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Performance Audit of Web Applications by Professionals
Performance Audit of Web Applications by Professionals

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Talk on Performance beyond Page load focusing on CSS related Performance issues and their corresponding resolutions presented at CSS Conf Asia 2015

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Launching our online course regarding Basics of Web Performance. Do enroll or suggest to someone else if you want, it's absolutely free.

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Performance Audit of Panda app by +PerfAudit, live demo'ed in CSS Conf.
Case study:

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Performance Audits now available offline via Service Workers at [HTTPS only]

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Performance Auditing +MaterialUp  especially their rendering performance.

Case study:

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Added photos to Performance Audit Workshop.

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Performance is a Feature, the slower your website loads and displays, the less people will use it directly impacting the growth and revenue of your business.

Yet many people are not able to understand the performance gotchas completely, and don’t make it a part of their deployment process to consider the page load and rendering performance.

Workshop will consist of:
Discuss the process to decrease the start render time to under 500ms and total load time of less than 1 second.
Comprehensive analysis and discussion of the process to achieve a pagespeed score of 100, with explanation of each point.
Profiling with browser developer tools to explore the rendering issues and their respective remedies.
Discussion of 2-3 case studies of already audited web applications, and discuss their performance remedies as well.

Takeaways for participants:
In-depth understanding of browser rendering process.
Profiling of Networking and Rendering Performance of a Webpage using browser developer tools.
Learn techniques to consider when coming across issues related to networking/rendering performance, and apply the same in your projects.
Live Audit of web application will help them understand and overcome the issues related to their page performance.

Who are we?
100/100 PageSpeed Score
Speaker at MetaRefresh Conf.

Previously hosted workshop:
Performance Audit Workshop hosted with 91springboard Delhi.

Register for the Workshop:

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Moments from our Performance Audit Workshop hosted with +91springboard okhla 
Performance Audit Workshop
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Registrations now open for our upcoming Performance Audit Workshop hosted with +91springboard

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Our Performance Audit Workshop sold out yesterday night, looking forward eagerly to meet each one of the attendees who made it to grab a seat for themselves.

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