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The very beautiful Ani K - Iconic management

#fashionPhotography   #Beauty   #Fashion   #fashionModel   #Photography  
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The Best Camera Is The One In Your Pocket
mobile photography

I will keep this really short - Having a smartphone/camera with me at all times has made me fall in love with photography - for third time in my life...

#Photography   #light   #MobilePhotography  
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The Best Camera Is The One In Your Pocket
Light reflections in the hardware store...

#photography   #Light   #Blackandwhite   #streetphotography  
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Per Zennström

Useful Resources  - 
Fool Proof Tips to Secure & Store your Images using Lightroom
with Peter Krogh

While organising and backing up your images might not be the highest on your to-do list, it should definitely be high priority for working professionals. A systematic work flow for storage and back up can give you peace of mind, an easy way to find your photos, and boosts you from amateur to professional. In this webinar, Digital Asset Management master and author of The Dam Book, Peter Krogh dives into all the in’s and out’s of storage and back up techniques. Here he covers the basics and the nitty gritty of storing your photo files safely and securely using Lightroom.

Peter weighs the options when backing up your images on hard drives or cloud storage, as well as discusses where you should invest your money when it comes to drive speeds and interface types. He also dedicated a large portion of the webinar to taking viewers’ questions – so tune in, and learn how to have a chance for a Digital Asset Manager master help you organise your images, and streamline your workflow.

In this webinar Peter will cover :

Primary storage vs. Backup storage
Cloning your drives
Using SSD for speed, upgrading your current computer
Where you’re money should go: drive speeds vs. interface types
Hard drive health and safety
And more!
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How To Find Your Own - Unique -  Voice
#photography   #fashionphotography   #Creativity   #Artists   #Art  
LONDON, United Kingdom — Sølve Sundsbø considers photography his “calling” and traces his desire to capture fantastical images with a camera back to a moment early in his life. “I was walking home from school in Norway as a very young boy, probably about 11 years of age, and there was a bush absolutely covered in really fine ice and the light was shining from behind it. It looked incredible. I thought, ‘Wow, I need to know how to photograph that...
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The Polaroid Collection
Faking it

This collection represents a slight shift and re-alignment of the vision of luxury fashion label Stephan Boya. I have a very special relationship with the brand and they are not an ordinary client that just pays You and “Bye bye – see You around” – but they are rather partners of mine on a journey and exploration of fashion and media.

For this collection we decided to go back to their roots – which for Stephan Boya means a singular focus on the emotional, tactile and sensual aspects of cashmere – the worlds most luxurious material. Earlier we had a more urban, sexy and glossier vision but this was scaled back a bit for a more organic and analog touch.

For this collection the designers at Stephan Boya were inspired by the emotions of old, faded and scratched polaroids that always seem to convey powerful memories of all those special moments in our lives.”

Since we had decided to go for a warmer approach I decided to try to “fake” a polaroid look for some of the images – we wanted to give the impression that even though we were just shooting for one day the images should feel like they had been collected over a much longer period of time. Days, weeks even months – for that to seem plausible we needed a variety of different looks and feels.

I could of course have shot this on analog film or even polaroids — actually with the time constraints that would have been impossible – so in the end I shot everything on digital and I choose to digitally manipulate the images and give them a faux-polaroid feeling – Instagram Filter for grown ups – anyone?

I have a number of different surfaces, streaks and other imperfections in my archive and the process of adding these to some images is fairly straightforward. The funny thing that happens is how quickly You accept a look – if it looks good just save it. A variation on “if it looks good – just shoot it”

This echoes my experience with polaroids – once a polaroid has been shot You make up Your mind about the image very quickly and You are much more accepting of imperfections or even errors – in fact they are actually essential for the very special polaroid feeling.

#FashionPhotography   #Photography   #Fashion   #Cashmere   #Polaroids  
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The Impact of Vaccination
Amazing visualisation of the power of science

Thanx to +Avinash Kaushik for the original post...

#Vaccines   #Science   #Reason  
The Impact of Vaccines in the 20th Century.

This is such a nice visualization. You can clearly see the impact the introduction of each vaccine had on these United States of Denial of Medical Benefits. I call it USDMB. (I'm just missing the U. Got suggestions?)

