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Per Ardne
Photographer and motorcycle fanatic.. Take pride in being very active on G+ and posting regularly new pictures and comments.
Photographer and motorcycle fanatic.. Take pride in being very active on G+ and posting regularly new pictures and comments.

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I'm going!
Hoping to see some friends from our previous photowalks here as well, like +Lorena Masi, +Peter From, +Robert Walter, +Anders Stedtlund, +Kina Rehder, +Peter Grew and +Jan-Olov Eriksson to name a few wonderful people I've met.. 

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Hi guys.. Thanks for a great app that looks absolutely stunning..

Just one thing I'd like to see, a 4x4 or resizeable agenda widget.. Today's 2x4 is just to small and not allowing resize seems a bit unnecessary..


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Definitely something to check out from +Peter From and +Lorena Masi!! 

+Lorena Masi and myself are very proud to finally have taken our project to LAUNCH DATE! We gave away 100 free spots to a bunch of excellent photographer's from the Google+ Community and man do their images look great on the directory website.

The thought is to offer exclusive space on the site to great photographers/image artists and help them market their work using Google+ (and other social media), the web and via contacts. We will keep the amount of photographers limited and each application is reviewed by use before we add someone to the site. It's all about quality, not quantity.

Well, enough said, go check the site out here:

Reshare this post if you like the idea and feel free to apply for a spot yourself.


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Hi everybody.. I haven't disappeared from the face of the earth.. Totally anyway.. :-)

Autumn has been a big build project at home and as usual you think it'll take less time than it does and you actually have more time than you think..
That changed however in November when my pregnant wife +Sophia Ardne got pre-eclampsia and was hospitalized with dangerously high blood pressure and malfunctioning kidneys.. Since then we've lived on a day by day basis.. The doctors wanted to wait as long as possible before delivery to make sure the baby got the best possible start in life.. On the 3rd of December the kidneys showed signs of imminent failure and the doctors decided it was time for a cesarean and @ 17:16 a little girl with the name Alicia came into this world.. After 11 days of round-the-clock care with food through a tube and lots of cables for breathing and stuff at Danderyds sjukhus she's now doing pretty good and so is my wife.. :-)
It looks like we might get home care next week so we can go home from the hospital.. Event though the staff here is amazing it's starting to get a bit tiring living here..
She's at the moment sleeping to the right of me and I can hear her having the hiccups.. :-)
So this is the first picture I've posted in months but it's of my two miracles.. :-) 

The photo was shot with my 5D3 but since we're still in the hospital and I don't have any computer here the "edit" was done with my HTC One X.. 

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Hi everybody.. 
Haven't been here in a while.. Redoing the whole apartment so when I'm not at work I'm working at home... You know the drill.. It's not fun but I have to do it... 
The link is in Swedish but in short, there's a ZombieWalk on Saturday the 28th of September, yes tomorrow, it starts at 13:00 in Medborgarplatsen. (Citizens Square).. 
If you have the chance... go... It will be a funny event and lots of stuff to shoot.. With a camera.. nothing else.. (They're fake even if doesn't look like it)

I won't be able to be there unfortunately... Yes, because of the work.. I totally missed that this event was this weekend and have a few coming over to help me... On Saturday.. It sucks but what to do.. 

Hope you enjoy it!

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Just a quick one of the evenings time lapse setup and one of the cabin with the view..
Unfortunately it seems like the floor everything stands on is a little too unstable so I might end up scrapping 5k+ shots but hopefully I can use them..
Almost lost a complete day of shooting yesterday due to heavy rain.. Almost lost a camera as well.. :-) It started raining in the evening/night and it took a good 10-15 minutes before I noticed... But everything works so.. :-D
Going back to Sweden tomorrow unfortunately but according to the weather centers it supposed to rain here for the coming 1 1/2 weeks so..

# visitNorway +Visit Norway 
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Good evening from Sortland in north Norway.. :-) Started the journey early this morning in Kiruna with my wife +Sophia Ardne (including a small girl extra) and my sister +Helena Ardne ..
After about 450km on mostly very narrow small roads we got to our house and after a few minutes rest I set up a camera upstairs to shoot a timelapse and then we went out and here's one small part of the view.. There's lots to shoot here as usual..
This one is shot with my HTC One X which obviously think halos
looks good... The real shots will look better... :-D

Hope you like it..

+Landscape Photography +Nordic Landscapes
+Visit Norway

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Seems like I'm going to miss the meteor shower... Clouds are starting to show and it feels like rain in the wind... So why not head out before it all goes down the drain and shoot some sunset shots or as in this photo, a timelapse.. Approximately 150 images left before it stops at 800 images..

Shot this with my HTC One X and did a quick edit in Snapseed..
Hope you like it... :-) 

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Road trip! :-D
Going to the far south of Sweden (700km) for a family get together and of course I brought all of my gear.. Hoping to be able to shoot the Perseids meteor shower and some flat landscapes.. :-)

This is something I shot just north of Jönköping while stuck in a traffic jam due to road works.. Nope, I wasn't driving.. My wife is.. :-) It's shot with my HTC One X and edited with Snapseed..

hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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Finally I'm at the right place during the Perseid's meteorshower... 
Far down south in Sweden, where it actually gets kind of dark during the night at this time of year... :)

If you want to learn more about the meteor shower please check the video below by +NASA 
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