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Be Ready For Life's Curveballs

Life sure has a way of throwing curveballs, doesn't it? We're chugging along according to our carefully laid out plans and -- WHAM! -- a curveball out of left field knocks us on our butt. What gives?

Unfortunately, such is the reality of life. No matter how well we've planned or how thoroughly we've prepared, things can happen that are totally out of our control. Our car breaks down just before we're going to leave on a road trip. Or the dog gets sick and the vet bill wipes out our savings account. 

The key to happiness in life is how we respond to life's curveballs. Research has shown that one of the primary keys to success is the ability to adapt to change. So how we respond to things not going according to plan is a big determiner of our life success or failure.

In the big things and the little things, let's practice responding to those inevitable curveballs by yelling, "Plot twist!" and learning to adapt.

#plottwist   #adaptability   #kurtstips  

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Love you Barbari!

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Hahaha, I LOVE this :)

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I need to see this.

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Happy Valentine's Day!
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I saw this sexy thang today. Had to snap a pic! 

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. . . . my thoughts exactly.
good point though.......   :D
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Girl, I absolutely believe that the plane "disappeared" under completely suspicious circumstances. I do not for one second believe that "no one" knows where that plane is. Something completely unbelievable due to all the ridiculous technology the military has.
I strongly dislike this song, but LOVE the video! Totally on point homage to Clueless, one of my absolute FAVORITE movies. It hits so many points and details that a true Clueless fan will recognize immediately!
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Love it...not the song...hate it!

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Okay, this is STILL NSFW, but this made me laugh so hard, tears fell. 
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Hahahaha! I forgot I had this open on my phone until I was showing someone something. LOL

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