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I was running a New vs Returning report when I noticed something. Based on the attached picture, in Q1 2014, the website had 14,338 returning visits from PPC. I am not sure what this means though. Are they people who have been in the site before then returned via PPC? Or are they those who clicked on an ad before then returned via other channels?

The reason why I'm interested is because returning visitors with PPC as the medium are the best performing visits in terms of revenue for this client website. I'm considering how to do attribution properly.

+Avinash Kaushik is very welcome to share his thoughts :)
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+Pepito Baranggan Jr. and +Nouman Tariq appreciate you guys for bringing this case up for everyone's learning. 
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+Denise Marie S. Gamo +Josh Tan is there a glitch in the partners program system? suddenly my agency is no longer a partner, saying i don't the spend and best practice. spend is $0 in the last 90 days though my MCC says $40,000 was spent in the last 90 days. Best practice wise, we were always halfway through the top bar. then suddenly... BOOM!
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Great! Thanks for updating everyone +Pepito Baranggan Jr. and +Pham Ngoc Anh Uyen
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Pepito Baranggan Jr.

Google Partners  - 
+Josh Tan +Denise Marie S. Gamo was just wondering about the Partner Academy sessions. Google organizes these or a third party? Who chooses the trainers/speakers?
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Likewise! Thanks again for dropping by +Pepito Baranggan Jr. :)
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do you guys like the new +Google Analytics look?
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No more orange :(  Do you guys like the new Google Adwords look?
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is there going to be a Google Partners Launch Event - Manila?
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+Denise Marie S. Gamo oh definitely! I love the support I'm getting from Google Partners program right now. Just a single e-mail and you get a call from a Google rep. how about that!
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Pepito Baranggan Jr.

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the Google angry birds version? :D
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Hahahaha.. Good play with AdWords!
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Pepito Baranggan Jr.

Google AdWords  - 
Anybody tried this already? Did you get good results? Still waiting for more data to come in from my tests.
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Thanks for sharing this information +Pepito Baranggan Jr.
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Pepito Baranggan Jr.

Google AdWords  - 
Hello everyone! Anybody tried using the new campaign type "Shopping"? How do you compare this with the old PLA inside the "Search Only" campaign? I'm finding it really hard to segment my products compared to using adwords grouping in the old PLA setup. Maybe I missed something?
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Huy Ngo
Yep +Ryan Gianan also in Vietnam we don't have chance to use PLA :(
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