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+Gina Fiedel Happy Birthday Hooray for You. Have many many years of fun ahead!!

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I'm with you +David Amerland no other social network has ever helped me grow so much!! (And no other author - he he)

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Today +David Amerland gave us the hopeful and positive to ponder. Thank you and I could not agree more!! We all can offer the world a little something each day to make it more wonderful!

Is being good the result of nature or nurture? This is a thought that has troubled me all my life even as I spent probably more hours than it would be considered healthy replaying my actions and words in my mind, weighing whether it was the right thing to say or do.

Fifteen years ago I would have loved a definitive answer to good behavior that would have convinced me that those who were good came from what my grandmother would have approvingly called “good families with good homes” and those who did questionable things really knew no better.

Today we know the picture is (as you might expect) more complex: And being kind is something that makes us feel good: From a certain perspective it does actually appear that we are hardwired to be kind: which then raises the question of what happens when we are not? ( What goes so wrong within us that makes us willing to live with pain and cause pain in others?

What I believe is at work when either kindness or its opposite manifest itself is a willingness to reach out and change the world, working it into the image of the place we’d love to inhabit: Those who choose to be kind: experience the world differently but more than that, their acts, affect those around them, priming them to also experience the world in a different, more positive way:

Those of us who spend time online and interact with other people have probably experienced countless instances of kindness that have varied from simple words of support to more concrete acts of direct help ( Those moments do change how we feel and they can even have a deeper, more lasting impact in our life:

Star Trek fans have for so long known the deep, optimistic message of hope that lies at the core of the series that there is even a study that seems to back this up: and one man’s experiment yielded some very surprising and deeply encouraging results.

Those who will bring up the objection of it all being ok in airy-fairy land but the real world with its hardnosed business deals does not operate that way should perhaps read this real-life story from the world of business, before deciding: And for anyone who says “well, being kind is a mood thing” – there is some solid advice to follow:

These days I don’t agonize much (not at all, truth be told) over whether we are born to be kind or are we made this way, because I know that those who are unkind are either hurting badly on the inside (and their pain makes them lash out), are misguided (and at some point they will find their way) or are clinically incapable of being kind (and I truly feel sorry for them). The world, it turns out, is a much better place when what we experience is positive instead of being negative:

Kindness can be taught: it can be practiced by anyone: and everyone: and, as have seen already, it is also good for business: Its presence is transformative: And it is intimately humanizing: It breaks down barriers of artificial distinctions such as class and status and it dissolves divides such as age and culture ( and it helps transform a world where billions of entities constantly compete for finite resources in order to survive, into a magical place where people connect with people in the best way possible.

That’s the world we truly want to aspire to a place where in a sense, we are each other’s keepers or as Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan would say a place where we can: “Be excellent to each other … and [can] Party on Dudes!” (

I hope you have been kind to yourself and did not leave donuts, cookies, croissants and chocolate cake off your shopping list, along with, of course those precious black coffee beans necessary for the perfect river of coffee without which this day just could not happen. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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I discovered my Patronus is a Sparrow on J.K Rowling’s Pottermore. Find out yours now:

Happy Birthday +David Amerland

I hope your new year in the world brings you new joy, new insights, and always new success and continued friendships!!

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Absolutely share and celebrate!!
Because right now, we need this so much All Over The World
Have a great upcoming week everyone.


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This is simply priceless!! Great story +Bob Strassel Jr.
The Power of Grandma's and Politeness in Search

This just made me smile and I had to share it with the group. It really humanized search. : )

Cute article by Camila Domonoske via +NPR 

Happy weekend.

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Did you Notice How Fast the Web Era has Flown By? We moved from Print to Web and now off into the ambiguous space of multiple screens and devices. And with it the Desktop has completed its dominance. Here is a small delight I found to remind you of our journey.

Our Brief 25-Year Web Era
Some things immediately say old to us, past, long gone, we don't do that anymore. Just as the older typewriters of the past clearly say so, have you thought that the desktop computers we currently use are almost in the same place - old relics?

We are whipping through the brief “web” era between the centuries of print and the future of voice search and voice commands. Maybe you thought the visual web was a destination and not a tunnel to the other side.

It has only been about 25 years. While musing on various recent client requests reminiscent of the desktop era in print, I found this small webpage that provides a sweet demonstration of our current short interlude in history. Come take the journey:

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Did you, like most people, choose your website template by looking at the front page desktop view?

See why that is no longer a best idea and find out how to welcome folks at the other doorways to your website. Features a simple list of things to do as well as a website design story.
Tips for Choosing a Website Template
Website Wisdom — Experience-driven Success Solutions
Tip 1  Do not select a template based on the homepage desktop view. Do people usually enter your website from the front door, the homepage? How do you know?

If you already have a website template, perhaps you selected it based on the desktop view of the homepage. Many people do. The thing you need to carefully review is the percentage of people who actually come to your website this way.

The majority may come through other doorways and you want to check out these other views. You want every doorway to be enticing, welcoming, and successful with your viewers.

Where is the flaw here? You love your homepage. After designing and developing more than fifty websites, I can say that almost everyone made their decisions based on the homepage appearance. The Front Door is simply the most important to website owners.

Read the rest of the article at

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How do you say "hello"? Fascinating exploration of voice search here and all its complexities.

Don't you love being part of this age of exploration? Not yet Star Trek but not machine talk either.
Thanks +David Amerland
Google Voice shows How Semantic Search works

Search technology is in everything now. This includes Google Voice.
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