It is fascinating to see how some diseases (Measles) were quite prevalent and killing in great intensity, while others (Polio) got going perhaps as populations grew and mixed, with others still (Hepatitis A) were intense, then lighter and then completely gone after the vaccine. 

Polio is perhaps the most dramatic, you can see it attacking us and them BOOM! We drop a world of hurt on polio.

The graphics were featured in the WSJ: There are a few more on that site, please check 'em out. They were originally created by Project Tycho at the University of Pittsburgh:
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C/O Talents - Looking for Young Photographers

Talents 2015 . Extended Photography
Junge Fotografen und Kunstkritiker gesucht!

Die Ausstellungsreihe Talents geht erfolgreich ins zehnte Jahr. Fotografen und Kunstkritiker bis 35 Jahre können sich mit repräsentativen Arbeitsserien bis Freitag, den 8. Mai 2015 für dieses in Europa einzigartige Programm bewerben. Aus den eingesandten Arbeiten wird eine internationale Fachjury Mitte 2015 die zwei besten Positionen aussuchen.
Nachwuchs fördern und ihm eine erste Chance für die Zukunft geben – Talents ist kreativer Campus für junge internationale Gegenwartsfotografie und Kunstkritik. Seit 2006 fördert die C/O Berlin Foundation mit dieser Ausstellungsreihe angehende Fotografen und Kritiker, die sich an der Schwelle zwischen Ausbildung und Beruf befinden. Bisher wurden 72 junge Talente mit einer eigenen Ausstellung und einem Katalog, in der Bild und Text einen Dialog eingehen, unterstützt. Talents ist ein internationaler Wettbewerb, der jährlich ausgeschrieben wird, und für viele junge Fotografen der Ausgangspunkt für weltweite Ausstellungen, z. B. in den Goethe-Instituten Madrid, Paris, Washington und Mexico City.

Im Jahr 2015 steht die Talents-Reihe unter dem Thema Extended Photography. Fotografie ist mehr als nur reines Abbild der Realität. Sie ist längst autonomes Bild und eigenständiges Kunstwerk, das den klassischen Rahmen sprengt und neue Experimente wagt. Mit ihrer Öffnung hin zu Skulptur, Malerei, Installation, Film und Performance reagieren Fotografen und Künstler konsequent auf die veränderten Bedingungen dieses Mediums. Denn Fotografie ist seit der Digitalisierung viel flexibler und fluider geworden sowie noch stärker im täglichen Gebrauch verankert – viel mehr als jede andere Kunstform. Gerade die jüngere Fotografengeneration überschreitet in den letzten Jahren spielerisch die Genregrenzen und erweitert damit das klassische Verständnis der Fotografie. Talents reagiert auf diese neue Entwicklung und gibt ihr eine sichtbare Plattform! 

Wie bewirbt man sich? Fotografen können sich mit bis zu 15 Arbeitsproben in gedruckter Form bewerben - maximale Größe DIN A4, keine Originale. Zu den Fotografien muss eine kurze Projektbeschreibung eingereicht und zusätzlich das Online­formular auf der Homepage von C/O Berlin ausgefüllt werden. Für die Bewerbung wird eine Anmeldegebühr von 30 Euro erhoben.

Besonderheit: Kunstkritiker können sich mit Arbeitsproben zu jeder Zeit kostenfrei bewerben!

Thema Extended Photography
Anforderungen bis 35 Jahre
Unterlagen maximal 15 Arbeitsproben
kurze einseitige Projektbeschreibung
ausgefülltes Online-Bewerbungsformular

Einsendeschluss 8. Mai 2015
Stichwort „Talents 2015“
Es gilt der Poststempel.

Veranstalter C/O Berlin Foundation
Hardenbergstraße 22-24 . 10623 Berlin

Pressekontakt Mirko Nowak
Telefon +49.30.28 44 41 641 .

#Berlin   #Photography   #Fotografie  
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Get Your FREE "Ultimate-productivity-Checklist" - for Creatives

Stop wasting time and energy on things that doesn't get You results - Focus on what works!

#seo   #Traffic  
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Per Zennström

Useful Resources  - 
I just got my extra 2 GB of FREE Space on Google Drive
It's really easy!
Google is offering an easy way to get 2GB of extra storage on Google Drive.
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Deer mask - design by WinterCroft
took us about three days to build...

