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Per Abrahamsen

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Hvis du har (eller påtænker) at vælge guldt hold.
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Per Abrahamsen

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Nogen i Teknisk Forvaltning på Frederiksberg har en syg humor.

De sidste par dage har jeg hørt skænderier mellem cyklister og fodgængere på den del af den grønne sti som ligger ved landbohøjskolen. Jeg undrede mig over hvad fodgængere lavede på "cykelmotorvejen", indtil jeg så at hvis man kommer fra syd er den markeret som blandet fodgænger/cykelsti, mens at hvis man komme fra nord er den markeret som ren cykelsti.

Cyklisterne kører stærkt på den sti, der er masser af sving, og intet udsyn, så det giver selvfølgelig anledning til al mulig sjov.
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Hvad er problemet?
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Hvis nogen vil vide hvorfor Danmark var dækket af et grønt felt i 10 timer i lørdags.
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#sitrep  +NIA Ops +Ingress  How does Enlightened win an anomaly in Europe? That was the question. Five guys from DE/NL said to each other: Let's do what we do best... big fields.
A plan was made, presented to the organisation and just moments later the game was on!
Time was limited and a lot of keys had to be exchanged. A difficult task, but with agents like +Frode Dyrseth  , willing to drive all night for an exchange and eventually returning to work without even a minute of sleep, we managed to pull it off.
Recruiting agents in 7 countries started right away and everybody gave his best.
And then, before you know it, it's the thursday before the anomaly starts. +Hylko Hepkema  , +Tim Jansen  en +Kay Stoll   agreed to go the east anchor being more than 800 km and 2 ferry fares away from home on the tiny Island of Christiansø.
On friday a couple of agents already headed to the anchors in Norway and Norderney and we were all set Saturday morning. Stress levels rise, andrenaline kicks in... Let's go.
Around 07:00 am clearing started and it went very well. Supportlinks could be made exactly as planned. Even the almost 800km long supportlink to Skarvøy lighthouse is shot by our Polish superteam!
And then we played the waiting game. The field couldn’t be made until the last blocker got removed from inside a closed zoo. At 10:00 AM the zoo finally opend ad with a motivational “run, run, run” from the operator, the agent killed the blocker very quickly. Euphoria arose as the first 3.8M MU field went up and Copenhagen (and almost entire Denmark) was covered by a convenient green blanket.
We all realised this was just the beginning. Almost 5 hours to go until first measurement. Now everything depends on our die hard anchor teams and excellent operators.
Since the anchors are not easy to reach, very ittle happens for a while and we continue executing our plan. When we get closer to the measurements, two smurfs arrive on Norderney but they don't stand a chance to the 26 defending agents.@MrHeine was at our hard to reach anchor in Norway and informed us RES was on their way to kill Skarvøy lighthouse. We brought everyone in position and were really surprised we got another measurement before being attacked. Seconds after the anchor went down, teams from the other anchors brought up a new field to Eigerøy lighthouse, buying us some time.
Three measurements have passed by now and our field is still up.
The fourth was going to be the most difficult. The Norderney crew has to leave with the last boat at 18:00, but luckely, so do the RES agents that came to the Island. Also RES agents will reach Eigerøy lighthouse before this time.
+Frode Dyrseth  and +Marthe Dikkanen  (all day waiting alone on a mountain top in lousy weather) came to the rescue. The field went down, but these Norwegian agents were able to, once again, bring the fields back up!
YEAH! We dit it! Unbelievable teamwork made it possible to keep the fields up for 10 hours (after which we took them down ourselves to enable gameplay in CPH again) and secure victory for the Enlightened!!  
In the end, a total of 25 layers were thrown in order to keep the Copenhagen sky green!
A very big thank you to all agents that made this impossible field possible!

(later that evening a spoofer brought the fields back up and obviously, since we all hate spoofers, that field was taken down by our Christianso team as soon as possible)

Agents that joined to make this all possible:
@dikkibee(for Happy)

(if I forgot to add you, please let me know)
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Man kan vist købe en Men in black pen på eBay så man kan skyde smølferne når de dukker op 💡🖒
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Per Abrahamsen

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+Bo Abrahamsen øh, den er farvet efter de #smurftears  vi skabte på vejen til sejren! Jeps, det er forklaringen!
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Per Abrahamsen

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Fra i søndags.
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Per Abrahamsen

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Globalt vejr

Jeg er ret fascineret af den her visualisering af en række globale databaser. Hvis du vil se hvorfor vejret er forskelligt i nord og syd Danmark lige nu, så se se her (lufttemperatur og vind):,55.53,2918

Vil du gerne lege meterolog? Her er de samme tal for 12 januar:,55.53,2914

Vindhastighed lige nu 10 km oppe? Kan du finde jetstrømmen?,30.39,344

Hvad med golfstrømmen (vandhastighed og temperatur)?,33.89,686

Teknologien er også interessant, det er laver med åbne databaser og fri software biblioteker.
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Date |. Data |. Scale |. Source |. Control | Now « – ‹ – › – » ⊕Grid□ – ▷. Mode | Air – Ocean – Chem – Particulates. Height | Sfc – 1000 – 850 – 700 – 500 – 250 – 70 – 10 hPa. Overlay | Wind – Temp – RH – WPD. Overlay | TPW – TCW – MSLP – MI – None. Animate | Currents – Waves ...
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Spændende - tak!
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Per Abrahamsen

• København  - 
Knap halvdelen af deltagerne i Obsidian CPH mødte op til gruppefoto.
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Det var en sjov lørdag, hvor ca. 1000 agenter kæmpede om kontrollen over København.  Enlightened (grønt hold) vandt :-) Download for fuld opløsning (man kan tydeligt se ansigterne på de enkelte agenter).
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Per Abrahamsen

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Det var en sjov lørdag, hvor ca. 1000 agenter kæmpede om kontrollen over København.  Enlightened (grønt hold) vandt :-) Download for fuld opløsning (man kan tydeligt se ansigterne på de enkelte agenter).
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det ok jeg har fået det ned på pc
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Per Abrahamsen

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Figuring out how to distribute Daisy for linux was unreasonable difficult.
Debian developers live in another world than me (a world where there is always a "Debian maintainer" wedged in between the developer and the user).
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Per Abrahamsen

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Worst. Mouse. Ever.
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jeg husker [hvordan indsætter man et billede her] denne mus til at være den værste:  men den havde i det mindste et usb kabel
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Per Abrahamsen

Sjælland  - 
NR03-GOLF-09 2015 resultat

ENL vandt flest runder, 26 mod 23.
RES vandt mest MU 11372k mod  10637k.

Jeg har tilladt mig at "annullere" runde 24, hvor et spoofer felt dækkede Europa.

Tal indsamlet af Viben.
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+Frank Dahlin dammit :) 
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Ret standard cafe, men god belligenhed.
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Ingen betjening (og kaffe fra en automat), men fint sted at drikke en øl og se ud over havnen!
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Solidt håndværk!
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Venlig betjening og fantastisk morgenmad.
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God buffet!
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Prøv deres gratis tur hver anden lørdag (efter der er blevet mørkt). Husk børnene.
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