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Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC
We provide Hair Analysis & Increase Your Vitality programs to heal the body naturally without medications. We provide services worldwide.
We provide Hair Analysis & Increase Your Vitality programs to heal the body naturally without medications. We provide services worldwide.

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#mindset #gethealthy #stayhealthy

Check out my interview on the Princess Power Podcast and please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. We talked about the mindset you must have to get healthy and stay healthy, stop binge eating, no sugar in over 10 years, how to gain discipline to follow a healthy diet, hair analysis, meditation to eliminate cravings, private memberships through Amish Farmers, and more. I also have the link to the Princess Power Podcast in the description below. :)

Tips to stop binge eating; How to avoid binge eating:

It is all about Prevention and is best to start today. Eat Healthy and live a healthy lifestyle! You never want to wait to make healthy changes until you end up with symptoms or a health condition because it becomes more difficult to turn things around. Getting healthy can take a lot of hard work. Start now! Do not wait!

I have not had sugar for over 10 years! How do you gain the discipline to do that? Meditate! I have been meditating since 2003.

This month is exactly 8 years that I have owned my Hair Analysis company Perfect Health Consulting Services. I appreciate all the kind words that have been sent to me on social media! :)

Getting ready for my Radio Show training today with Voice America! My first show starts August 8th at 3pm Pacific time!! Dr. Rick Malter will be my first guest at the studio LIVE with me in Phoenix, Arizona. #health #wellness

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I will be on the Power Your Life Podcast tomorrow (July 20th at 5pm Pacific Time) with Kristy Hunt. We will talk about Health and Wellness.

#health #wellness

This is problematic "1% of the total beef consumed in the United States is 100% grass-fed"

We should only be consuming beef that is 100% grass-fed and grass finished. Grass-fed cattle get plenty of exercise, the meat has less fat, 3x the Omega-3 Fatty Acids that we need, less inflammatory Omega 6’s, more CLA, which can speed fat loss and help fight cancer, and a higher portion of vitamin E, B-vitamins, calcium, carotenoids, magnesium, and potassium.

I am teaming up with a company for my health and wellness radio show to help sell organic and grass-fed meats. This partnership will help my radio show, in addition to helping the company. :)

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My radio show training starts this Thursday :) This is really exciting and Voice America has a worldwide audience with over 3 million listeners. I have been working really hard! My Health and Wellness Show called "Tips to Keep you Healthy, Happy, and Motivated" starts in about 3 weeks. My first show will be August 8th at 3pm PST and I will be LIVE at the radio station in Phoenix, Arizona :) My show will cover health and wellness topics that you will not usually hear in Mainstream. I want to thank my executive producer for giving me this opportunity!!

I just received my Hair Analysis (Perfect Health Consulting Services) Video back from the Video Production Company in Las Vegas and it is absolutely beautiful :) We just have a few more edits to do. They will be sending me my speaking demo video in the next 1-2 days. I cannot wait to see it :) These guys are great and I hope to work with them long term.

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Here is my recent interview on the Princess Power podcast with Nadalee Thomas. I talked about the Mindset you must have to get healthy and stay healthy. You will see us both on video :)

I also talked about:

I have not had sugar in over 10 years!!!
The goal is always to eat healthy 100%, no exceptions!
Meditate daily to quiet the mind and eliminate cravings.
Raw Dairy Private Memberships through Amish farmers.
and much more!! :)

#health #wellness #mindset

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I was recently interviewed by Nedalee on her Princess Power Podcast. I will be posting my interview soon. You will see us both on video and I had a great time! I talked about the mindset you must have to "Get Healthy and Stay Healthy."

#health #wellness #mindset

Alcohol must always be avoided. Here is another problem with alcohol: Thiamin (Vitamin B1) Deficiency, which damages the brain's structure and impairs its function. Alcohol impairs Thiamin absorption and enhances Thiamin Elimination from the body, which doubles the risk of deficiency.

#avoidalcohol #health #wellness
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