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Launched an Indiegogo funding request for a UPS for Pi Zero as well as a Pi 2/3. Check out

Uses two AAA cells for backup power. When batteries are low shutdown routine is triggered using GPIO 26 by pulling it high. If GPIO is already in use the path can be broken by pulling the jumper and connecting it to GPIO that is free.

Feedback appreciated. Your support and backing even more appreciated. Early production version picture below.

Site again is PiZ

If you have questions, opinions etc feel free to ask. Thanks.


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Hi all I have launched a hardware on Indiegogo. A UPS for pi zero. Here are a few key highlights:
1) same size as pi zero
2) uses two AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries
3) powers pi via the header.

Please check it out at - if you like it please back it.

It should also work with a regular Pi with a 40 pin header as well. I should be getting boards soon so I can test it with a Pi 3 and check how long the UPS lasts for. Stay tuned - and please back the project or purchase your card on Indiegogo.

I have listed a UPS for a Pi Zero on Indiegogo. Same form factor as a Pi Zero. Uses two AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries. Check it out at and if you like it please back it.

While designed for Pi Zero it should work with a Pi or even a Pi 3 as well. I can only calculate run time. Once I have boards in hand I can test time and will post an update. Stay tuned.

Check out the UPS I plan to make for a Pi zero on Indiegogo -

Uses two AAA batteries and one GPIO for indicating when power is low.

Let me know what you all think of it. Thanks.

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I just launched a new campaign on Indiegogo. Check it out

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I just launched some HATs for a Raspberry Pi on Indiegogo. These provide:
1) Connections for GPIO securely (all GPIOs)
2) 16 port ADC connection
3) UPS power with power level monitoring for battery and the Pi.
4) Same as #3, but combines #1 and #2 - i.e. UPS power with connectivity of GPIO (all GPIOs) and 12 analog ports.

Now you can build many things - your dream IoT device, a data logger, a robot with sensors which are analog or digital... What will you build if you had secure GPIO connections and Analog to Digital conversion ports for a Raspberry Pi! Think of the possibilities!

Check it out at Indiegogo web site by doing a search for EzConnect OR UpTimeUPS or click on link here.

#raspberry   #pi   #raspberrypi   #GPIO  

Just received word that the boards have shipped. Stay tuned for some additional pictures of the board. 

I plan to add different types of headers to the board to show different use cases. 

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    #raspberry   #raspberrypi   #pi   #GPIO   #sensors  

I posted and update to the Indiegogo project - click on the Update when you get to the page. 

I noticed that many breadboards had a chip on it.For example, many projects used an ADC chip with pull-down resistors.

The current design of the Pi EzConnect board would not allow the chip to be installed easily. So I'm seeking an vote. Please check out the update and vote your preference as well. Thanks.

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#raspberrypi   #raspberrypiprojects   #pi   #raspberry  

I launched an Indiegogo project on Friday. Please check it out and help me succeed by contributing or purchasing the board.

If you are not a user of the Raspberry Pi - feel free to support he project by contributing a minimum of $1 towards it. And after doing that, please let a friend know about the project. There is a share button the the Indiegogo page - share the information. 

If you are a user of Raspberry Pi, I hope the board is useful to you. Purchase one board or the two pack. Also share this on blogs as well as with your friends. 
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