#deer   #mask   #creativity   #blackandwhite  
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That's so cool Per! Did you start with a PDF? Is that cardboard?
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Per Zennström

Useful Resources  - 
Tuesday, February 10th at 12pm ET (Free!) Over the past 30 years, Joe McNally has proven to be one of the most influential photographers of our time, even called “perhaps the most versatile photojournalist working today” by American Photo. Through his award-winning career shooting for clients ...
yehuda swed's profile photo
It was more of a nostalgic interview then how to have build a lasting photography career... Quite disappointing. 
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  • Blackebergs Gymnasium
  • Högskolan för Fotografi
Basic Information
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Fashion photographer | Film maker | Edgy Elegant. | Digital Luxury...
Per Zennström is a Fashion Photographer & Film maker, On-Line Publisher & Public Speaker, exploring the intersection of photography, fashion, pop-culture, new media, technology and the space where they meet, mix and match with business...

He is drawn to the field of fashion photography, where he feels there is a constant hunger and need for innovation and search for new expressions.
Pop-culture with all it's facets plays an important role in his universe, be it film, design, the "business" itself, new digital media, new technology and so on...
Thriving on the ephemeral and fleeting aspects of this sometimes fickle environment he tries to turn these "limitations" into opportunities
"Edgy Elegant" is a look that Per Zennström is aspiring to which means a dose of classic fashion photography + a twist to give the edge.

"If the girls look beautiful You can do almost anything after that"

Per spent his assistant years in NYC, after that he went on to start his career in Paris where he lived and worked for 13 years.
Currently based in Berlin, where he thrives on the unique, urban atmosphere...
Per has recently launched a successful blog 10horses and is also the publisher of the on-line, pop-cultural magazine 11horses and is also sought after as a vibrant and enthusiastic speaker / teacher.

Bragging rights
10 hr. 33. mins. IronMan Klagenfurt 2004 (Swim 4,2 km.-Bike 180 km.-Run 42,2 km.) + 4 other marathons, all sub. 4 hrs.
Photographer, Filmmaker, On-Line Publisher, Public Speaker & Lecturer
Creative, Innovative, Fearless
  • Per Zennstrom Photography
    Owner, 1992 - present
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Stockholm - New York - Paris
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Contemporary-Fashion-Photography-Blog | Per Zennström: Real life uses of... - written by Per Zennström

skip to main | skip to sidebar. ContemporaryFashionPhotographyBlog | Per Zennström. Per Zennström is a international contemporary fashion photographer ...

rank 1 google | How I got to #1 in a Google search

rank 1 google - In this post I'll try to describe my own personal journey in SEO land and how I now rank #1 in google searches for some of m

Contemporary-Fashion-Photography-Blog | Per Zennström: Model Joelle in a... - written by Per Zennström

skip to main | skip to sidebar. ContemporaryFashionPhotographyBlog | Per Zennström. Per Zennström is a international contemporary fashion photographer ...

Contemporary-Fashion-Photography-Blog | Per Zennström: Get 2 GB of free ... - written by Per Zennström

skip to main | skip to sidebar. ContemporaryFashionPhotographyBlog | Per Zennström. Per Zennström is a international contemporary fashion photographer ...

Overpriced burt the decor and ambiance makes up for a lot... Just make sure You're not the one footing the bill.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Poor - Fair
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Elf is a cafe which attracts local hipsters but since the neighborhood is not completely overrun by them yet it's also a nice spot for "normal" people. I have had a great müsli here and the cakes are amazing.
Food: Very GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Very pleased with the service and the "can-do" attitude of Zack Schluesseldienst. Even my small, rather insignificant, job was executed with professionalism and obvious passion for their craft !
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
7 reviews
Laundromat / Cafe on the very pretty Paul Robeson stressed. Sit outside with a book or magazine what you waiting for your laundry to be done...
Atmosphere: GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
I'm a very happy parent sending my kid to BKIS. There are a number of things I really like about BKIS one is the very, very strong parent community around the school and the sense of engagement from the whole school community, teachers, staff & parents.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
Small selection but friendly, semi-english speaking staff. Good for lazy, summer viewing of blockbuster type movies
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago