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Per Henrik Johansen

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Brickwars - I really must try this game.

"Minifigs lack the ability to clench their clawlike hands into fists, and the limited range of minifig leg motion means that the groins of their enemies will never be exposed to their nonexistent knees. As a result, unarmed combat between minifigs is an almost complete waste of time."
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Back alley...not easy getting everything aligned, a Lego robot to handle the rotation would be cool.

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My first photosphere in a Soi was worse, alignment is easier when object are not so near. 
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Per Henrik Johansen

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I still have room for improvements, but this didn't turn out all that bad.
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Skjærgården i Halden jo!!!
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Just got my Chromecast - now I can watch Flash Gordon on my TV :)
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Tøft. Vurderer å kjøpe meg en sånn. Du får gi tilbakemelding på om du er fornøyd med den :-)
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Enlightened Østfold has decided to pay homage to the top MU capturing agents in our county. We don't have a budget, so sorry, there is no cash involved, but we have used our limited graphical skills to create some badges. Unfortunately, these can not be used in-game, but they can be printed, used for stickers, keyrings, or whatever.

We are also so lucky that our geographical region intersects with 4 ingress cells, therefore we are able to presents 4 awards :)

And the winners for cycle 2014.02 were:

NR03-GOLF-00: Tazzobazzo (R)
NR03-GOLF-01: Dessection (R)
NR03-GOLF-02: LeonKowalski (E)
NR03-GOLF-03: FroViking (E)

Congratulations to you all!

#ingress #cycle #ingresscycle #mycell #NR03GOLF00 #NR03GOLF01 #NR03GOLF02 #NR03GOLF03
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This is one cool video! Neil Young + Devo really pulled it off in this one.
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Not suite sure what it is, but sure looks like what overheated #enlightened agents need right now.

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Mountain Dew, en god energidrikk ;-) 
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#Ingress  Field Report

Operation: Skagerrak Syncytium (cell fusion)
Main Objective: Cover Gothenburg and most of cell NR03-GOLF-02 in a green field.
Secondary objective: Extend the fields to also capture cell NR03-GOLF-03
Status: Success!
MU: 850 127
Area: ~ 58 545 km²


This is an op which had it all! Tedious planning, key exchanges in the middle of the night, travelling, enemy revealed our plans, stealth and action, hollywood style driving, and most importantly: truly committed and marvellous agents. The original plan was to capture Gothenburg, but it changed until the last minute, and ended up with fields stretching from the western part of Norway to the middle of Sweden. We even managed to include a bit of Denmark, making it a true Scandinavian operation.
Unfortunately, since the Resistance intercepted our plans, our fields didn’t stay up long, but bonds have been forged between regions - our part of the world will be awakened soon.

Operation log:


Some of us plays around with the intel map and wonders if it would be possible to cover Gothenburg, the major city in our cell, in green. While planning the links, we discover that it would be quite possible to extend the field to cover the whole cell - heck, we could even add some more and cover our neighbouring cell as well! The operation is born - cell fusion - syncytium.

2014-01-30 - 2014-02-25 
Lots of agent are contacted and the plans were refined. The greatest obstacle was key exchange. Agents travelled near and far to carry the valued items to their destinations. Everything went smooth with everybody doing their tasks with excellence.
What might have been a major blocker was the megafields of operation Aurora Borealis - but it pays to have Vikings in our midst ;) Their plans were changed slightly so ours could proceed :)

Execution 2014-02-26

13:00: After hectic smurf activity the previous days, cleanup starts - first out is Porsgrunn
17:01: Blocking field in Skagen, Denmark is taken down
18:06: New blue blockers emerges. Agents dispatched.
20:00: Cleanup operation starts.
21:14: Agents starting to arrive on portals
21:40: Enemy blockers comes out from nowhere in Fredrikstad.
21:45: Agents dispatched to take down blockers - drove like Vin Diesel.
21:50: T
21:54: First field rises in the west.
22:01: Second field lights up the sky.
22:09: Third field shoots up from the southeast.
22:35: All blockers down.
22:37: Fourth field blazes into existence.
22:43: The fifth and sixth fields is made with one precise shot
22:43: The operation is a success!
05:14: The last agent arrives home from battle. We salute you!





@DanViking, @Jejjemannen, @Locrest, @SirJimmyGreaves, @stigru, and @ZoarteX

Gunners and Contributors: 

@as0k, @Asorsas, @Bakbunke, @Bjornis, @dryopteris, @ElViking, @ErikViking, @FlyBob, @FroViking, @Gaffaman, @graxon, @Haaland, @Haralabb, @holken, @jofii, @julemad, @Kaguro, @Klenodder, @LeonKowalski, @leonwa, @MasterMind2k, @MffsEcke, @MffsFia, @MishkiKuyay, @motti, @muken, @Nordh, @Nypansson, @OlydigaLydiga, @Pellefant, @perhenrik, @Picoh, @R600a, @Repository, @Smyril, @SteAnd, @Systeryster, @TeamSideways, and @Tovbro

+ a few that have yet to identify themselves ;)

We will prevail!

+Brandon Badger  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress  +Niantic Project 
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Note to self: Never, ever use datetime in SQL Server! Especially in conjuction with Entity Framework concurrency checks - use datetime2.
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Per Henrik Johansen

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Fyrverkeriforbud: hvorfor kan ikke brannvesenet i +Fredrikstad kommune  lage et kart istedenfor en "romslig" beskrivelse?

Min tolkning av brannsjefens innstruks:
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*****Ingress is a closed-beta right now. Request an invite at*****Ingress transforms the real world into the landscap

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