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A bit of fun from a wedding and photoshoot at Burns Beach, Western Australia

#burnsbeach  #wedding #Perth

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Yesterday Nikon officially released the Nikon D4 for sale, hopefully the wait is nearly over for those of us lucky enough to have one on order. The Nikon D4 looks to be an awesome camera for the working professional, especially for wedding, event, and sports photographers. It seems to have been a long wait for the top of the line model from Nikon to get a refresh, and an antagonising wait since the announcement back in January to today. However the wait isn’t really over. I visited my local pro dealer today and paid the remaining balance on my D4 order and I asked when are we likely to see the camera, sadly they didn’t know All my fingers and toes are crossed my D4 arrives in the next week or so. I can’t imagine how the Canon camp feels about the 1Dx, which was announced back in October 2011!

So the news in town is the 5dMk3 is going to be available sometime next week. Can't wait to have a real hands on play with it at the specialist shops that's for sure.

So it looks like the list price of the Canon 5Dmk3 is:
- around the AUD4k mark
- and around USD3.5k (from the US)
The discrepancy in pricing is huge (around AUD650 based on today's exchange rates) so Canon... please explain....

Hate to think how much the new 600EX-RT radio flash and 1DX is going to be... my money is on a big discrepancy :(
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