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Duo and Allo, new messaging apps by Google (don't depend on Google account)

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Great news!!!
Tensor Processing Units (TPUs)
I'm very excited that we can finally discuss this in public. Today at Google I/O +Sundar Pichai revealed the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), a custom ASIC that Google has designed and built specifically for machine learning applications. We've had TPUs deployed in Google datacenters for more than a year, and they are an order of magnitude faster and more power efficient per operation than other computational solutions for the kinds of models we are deploying to improve our products. This computational speed allows us to use larger, more powerful machine learned models, expressed and seemlessly deployed using TensorFlow ( into our products, and to deliver the excellent results from those models in less time.

TPUs are used on every Google Search to power RankBrain (, they were a key secret ingredient in the recent AlphaGo match against Lee Sedol, they are used for speech and image recognition, and they are powering a growing list of other smart products and features.

+Norm Jouppi and the rest of the team that developed this ASIC did a fabulous job, and it's great to see it discussed in public!

Blog post:

Link to the part of the keynote where Sundar discusses TPUs:

WSJ article:

Edit: Added a link and some text.

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Could we have an option on the Body mass graph to switch between percentage and weight?

When you are loosing weight and gaining muscles, percentages just get confusing and I need to convert all numbers to have a graph in mind. Nutritionist ask me to follow the weight and not percentage as well.

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Awesome video! #WomenNotObjects  

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Interesting article from +Mike Hearn​​ about bitcoin state and the reasons for his departure.

“The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment” @OctSkyward

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Introducing Shared Albums – Everyone’s photos, together at last

Privately sharing all the photos you took – and getting the ones you didn’t – is hard. Texting and emailing lots of photos is slow and data-intensive, and sometimes photo sharing apps don’t work across different devices.

Introducing shared albums – a fast and simple way to pool photos with friends and family, no matter what device everyone’s on.

Just select photos and tap “New shared album” to create a link with collaboration on. Friends and family with the link can add photos, get updates, and save photos with just a tap.

Shared albums are rolling out now on Android, iOS, and the web.
• On Android, shared albums will automatically become available in the app, as long as you have v1.10 in the Play Store:
• On iOS, get the v1.6 update in the App Store:
• Shared albums are available now on

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Cool! :-D

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This is really Badass!
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