not much is out yet). Got anything a bit more exotic to share?

(also, have a random pic of a weird kludge idol/shrine)
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