Norway's civilized take on terrorism
As the trial of right wing terrorist Breivik continues what strikes me more than anything else is the dignity and lack of fear the Norwegians are showing. +Rick Falkvinge summed it up nicely today.

»Fear makes people do strange things
"When the US was attacked in 2001, fear made people act like lemmings, jumping off the self-interest cliff for some perceived notion of ‘safety’. When London was bombed in 2005, it was used as an excuse to ramp up the already excessive surveillance culture, giving even more powers to the police, despite the attack not being worse than Irish terrorist attacks of the previous decades."

»Dignity instead of fear and panic
"So when bombs go off in downtown Oslo, followed by an automatic weapon-fueled slaughter in Utøya, in a country with little history of terrorist actions, there’s going to be a massive backlash, right? [...] Absolutely not. As I noted last July, the reaction of Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway was promising; 'We are still shaken by what hit us, but we never give up our values. Our answer is more democracy, more openness and more humanity, but never naivete.'"

»What about today then?
"There has been no anger, rage, irrational calls for violence, or need for special procedures. It’s all been very… CIVILIZED. Nothing has demonstrated this more than the events of yesterday (April 26, 2012) when a crowd of 40,000 gathered outside the courthouse. It wasn't there to protest, to shout slogans, or make demands, as you would expect in the US or UK. Instead, they sang a song, Barn av Regnbuen (Children of the Rainbow), which Breivik had claimed was used to brainwash children. It was a moving, and poignant insult of Breivik, while showing immeasurable class."

»Norway's shows us how to answer to terrorism
"Norway shows that the effective way to deal with terrorism is not through abandoning privacy, spying on citizens, or turning to naked barbarism. As the UK did in the 80′s and 90′s, it should be dealt with as a crime, without the special venom which only serves to feed more violence and hatred."
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