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Too many companies squander the treasure that is customer feedback. The solution is systematically measuring the customer’s voice and integrating it into a culture of continuous feedback.

Perry Woodworth

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Simple tweaks in communication and role-modeling based on the latest behavioral research can nudge employees into top form and create a more productive environment for everyone.

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Millions of people being relocated from cities, fewer jobs, greater centralization, and more movie blockbusters are just some of the author’s predictions for the year.

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A diverse network of stakeholders will help advance an SOI process aimed at solving public problems.

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#science  & #technology   | Look out, glass – Scientists develop "transparent wood" | #research  
Wood is known for being a strong, plentiful, inexpensive and renewable alternative to conventional building materials. Soon, it may even find its way into windows and solar cells – as a cheaper substitute for traditional silica-based glass.

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Soaring flows of data and information now generate more economic value than the global goods trade.

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#science  & #technology   Liquid hydrocarbon fuel created from CO2 and water in breakthrough one-step process | #research  
Researchers have demonstrated a one-step conversion of carbon dioxide and water directly into a simple and inexpensive liquid hydrocarbon fuel using a combination of high-intensity light, concentrated heat, and high pressure.

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The benefits match those of earlier technology cycles, but companies must scale up their data-analytics skills to reap the gains.

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#science  & #technology   | Liquid-like graphene could be the key to understanding black holes
Scientists have found that the charged particles in graphene behave like a relativistic fluid, meaning graphene-based chips could now be used to model black holes and supernovas or build highly efficient devices that turn heat into electricity.
Perry Woodworth AScT, CSP, M.Sc.
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Publication: National Library of Canada [2005] Ottawa  Authors: Perry Woodworth, AScT, M.Sc  

CSP - Certified Sales Professional. AScT - Applied Science Technologist - Electrical

M. Sc., Environment & Management. Electro/Mechanical Engineering Technology Diplomas.  Fluid Power & Robotics Certificate, CAD/CAM. Business Management. Real Estate Certificate. 

Experience: Business Management, Business Development, Director, Research, Training, Real Estate, Prototyping, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical,Technology, Analysis & Sustainability.  

20+ years of business and technical experience in:  research, sales, marketing, management, advertising, real estate, technology, design, project management, technical & business writing, social media, and engineering.
Background in various industries such as: Forestry, Environmental, Mining, Energy, Food, Manufacturing, Construction, Aqua-Culture, Marine, Agricultural, Non-Profit, Government, Retail and Industrial Distribution. 

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Vancouver Area
  • Royal Roads University
    M. Sc in Environment & Management, 2002 - 2004
    Master of Science in Environment and Management
  • Humber College
    Electro/Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma Electrical & Mechanical, 1990 - 1993
    Electro/Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma (Honors) Electro/Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma (Honors)
  • McMaster University
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